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  1. The move up to Class 3A has kicked Trigg in the tail. One playoff win in 10 years. The first thing they have to do is figure out the defensive philosophy. They can't keep giving up 40 points a game to everyone and 60 points to Tilghman every year. The pieces are in place but the new coach needs to get the right people in the right positions
  2. Yes. There are boundaries but kids hop around quite a bit
  3. Soccer team had one win. Football team had one win. Basketball team had no wins. Rough talent cycle going on right now.
  4. Steve Lovelace has resigned as Christian County head coach after 14 seasons, according to a tweet by YourSportsEdge.com.
  5. Former boys' coach Fred Harper is on the staff as is former Caldwell County standout Matt Fraliex. Those girls are getting coached and will be an improved bunch come March.
  6. Webster is now playing Murray on 9/11. No trip to Jackson County.
  7. I agree with more training needed. More psycological training. Contempt of cop is a real problem. Officers are taught in the academy that when you tell someone to put their hands up, they do. What if they don't? You scream louder. Then what? A lot of these police-related deaths begin with resisting arrest. Yes, they shoudn't resist. But they are. Then what? More training is needed on this. How to handle the situation without an incident. The state pays $3,000 in KLEPF money each year in exchange for 40 hours of training. The formula needs to change. The more training you c
  8. Search committee will be put into place and applicants accepted far and wide. Not a lot of love lost between Madisonville and Webster. Newton making the jump would be interesting. Duvall, the girls' coach, is likely to see his name tossed around. A wildcard could be Patrick Sparks.
  9. The target keeps moving. First, youth sports guidelines set down in June didn't apply to the KHSAA, then they did. Schools were going to be allowed to set their own restart guidelines until they weren't. The KHSAA was able pass the guidelines they felt best for resumption of play until they likely won't. The target keeps moving. There has been one COVID death in Kentucky of someone under 30. One. That was an infant that the coroner said died of SIDS. Four counties [Jefferson, Kenton, Fayette, and Warren] account for 46-percent of all of the state's cases. 58 counties account for less tha
  10. Last word was they formed a search committee and was taking applications from far and near. Solid group of underclassmen returning so the cupboard is not bare.
  11. I read the title of the thread and thought 'that sums up my life perfectly.' I am one of the most socially awkward people at funerals. I always ask family members "how are you doing?" or say "it's good to see you" before I realize what I'm saying.
  12. There is no way of knowing a solid number on how many cases of COVID-19 have been prevented by social distancing guidelines put in place by states no more than knowing how many armed robberies were prevented by increasing police patrol in a certain area.
  13. High schools are more likely to follow what the pros do because there is no on-location housing issues in high school like in college.
  14. A doctor told me this comparison. COVID-19 vs the flu is like a sprained ankle vs. a broken ankle. Same kind pain. Same area of pain. Same symptoms. Treatment is different. Level of seriousness is different. Treat a break like a sprain and it sets back the recovery time.
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