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  1. Any movement on this position? Haven't heard a thing about it....
  2. I'm surprised Lewis Co. beat Boyd Co. I thought for sure that Boyd Co. was going to get a third try at the Tomcats.
  3. Looks like another year of sweeping the city with Scott Co. & Lex Cath as their two toughest games IMO. Since they are required to play all the other city schools in Fayette Co. & none of those schools are 5A & in their district, the flexibility of their schedule really takes a hit only being able to play one team out of the 10 games outside of what is required. I would think that it would be frustrating not being able to go out & get a couple games against some big time competition like we see the other programs here in the state that are able to do that.
  4. Not saying they wouldn't have been able to beat them, but thats counting some chickens before they hatched putting them into the Sweet 16 & they still would have had LexCath to go through to get there. :idunno:
  5. But by taking this away, it gives that tenured teacher less reason to want to be there, especially if they still have the fire & desire to coach..... That being said, I've been in places before that ran through coaches like I go through a buffet & they colleced up several from multiple sports just taking up space making it more difficult to hire in someone new due to lack of positions..... :idunno:
  6. Turf technology has come a long way to say the least on this stuff being able to withstand a beating much better than the older turf. That being said, not having soccer practicing & playing on it where they have their own field makes a difference as well..... the less traffic one field sees, the better it is in the long run.
  7. @Hatz In my opinion at this point, no. He has been on staff for the previous 2 years & I'm sure that the Admin & AD knew of everything that had occurred up to now. If it weighed on them that much, I dont think they would have hired him in the first place. :idunno:
  8. This was IMO the last blip on the season schedule where the Tomcats had a chance of droping a game until the post season. Not that I am much of a prognosticator. :lol:
  9. Trevor Bauer doesn't need to worry about the playoffs anyway, whether its under the current format or this one.....
  10. Anyone care to fill us all in on Coach Hawkins previous experience? Unfortunately I've not heard of him before.
  11. I am surprised as well since they were so established there and if I'm not mistaken his wife was an alum & head volleyball coach at Roncalli as well.
  12. I know that Boyle Co. has a great history & this isn't to talk down on their program, because I think it is a top tier program, BUT there is no way I leave Male to go to Boyle for several reasons & not all of them pertain to football.
  13. Look at it this way everyone, you can fit in one of these games, then probably catch most of a second game of an FCPS vs. non-FCPS school or one of the privates in the area. :banana:
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