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  1. Mike Rodgers to McCracken next year= insane PT -MC rivalry. Its going to happen.
  2. Paducah Tilghman is in a much better state than the last 2 years. The staff and kids and community are rallying around this team. Should be interesting to watch. I think at least a regional title and 2 rounds of playoffs. This schedule will accelerate the growth of the underclassmen. The very new schemes won't be realized until mid season. The underclassmen will be huge contributors this year as there are only 11 seniors on this squad and only 5 will play dominate roles. So sewing the seeds of future success is going to be the mantra this year. That being said i love being a cinderella. Underdogs fly under the radar. Look out for Big Blue!!! So i don't consider PT on this list at all. ATL usually you are right on point, however your aim is off on this team.
  3. Yeah. I might be. All this rigamaroar has got me off kilter I guess. I too hope that we give this coaching staff 2-3 years to fully develop. Toothpick I just want so badly for our rivalry to mean something again. It has to. It's way to special to turn into a one sided affair like it has of late. What the PT faithful hasn't fully grasped is that it takes consistency in every level to achieve a year in and year out program. Little league on up. If we start out 0-3. It will truly be a little disappointing. Now if are getting better weekly I'm sure people will be patient. As long as the coaching staff stays on the same page. Which I think will happen. I really don't think it will be a meltdown like some are predicting.
  4. Looks like Rodgers landed at Murray state. Maybe they can understand his greatness. Maybe he can single handedly bring back the wing t back to college ball.
  5. says a guy from graves. SMH. I guess we should have consulted you guys before the hire.. we will see. at the end of the day these are high school kids so to many unknowns right now. But your bravado lends itself to embarrassment.
  6. The line is still on the smaller side. Which is why the spread will fit this team. wider splits, quick plays etc. Now if we can get some size on the field that would be even better.
  7. The county expansion and lone oaks rise coupled with higher city taxes has happened. Most all the money is in the county now. But think about it, still winning region 1 and competing at a high level, even winning state. What are expectations really? Most programs never get there.
  8. A ton of new talent coming out. The hiring of Kurt has excited the hallways and with some of the returning players mixed with the incoming freshman class coupled with the addition of some absolute studs tt=hat were walking the halls and would not play for mike under any circumstances, next years team should compete. If PT can successfully implement the spread and D that they want over the next 2-3 years this team with all the consistent speed on the field and athleticism could prove to be formidable..I know that a lot of ifs but trust me. Its going to be fun to watch.
  9. a lot depends on who the quarterback is and how fast the unit picks up the hybrid spread we are implementing. That being said we should be considerably better on the defensive side of the ball so 21 points or less is what i see giving up. Any 2 of the games i see winning. Graves and McCracken are the ones i have guessed but could be 3-1 and I'm not going against Mayfield for obvious 11 reasons lol. But this tornado team given some time could be deadly!!
  10. 2-2 would be a good start and very doable in my opinion. The reason Randy didn't want track guys to practice if the truth was told is because numbers were falling dramatically. A large portion of the team was either going to transfer or not go out for the team. Only around 18 kids were coming back and someone had to make a statement. These are true. If anyone that is outside of the program wants to speculate thats on them. Mike was not only disconnected from his team, he was promising things then not delivering the goods. The thing about PT is these kids and parents expect a level of dedication and involvement that most coaches or people cannot give. I will say this. Its a great day to be a tornado and the best is yet to come!!!
  11. Jack is not going to be the O.C. but you are not far off. LOL. Think of it this way score quickly and often then play ridiculous defense. The staff is going to do a ridiculous job. People are doubting Big Blue just like they always have and probably for good reason.But mark my words they will be much improved and will give 3A all they want in the west this year and for years to come if this coaching staff stays together for a bit. If the Alumni and Administration buy in well then, its going to get real interesting in Western KY. Give this staff that are coming to the dance a bit late the summer and i guarantee they will not start 0-3 like some are saying. more like 2-1 or so. and give Mayfield a shot in the arm. This is probably going to be the best coaching staff at PT in 20 years or so. Get behind em and PT will be a perennial winner.
  12. Well now in western ky. It's pt vs McCracken. Especially with the new hc.
  13. Like I said. Paducah will go berserk. Now the work of getting the alumni together begins. Anyone that is a former player Or alumni that wants to help. Contact Alan treece. It's a great day to be a tornado. Also. More news to follow on who the rest of the staff will be. It's shaping up to be a doozy.
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