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  1. Interested to watch this unfold. I'd say there will be some legitimate candidates that will show interest.
  2. It will absolutely be terrible, I'm not sure I'll watch it.
  3. TheDeuce

    Snow fall totals

    Nothing in Louisville, although it is lightly snowing at the moment. Nothing that will accumulate.
  4. Speaking of community... What has the relationship been like between Frankfort High football and FYFL lately?
  5. I would say that is extremely unlikely.
  6. The only credible (IMO) reason for not having it is money. Beyond that, everything else can adapt to include a shot clock. But I'm like you... If they ever get one, cool. If not, that's cool too.
  7. Exactly right. If FIS had the money to buy up those houses and tear them down, they could revamp the facilities.
  8. Sower Field can be an awesome atmosphere with a good crowd.
  9. That is not a practice field, just a grassy area. If they practice there, it’s on the game field. If they were going to expand the current field house, it would be opposite of the red square on the other side of the field house, IMO. Not that they couldn’t use the area in red, but they’d be sacrificing parking. By going the other way, you don’t lose any parking, only a grassy area that’s not really used. This is the way I’d expand:
  10. I don't think Henry will be the factor some may think he'll be. I like Cincinnati.
  11. Of course they can. You are saying they like to keep enrollment down, I'm simply questioning why that would be the case. If that's just your opinion, that's fine. If you are implying that you know they are intentionally keeping enrollment down for the purposes of sports, that would be an interesting conversation and I think others would be interested in knowing why you think that. This is a message board, after all.
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