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  1. People have been "not smart" for a long time when it comes to certain coaches.
  2. What I'm trying to find out is if anyone thinks a program is specifically more successful because they have better weight training programs. Like Central Hardin has had a recent rise in success. Is this due to what happens in the off season
  3. Thanks for the input so far. What specific schools that their training is what makes the difference. Not necessarily the school with best atheletes, but achieve success through their training.
  4. Almost every single school has some kind of off season training program for their football players. Do any of you believe that a particular schools weight training program pushes their kids to another level than what would be expected out of another school? Do you think the school success is manufactured in the weight room? If a kid went through this school's training program would he come out a different player than if just went through avg training program?
  5. How many returning starters do they have for the 2017 season?
  6. I know you've been to a UK game. Everybody is a better Coach than the guys actually doing it. Especially after drinking a few.
  7. #1 seeds vs #4 seeds playoff records
  8. #1 seeds vs #4 seeds playoff records
  9. Why did Mercer County decide to play it's home games at Alvis Johnson Stadium this season?
  10. I'm getting ready to turn 40 this year. I've witness the change that social media has brought to everyone. When I was younger information did not flow like it does now. I didn't watch the news and the newspaper had only one thing that could hold my attention and that was the sports page. Good or bad, things have changed and I don't know if we can put toothpaste back in the tube.
  11. Is everyone standing for the National Anthem? I've read that some high school athletes are following in the footsteps of the pros. Wanted to know what people are seeing on their sidelines.
  12. Ribeye sandwiches at Marion Co are excellent.
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