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  1. Fulton City will be getting a new coach to restart this program I am hearing.
  2. None listed yet, when will the axe fall? After the state finals? Hearing several big names will go into administration or just retire?
  3. Why is Mayfield usually better in Football and Graves better in Basketball year after year? I know not every year but most of the time?
  4. Tom Herman was the hot candidate a few years ago! I liked him!
  5. Dan Mullen was a hot candidate a few years ago?
  6. On the radio after game show last night they are wanting to run him out of town today?
  7. Tragic wreck that killed a player and injured two others last night as the players were driving home from a scrimmage. Keep this school in your Prayers!
  8. If Logan wins they will make a Kentucky movie like Hoosiers for this team!
  9. Haywood is the Goat! How old is this cat? Can he go on forever!?
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