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  1. Guess it is legal now with all of the Covid rules? The schools got a free year if the student meets the age requirements.
  2. Hood was weak, never did much in high school and was always hurt. Did little at UK
  3. I know of coaches that share their players with the soccer teams on game days. In small school you have to share.
  4. Tornados get JL ADAMS from Christian Co. State wrestling champion. His dad is a former coach at Heath and will be joining him at Paducah.
  5. If he kept him on the team and did not play him till he caught up would have been a better choice.
  6. The kid is 15? Hope he might make better decisions when he is older but the coach is a grown man and sounds like a bully. Let the kid come back on the team and earn his spot back but to just kick him off the team is a little much in my opinion!
  7. I would fire the coach today. No way I could have a coach that has no compassion for a 15 year old student. How many games did he win last year?
  8. Wonder what made him change his mind after he resigned from the head girls job for burnout just a few weeks ago?
  9. I heard another coach from Western Ky applied and was a great coach!
  10. I just wonder why he left his previous job to come to Murray. I wonder if he has done any research on his rivals?
  11. Don’t know much about them this year but they have a good coach and most of the team is back. The Colonels had a bad season last year and lost their coach. The replacement has never been a head coach. Hope they do well but in their district things don’t look very good. Playing for third every year and a trip to Bowling Green for the playoffs every year.
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