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  1. I was wondering if it was Jeff’s connection and loyalty to the evil empire!
  2. I would not walk on and pay if another power 5 school offered? Guess he loves Louisville for some reason!
  3. Their coach was ejected on Friday against Madisonville. What is the punishment from the state on a ejection of a Coach?
  4. I saw where he committed to Louisville. Is he on a full ride or is he going to be a walk on? I can’t believe someone did not offer this guy a full ride?
  5. I have read on several sites that there are some issues between these two? Does anyone know what their problem is. Hope it will not stop a great kid playing for the Cats!!!’
  6. He needs to make adjustments in the way he is doing things. He will not leave as his buyout is over 50 million! Sabens is 26 million! You figure!
  7. Let’s hope he gets his act together and turns things around
  8. Appears he is not on his side anymore as his tone has been very negative!? I think he is out to run him off!
  9. The first and second regions for years had the Western Kentucky Conference that supplied both regions their football crews. This year in a power struggle the second region started their own association. I was told by a coach they did not have enough officials to cover the games and had to borrow crews from the region they left.
  10. This will be a great series. Will try to see the game in Bowling Green
  11. Did it work very well this year or did they make a mistake by leaving their old association?
  12. Johnson Central should not have been looking forward to a rematch with Boyle!
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