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Belfry 33 Paducah Tilghman 28 (3A State Championship)
The Blue Tornado took the opening kickoff and went right down the field and scored on a TD pass from Jack James to Cam Marshall to take a 7 to 0 lead.  Belfry got the ball and drove down the field but fumbled at the 10 going in.  Belfry forced Tilghman to punt and Isaac Dixon ran it in from 12 yards out to even the score at 7.  With 149 left in the half Dixon scored his second TD of the game but the extra point was no good.  Belfry 13, Tilghman 7.  Tilghman closed out the half with two TD passes from Jack James to Cam Marshall to take a 21 to 13 lead at the half.  

Belfry got the ball to start the 2nd half and drove down the field on the back of Isaac Dixon to tie the game at 21 all with 520 left in the 3rd quarter.  Belfry stopped Tilghman on downs with 40 seconds left in the 3rd quarter and raced right down the field and scored on another Isaac Dixon TD run.  The extra point was no good making it 27 to 21 Pirates.  The Blue Tornado answered with a 9 yard Malachi Rider TD run to put PT up 28 to 27 with 725 left in the game.  Belfry was facing a 4th and 7 and Dixon broke a 62 yard run for a Pirate TD to put Belfry up 33 to 27.  2pt conversion no good leaving Belfry up 33 to 27 with 458 left in the game.  Tilghman fumbled the kickoff and the Belfry Pirates ran out the clock to win the game.

Congrats Belfry! Congrats Coach Haywood!
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Boyle County 30 Johnson Central 13 (4A State Championship)
Boyle scored first on a long pass from Gillis to Lanter to go up 6 to 0.  Boyle got the ball right back and scored on a short Gillis run to go up 13 to 0.  The first half flew by with all the running and Boyle County up 13 to 0 over Johnson Central.

Boyle took the second half kickoff, overcame some penalties and Jackson Smith kicked a 29 yard field goal to put Boyle up 16 to 0. On the next drive Johnson Central marched down the field and Grant Rice scored on a short run to make it 16 to 6 Boyle.  The 2pt conversion failed.  Boyle got the ball back and wasted no time scoring on another Gillis to Lanter TD throw and catch to go up 23 to 6. JC answered immediately on a short Chase Price TD run to make it 23 to 13. Boyle went right back down the field and scored on a Gillis 1 yard run to make it 30 to 13 with 243 to play in the game and that was the final score.

Congrats Boyle County! Congrats Coach Haddix!

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Beechwood 23 Lexington Christian Academy 21 (2A State Championship)
Beechwood took the opening kickoff and drove down the field and scored on a monstrous run by Cam Hergott. The extra point was blocked.  LCA fumbled on their next two possessions and Beechwood converted the 2nd fumble into another touchdown to take a 13 to 0 lead with 832 left in the 2nd quarter.  Mitchell Berger scored on a punishing run to put Beechwood up 20 to 0.  The score was set up by a very long Cam Hergott run.  LCA drove down the field at the end of the first half and scored a TD on a Drew Nieves to Parker Chaney TD pass.

LCA took the 2nd half kickoff and went right down the field and scored on a short run to bring the score to Beechwood 20, Lexington Christian Academy 14.  On the next possession LCA’s Johnny Drake knocked the ball out of Hergott's hands while he was scrambling and Tyler Morris scooped it and went to the house to put LCA up 21 to 20.  Beechwood drove down the field and kicked a FG with about 2 minutes left to go to go up 23 to 21.  LCA drove down the field in the final two minutes and turned it over on downs.
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Pikeville 30 Russellville 27 (1A State Championship)
An electric first half led to multiple scores in the game.  A couple of miscues in the punting game by Russellville resulted in a 30 to 13 lead for Pikeville right before the half.  Russellville returned a squib quick to the four and then connected on a 4-yard TD pass as time ran out to make the halftime score Pikeville 30 Russellville 20.

Russellville scored on a long run on the first play of their second drive of the 2nd half to pull within 3 at 30 to 27.  That score was the only score of the third quarter and the gamed headed into the 4th quarter with Pikeville still winning 30 to 27.

