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  1. In comparison, to officiate post season in basketball you have to officiate 8 girls varsity games and 8 boys varsity game amount other specifics. Football now requires you to officiate a set amount of 7 man crew games(I think 5) among other specifics. Well, if all crews in the 1st and 2nd region won’t officiate certain games for less money, some crews won’t quality to officiate past round one. It’s a money thing for certain schools and officials. AD’s at 2 schools in the 2nd are adamant against paying them more money. Does this help?
  2. There is an Officials Guidebook on KHSAA Ofiicials website that explains how an official has to be a member of a local association (might be limited to FB, VB, BK, BA, FP, SO) to officiate. Each association has a policy board and one thing they have is the ability to adjust pay. 1st and 2nd region have different policy boards but share officials and assigner for football.
  3. Apparently long distance learning is the new......
  4. 1st and 2nd region share officials assigned by one person. 1st Region Policy board will pay full cost, minus $5 for a 7 man crew= $80/per. 2nd region policy board will pay only $61/per for a 7 man crew. Travel pay might be an issue for some driving 2 hours or more for a game in the 2nd region. An overwhelming majority of the officials said they would not officiate for $61. Assigner told 2nd region policy board he would not send 7 man crews to 2nd region schools who request 7 man crews. In order to officiate post season games past the first round you have to officiate a certain amount of games on a 7 man crew. Some 2nd region coaches are mad because they want 7 man crews. I think the state only requires $60/per. Policy boards can alter pay. You could argue any side of this and be right.
  5. If this comes to fruition, who will be the first to submit a complaint to KHSAA? Parents, Calloway, Murray, McCracken, Graves, Mayfield, Tilghman, Parents? Just wait for it......"Why is everyone dancing around this empty spot here? Because there is an elephant in the room!"
  6. 6.4.4 If a foul by either team occurs before an alternating-possession throw-in ends, the foul is penalized and play continues as it normally would, but the possession arrow is not reversed. The same team will still have the arrow for the next A-P throw in.
  7. Opening Round 1-Corbin 1-Scott County 1- Warren Central 1- John Hardin 1- UHA 1- McCracken 1- Covington Catholic 1- Fern Creek Semifinal 2- Scott County 2- Warren Central 2- UHA 2- Fern Creek Finals 3- Scott County 3- Fern Creek Champion 5- Fern Creek Tiebreaker- 124
  8. Just a few things to consider: Sponsors-paying for officials, venue, workers, security, etc. If they don’t get big sponsors it would be hard to put on a good tournament. With the 30 game limit, this might be an isssue with scheduling With the state budget potentially affecting all school districts(busses and salaries) more basketball may not be financially suitable It will be interesting to see how this pans out. My humble opinion, I like it the way it is. The All-A is what it is. The state tournament in March is the pinnacle and should never change.
  9. This may fit in the ‘Not’ Top Ten category on ESPN!
  10. The athlete patting him on the back definitely makes me feel sorry for him. I would have probably picked my hair up and left.
  11. When the ball hits a player/referee or the floor.
  12. I did not see the play (I do not know the specifics if it is illegal or not). Can an official explain, if this was illegal, can the refs in this situation prevent it or call the TD back?
  13. I believe Murray beat Mayfiield in 1995, 7-0. I think it was the initial kick-off TD return or punt return for TD. Might be wrong about the year. This game will not be if there will be a running clock but when. Too much power on both sides of the ball for Murray to contain.
  14. I've witnessed teams of various sports being officiated by former students (many years removed) and friendships were compromised. I just wouldn't risk it.
  15. No agenda. Just an honest and legitimate comment. Him graduating from Mayfield are not the only ties he has with the school or community.
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