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  1. I hope not I’m going to Cleveland for work tomorrow.
  2. ACC suspends all athletic activities including participation in NCAA tournament.
  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the NCAA tournament isn’t next.
  4. Coronavirus update: General public won't be allowed to attend MAC, Big West conference tournaments
  5. They are gonna have to spend some money and get better QBs after season if they want to survive. So far this season QB had been garbage.
  6. Former UK kicker Austin Macginnis with the Renegades first points.
  7. The 1st game seems good so far. The sideline interviews are kinda annoying tho. I like the kickoff rule.
  8. Kentucky has to have more charge calls than anyone else in the country
  9. I’m kinda hoping Stoops takes the Florida State job. He is to hard headed once he decides he’s gonna start someone at QB he keeps at no matter how bad they play. Playing Smith has got to be better than Bowden. A bad passing game is better than no passing game. Bowden has no business playing QB I wouldn’t start him at QB in D3 let alone in the SEC.
  10. I just don’t see how Smith could be that bad. It’s better to have some passing game on than none at all. We need to move Bowden back to WR
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