The 4th quarter was scoreless and the Pikeville Panthers hung on to win the Class 1A State Championship.

Congrats Pikeville!  Congrats Coach McNamee!

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TP94 Power Rankings (11/30)
Male 121.8
St. Xavier 113.92

Frederick Douglass 117.22
South Warren 108.22

Boyle County 111.27
Johnson Central 101.95

Belfry 76.6
Paducah Tilghman 75.58

Lexington Christian 112.13
Beechwood 102.83

Pikeville 94.47
Russellville 79.82
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2021 BluegrassPreps Mr. Football Watchlist (11/29)
All six state championship games will have a little bit - or a lot - of Mr. Football Watchlist flavor.

1A: Isaac McNamee - Pikeville's Birchfield will get some watchlist love next year.

2A: Cam Hergott vs. Xavier Brown - this is the one to watch as far as Mr. Football is concerned. They're both showstoppers.

3A: Isaac Dixon - he ran for 200+ yards and three touchdowns the last time his cleats touched the turf at Kroger Field.

4A: Jagger Gillis and Cole Lanter vs. Grant Bingham - Lanter has garnered a lot of buzz over the back half of the season and Bingham was the player most spectators were buzzing about when JC and Boyle met two years ago.

5A: Dane Key vs. Caden Veltkamp - Key has fallen off the pace, but he's capable of being the best player on the field against the Spartans.

6A: Jack Sivori vs. Vinny Anthony and Nic Shutte - Sivori has carried St. X all year. He can't stop now if the Tigers hope to end a 12 year title drought.
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BluegrassPreps.com Preseason Boys Basketball Rankings
1. Ballard
2. Male
3. Covington Catholic
4. George Rogers Clark
5. Madison Central
6. Ashland
7. North Laurel
8. Bullitt East
9. Dunbar
10. Bardstown
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2021 BluegrassPreps Mr. Football Watchlist (11/22)
Lots of shifting this week among the quarterbacks; Sivori tops Humphreys, while another Louisville signal caller makes his watchlist debut while leading 6A's top "dawg"; And LCA earns a TKO over OCath on a third quarter flurry by Brown.
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TP94 Power Ratings (11/22)
Ratings for the teams left in the playoffs.

Class 6A:
Male 120.21
St. Xavier 113.75
Trinity 113.11
Madison Central 99.21

Class 5A:
Frederick Douglass 116.36
Woodford County 111.1
South Warren 105.75
Owensboro 97.86

Class 4A:
Boyle County 110.54
Johnson Central 99.98
Franklin County 99.53
Logan County 82.88

Class 3A:
Glasgow 85.34
East Carter 77.22
Belfry 73.97
Paducah Tilghman 72.41

Class 2A:
Lexington Christian Academy 110.67
Beechwood 102.29
Mayfield 82.76
Middlesboro 67.45

Class 1A:
Pikeville 90.21
Raceland 81.02
Bethlehem 79.69
Russellville 78.94
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TP94 Power Ratings (11/14)
Male 118.91
St. Xavier 111.8
Trinity 110.65
Ryle 101.9

Frederick Douglass 115.43
Woodford County 110.98
South Warren 104.56
Covington Catholic 100.91

Boyle County 111.06
Corbin 104.75
Franklin County 99.24
Johnson Central 96.4

Christian Academy Louisville 101.35
Glasgow 84.65
Bardstown 82.78
East Carter 76.49

Lexington Christian 111.06
Beechwood 102.95
Mayfield 80.23
Owensboro Catholic 77.76

Pikeville 90.26
Raceland 79.93
Russellville 78.24
Bethlehem 77.47
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2021 BluegrassPreps Mr. Football Watchlist (11/10)
Not much to sink your teeth into this week, but the stars made the most of limited game action; A fast start by Gillis and Lanter quickly propels Boyle County into LexCath week 2.0; Dixon rewrites the Belfry history books; And a "key" component for Douglass gets his postseason off on the right foot.
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TP94 Power Rankings (11/8)
Male 116.47
St. Xavier 111.38
Trinity 105.57
Ryle 100.79

