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  1. Hearing it was a coach from Campbellsville that got canned?
  2. In the Second Region Hopkinsville, Madisonville, Henderson and Christian Co all have nice gyms. If you want to go for the experience Trigg and Dawson are great environments to watch a game. Has anyone got any photos of the Old Gym that Central City played in? That was a great place to get homered!!!!!
  3. Looks like they have it down to the top three as several have opted out. They may bring these three in for another round on interviews. Hope this not drag out very much longer as one has another pretty good offer on the table
  4. If one school district does not allow it, it appears a legal transfer can be made and a player can be eligible???
  5. Claude Bassett was in town today for an interview. Tony Franklin will be there tomorrow!
  6. Did Tackett and the KHSAA ever made any statement on the ending of the game???
  7. I hear 3 candidates came on their own to take a tour of the school and the town. I am still hearing they are looking at a championship coach out of Georgia? If they can get him it will be a home run!
  8. You are probably right but if he is in the same situation next year as this year why did he return? I would not come back if things were not going to be better!
  9. He is a good kid, his family is the reason that Cal stayed away. When he is on he is a plus player but he needs minutes to get his numbers and he was not going to get them at UK.
  10. Did Marshall get fouled on the last possession or did the Ref swallow the whistle?
  11. She is pretty good! I think she could take him today in a one on one game!!!!!
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