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  1. After Lyon County, the three best teams in the region are in the 8th District. Bateman is the second-best player in the region behind Perry. He proved that in the KY/IN Junior All-Star series over the summer.
  2. Vienna had three starters coming back from a 29-win season. Good win for the Lyons.
  3. Todd has improved its facilities. They have improved the feeder program. It wouldn't be a bad job for a coach who wants to build a program.
  4. Reds have been playing with house money most of the season. At some point, the come-from-behind wins stop. The only way the Reds make the playoffs is by winning the Central. I don't see that happening.
  5. Kentucky Schools Hopkinsville Christian County South Warren Trigg County Madisonville-North Hopkins Hopkins County Central Logan County Paducah Tilghman Doss Muhlenberg County Indiana Gibson Southern Tennessee Clarksville Kirkwood Clarksville Northeast Clarksville Northwest Clarksville Academy Clarksville Kenwood Clarksville West Creek Pearl Cohn Nashville Maplewood Whites Creek Macon County
  6. August 4 GRID at Muhlenberg County - Fulton County, Muhlenberg County and Trigg County Hopkinsville at South Warren is Aug. 11 and not the 10th
  7. Going back to the old format that eliminates the state first round. Boys tourney in 2024 will be Thursday and Friday. The girls' will be on Saturday. In 2025, the format flips with the gals wrestling on Thursday and the guys on Friday and Saturday. The state tournament returns to Alltech Arena in 2024.
  8. Four classes. When Kentucky football was at its best.
  9. Marshall County should be able to challenge for the region title (as they should every year) with McCracken's losses.
  10. Congrats Deuce. As someone late to the party, never, ever let anyone in her family stay with you longer than a weekend.
  11. The move up to Class 3A has kicked Trigg in the tail. One playoff win in 10 years. The first thing they have to do is figure out the defensive philosophy. They can't keep giving up 40 points a game to everyone and 60 points to Tilghman every year. The pieces are in place but the new coach needs to get the right people in the right positions
  12. Yes. There are boundaries but kids hop around quite a bit
  13. Soccer team had one win. Football team had one win. Basketball team had no wins. Rough talent cycle going on right now.
  14. Steve Lovelace has resigned as Christian County head coach after 14 seasons, according to a tweet by YourSportsEdge.com.
  15. Former boys' coach Fred Harper is on the staff as is former Caldwell County standout Matt Fraliex. Those girls are getting coached and will be an improved bunch come March.
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