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  1. They need to fill out a coaching staff.
  2. He will have a long year without Catlett as that guy had glue on his hands and could catch anything thrown his way
  3. They were looking at him, he was not looking at them.
  4. Coach Morris turned them down as he did not want to leave Mayfield at this time. He wants to be the all time leader in wins in Kentucky and will retire when this is done.
  5. Great stadium and great fan support. This job should attract several good candidates.
  6. This will be the best job open as they are loaded and will be in the top 4 in Class 4A. Whoever gets this job will be successful as they have several D-1 players and a Mr. Football Candidate at QB. Cager could be the best receiver in the state and many young players ready to step in. Clark has left this job much better than when he took it over.
  7. When you are Coach Cal you get it all for being Coach Cal, I would pay for it if he needs it as long as he keeps us in 5 star players and final fours!
  8. I hope bring out this will result in the death penalty for Louisville!
  9. This has really upset some of you dirty birds, with all of the money he is making he should be able to pay for his own personal travel?
  10. It still is money raised by the taxpayers. No one else gets paid to go and watch their kids work. This needs to be looked into by the state auditors
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