Frederick Douglass 114.09
Woodford County 111.31
South Warren 103.78
Covington Catholic 100.86

Boyle County 109.85
Corbin 105.45
Franklin County 99.72
Johnson Central 94

Christian Academy Louisville
Glasgow 82.69
Mercer County 81.91
Bardstown 81.84

Lexington Christian 109.84
Beechwood 104.74
Mayfield 78.33
Owensboro Catholic 76.68

Pikeville 90.1
Raceland 80.2
Russellville 78.24
Bethlehem 74.96
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2021 BluegrassPreps Mr. Football Watchlist (11/3)
A 'Title Town' tandem takes the buck out of the Broncos; Northington loses ground against the Dawg pound; And Humphreys continues his air strike, while Hergott stays grounded.
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TP94 Power Ratings (11/04)
Class 6A:
Male 116.2
St. Xavier 111.12

Class 5A:
Frederick Douglass 114.99
Woodford County 113.27

Class 4A:
Boyle County 111.33
Corbin 106.42

Class 3A:
Christian Academy Louisville 99.66
Glasgow 82.49

Class 2A:
Lexington Christian Academy 111.19
Beechwood 105.71

Class 1A:
Pikeville 90.37
Raceland: 81.39
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BluegrassPreps Class 1A Football Rankings 11/1
Class 1A

1. Panthers
2. Rams
3. Panthers
4. Bulldogs
5. Spartans
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BluegrassPreps Class 2A Football Rankings 11/1
Class 2A

1. Eagles
2. Tigers
3. Cardinals
4. Yellowjackets
5. Admirals
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BluegrassPreps Class 3A Football Rankings 11/1
Class 3A

1. Centurions
2. Tigers
3. Scotties
4. Titans
5. Braves
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BluegrassPreps Class 4A Football Rankings 11/1
Class 4A

1. Rebels
2. Redhounds
3. Golden Eagles
4. Knights
5. Flyers
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BluegrassPreps Class 5A Football Rankings 11/1
Class 5A

1. Spartans
2. Red Devils
3. Broncos
4. Yellow Jackets
5. Colonels
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BluegrassPreps Class 6A Football Rankings 11/1
Class 6A

1. Bulldogs
2. Tigers
3. Shamrocks
4. Crimsons
5. Raiders
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2021 BluegrassPreps Mr. Football Watchlist (10/27)
LCA's cruise missile sinks the Admirals' battleship; Humphreys maintains a torrid pace; Boyle County's pitch and catch combo shines on senior night; And Sivori's arm comes more into focus.
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TP94 Power Ratings (10/26)
Class 6A
Male 115.27
St. Xavier 110.13

Class 5A
Frederick Douglass 120.53
Woodford County 113.09

Class 4A
Boyle County 107.26
Corbin 105.64

Class 3A
Christian Academy Louisville 95.28
Glasgow 82.54

Class 2A
Lexington Christian Academy 109.22
Beechwood 103.23

Class 1A
Pikeville 90.00
Raceland 83.13
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BluegrassPreps Class 6A Football Rankings 10/25
Class 6A

1. Male at #4 Manual

2. St. Xavier at 5A Bowling Green

3. Trinity -- OPEN

4. Manual vs. #1 Male

5. Ryle at 5A #5 Covington Catholic
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BluegrassPreps Class 5A Football Rankings 10/25
Class 5A

1. Frederick Douglass vs. 4A #2 Boyle County

2. South Warren at 4A #7 Logan County

3. Owensboro vs. 6A Henderson County

4. Woodford County vs. 6A Simon Kenton

5. Covington Catholic vs. 6A #5 Ryle
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BluegrassPreps Class 4A Football Rankings 10/25
Class 4A

1. Corbin at 6A Campbell County

2. Boyle County at 5A #1 Frederick Douglass

3. Johnson Central at 3A #5 Belfry

4. Lexington Catholic vs. 5A #8 Scott County

5. Franklin County at 5A Madison Southern
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