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  1. @16thBBall Fan those Lexington schools sure have been playing Hokey-Pokey with the job postings as of late. Post'em up & take them down, just to repost them again, LOL! 😂
  2. Lexington Catholic & Lexington Christian Academy is a relatively new football rivalry, & currently sits at 4 wins & 4losses for both programs. Three of the games have been really close contests separated by 5 points total; two 1 point wins for both teams & a 3 point win for LCA two season ago. The rest of the games have been absolute beatings, here is a rundown: Aug 20, 2005 Lexington Catholic 52 Lexington Christian 14 Sep 25, 2009 Lexington Catholic 27 Lexington Christian 26 Sep 24, 2010 Lexington Catholic 62 Lexington Christian 0 Sep 8, 2017 Lexington Christian 56 Lexington Catholic 36 Sep 7, 2018 Lexington Catholic 54 Lexington Christian 13 Sep 20, 2019 Lexington Christian 43 Lexington Catholic 42 Sep 18, 2020 Lexington Christian 23 Lexington Catholic 20 Sep 17, 2021 Lexington Christian 43 Lexington Catholic 7
  3. Not saying they did or didn't, but a heads up of what had happened woulda been nice to give to the school looking to hire your former coach, one could say that in itself is childish & irresponsible. Good luck with your new coach. 🙂
  4. I agree with most of what you're saying, but I will also offer this angle. Seeing that these schools are over an hour apart, different Regions & rarely come in contact with one another, it can also be questioned if the Bullitt East was on the up & up with "full disclosure" on these events or did they just want rid of him so bad that they gave him the blessing & once he was hired, then the skeletons began to come out of the woodwork & Lafayette sent it to the replay booth, more info came to the surface & that caused Lafayette to have to do a 180 & reconsider their offer. Not everyone wants to give all the info, sometimes they just want rid of a person at the expense of the receiving school, I've had it happen before as well & it definitely wasn't an enjoyable experience.
  5. I would add Pikeville to this list, they always represent no matter where they are playing
  6. LCA is gonna put up some numbers against a highly undermanned Henry Clay team, unless they rest people before the playoffs begin the following week. Chick-Fil-A will still be open across Richmond Rd. by the time this game is over with a running clock. They can get a quick meal before heading home.
  7. The Applebee's is open till midnight there, but they wont be getting there that late, this one is gonna end quick, Douglass should be able to get seating around 9:15-9:30.
  8. I'm really impressed on what Coach Hawkins has done with Bryan Station.
  9. Douglass is gonna roll Great Crossing. There are plenty of post game meal options in & around the farm, so fans may want to go ahead with thinking about where they are gonna eat after the game, because this one might end quickly.
  10. They may, but I also think there are multiple teams that would play them given the opportunity, both above & below 5A. or below 6A (IF) they move back up: Belfry, Central, LexCath, LCA, Johnson Central, CovCath, Southwestern, Bullitt East, Trinity, St.X, Male, Manual, Madison Central, Ryle, etc....
  11. They are basically forced to play an easy schedule. Outside of Bryan Station, they have to play all of the other city schools in Fayette Co. so no matter what, they have to play Bryan Station, Henry Clay, Lafayette, PL Dunbar, & Tates Creek which isn't doing much to prepare them for tougher opponents, whereas teams in Louisville, are not "forced" to play a city slate, outside of the teams that are in their District..... which is the way it should be IMO. The District they are in, isn't challenging either, which is unfortunate as well.
  12. my apologies, they lost in the semifinals last year to Owensboro.
  13. my apologies to everyone, they lost to Owensboro in the semifinals last year.
  14. I've watched Douglass, but haven't watched Male, so its unfair for me to say. Male just seems like they are on a different level than every other team in the state though.
  15. Frederick Douglass is probably the only team that can beat them....... saying if they lose, they would beat themselves. These older kids (Juniors & Seniors) are carrying a lot of weight of two championship game losses & the 2018 season when they were undefeated & lost to Scott Co. by a point in the 2nd round.... Who knows how a Douglass/Male final woulda played out that year when they were 6A.
  16. Unfortunately I worked in an athletic department that was subjected to this from the administration. The suits didn't care about athletics one bit, but would go hand out pizza to the marching band students at their competitions and speech & drama competitions. When I would talk to them about the positive impact athletics had on student behavior & grades they just turned the other cheek, but would get mad at me when I would bring up someone from the band was failing every class but band. 🤷‍♂️ Some of these admins just don't want the bother, but cant see the forest for the trees.
  17. I checked the stats from the last game they played & they only had 16 players active on the team for that game. I would say that injuries/covid/quarantining or a combination of that has wiped them out.
  18. I like all of these answers, also don't forget to factor in that administrations at some schools are breathing down the AD's back about when games are played, especially during fall break.
  19. I think the only way Pikeville loses this game is if they have to forfeit due to Covid. After watching Pikeville the last two weeks @ LCA & @ Madison Central, unless they have some injuries they should have no problem with Sayre. Pikeville is ready for this type of game by the opponents they've played, Sayre not so much. I'd go ahead & do the call ahead seating at the Texas Roadhouse that is a few miles from Pikeville's stadium, for the post game meal, it usually gets packed on Friday nights.
  20. Extra $100 bucks for a guaranteed pickup time, more room, more comfortable seats & AC. I'll take it. I'm all about the experience.
  21. I'm not defending them, but since the game got cancelled so late, I'm sure that they were not able to cancel the bus without still being charged for it, so instead of wasting that $$$, I'm sure they rolled this into a team building kinda thing. Now, that being said, I always see them saying that they cant find games, well, this game fell in their lap & I haven't seen them rushing to get down to Louisville today or tomorrow to play.
  22. The others that have responded too you are correct. Just a little info: Fayette Co. doesn't give any school a blank check for transportation costs, each individual school is on the hook for paying for the school bus, fuel cost & that also includes the driver & the clock is running the entire time on paying that driver from the time they leave the bus garage until they pull in & park it after the game. Also with the shortages with bus drivers, its way easier to get a charter bus. Why not ride in a little more comfort, with AC? Who cares if its across the city or up the interstate when a charter bus can guarantee a time they will arrive at the school when a district school bus driver, cant. Personally, I'd take a charter bus over a school bus anywhere.
  23. I know they're building a team from scratch & you have to start somewhere, which IMO they have done well at doing up to this point, but I fully expect them to step up their scheduling a little on the next cycle. They're in for two really tough games at Pikeville & hosting Hazard & the trip alone to Phelps will make the kids from Sayre wonder if it was worth the trip. That's a good 3.5hrs one way on a bus from the cozy confines of Lexington. Heck, growing up in that area I dreaded having to go to Phelps. 🤣
  24. This is what happens when parents complain about "redistricting" & don't want their kid to be moved from what they view as a prestigious school to a school that they see view as not as good. Henry Clay gets referred to as Old Money & they hold onto that as long as they can. It honestly would be easy to look at the attendance areas of the schools & cut away a portion to give to a school that has lower attendance.
  25. From a source I have inside TCHS, there are no plans to do anything to the stadium, during or after the school is built.
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