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  1. Last word was they formed a search committee and was taking applications from far and near. Solid group of underclassmen returning so the cupboard is not bare.
  2. I read the title of the thread and thought 'that sums up my life perfectly.' I am one of the most socially awkward people at funerals. I always ask family members "how are you doing?" or say "it's good to see you" before I realize what I'm saying.
  3. There is no way of knowing a solid number on how many cases of COVID-19 have been prevented by social distancing guidelines put in place by states no more than knowing how many armed robberies were prevented by increasing police patrol in a certain area.
  4. High schools are more likely to follow what the pros do because there is no on-location housing issues in high school like in college.
  5. A doctor told me this comparison. COVID-19 vs the flu is like a sprained ankle vs. a broken ankle. Same kind pain. Same area of pain. Same symptoms. Treatment is different. Level of seriousness is different. Treat a break like a sprain and it sets back the recovery time.
  6. This boils down to an insurance issue right? As long as kids are on active rosters, they are still covered by the KHSAA and school insurance until the end of the KHSAA calendar [second week of June]? That's why no one can be at school or wearing a school uniform.
  7. If there ever was a year for the KHSAA to tinker with reducing the playoffs to two teams per district, it's this one. Move the start of the season back a week, keeping everyone's same sequence of games. If they want to see what it looks like financially and competitively to go back to two teams, try it this year.
  8. Harris was in the girls All-A Region championship game at Trigg but they lost to Dawson Springs in the championship game.
  9. Good coach. He can be abrasive which may explain the inability to lay down roots for a long coaching stay.
  10. There is some young talent here, but it's an obvious rebuild job. The 13th District is gradually improving, but Logan County is still the top dog here.
  11. I also finished the second Blood vs Water but can't find the thread on it. I liked the season. I liked the cast. I thought Natalie played a good game and Missy and Baylor were good to look at. I was surprised the critics didn't like it as much. I'm up to Cambodia - Second Chance. I thought it was dumb how they introduced the cast live. Took away from the reunion show.
  12. Just finished it. Not a bad season. Dan was annoying and deserved a lot, but Jeff really threw him under the bus on the reunion show. I didn't realize they let Carolyn's daughter sub for her on the reunion show. It was a good season until it got predictable midway through and Jenn gave up. Will may have been the most useless member to get to the final three in recent memory. Shirin looked like a gal I used to date. Sierra seemed like a cool chick. I was surprised the critics hated this season. The reunion show was terrible.
  13. I'm going to watch the same eight baseball games over and over and over again on ESPN Classic. Wait. Chris Chambless just hit a walk-off home run again.
  14. Insurance is a biggie. Rental of college facilities for state tournaments is another.
  15. Yes. 1999-2000. His quarterback was Mr. Football Travis Atwell. They lost to Beechwood in the Class A championship in 1999. He was also the head coach at Campbellsville University for two seasons.
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