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  1. Also just to add to my last post. The All A isn't the same as it once was. It's almost like someone wants to keep it going to just keep the small schools from complaining.
  2. I don't think they would be watered down. I just think that a small school can't compete year after year on the same level as the super school. We all know that some of the larger schools have jv teams that could beat the better small schools. The day of a small school even getting out of their region is almost over. Just say you have a perfect storm in the first region. The small school as an example lets say Carlisle County in the first region beats everyone in the regional tournament... They would then have to beat the likes of Madisonville, Christian County, Davies County, and the Warren County teams just to get a chance to go to state. I know good teams should play the best competition but just like in baseball small schools will run out of bullets. I think classifying would have made much more sense than they route they took. A little consideration for all schools and not just the schools with unlimited resources and players. But then again it's hard to put the word sense in the same sentence with KHSAA.
  3. Al Willman from the Paducah Sun tweeted a few minutes ago that Zion Harmon has been ruled ineligible at Marshall County. Does anyone have any more news or a reason as to why? He said Marshall County could not comment on this.
  4. Girardi is Matheney 2.0 he was let go in New York because he had problems getting along with younger players. I really like Mike Matheney he is a class act. But, we all know he had a hard time not butchering a bullpen. I will say this his KMOX interview after being fired was one of the classiest interviews I have ever listened to. He understood that product that was being put on the field was his responsibility, whether it was his fault or not. I think it was a move that had to be made. I also think if Shildt wins the jobs will remain his. If not, don't be surprised to see Stubby or Pop take the reigns.
  5. Sullivan has done everything to earn being mentioned here. But, Fouts has broken just about every record she could break this year. To me it was hers when she pitched as well as she did in the state tournament. We all knew how good she was but we wanted to see it against the top teams, and I think she showed what she was made of. Sullivan has beaten everyone and make no mistake she is as deserving and as good as anyone IMO. The problem is it just was the wrong year for her, because she was up against a player like Fouts. The argument I have for Sullivans' case is the level of competition Scott County plays compared to East Carter. This is kind of a flawed thinking on my part though. Let's put it this way could Scott County have won the title without Sullivan? Would East Carter be in the tournament without Fouts?
  6. Apollo beats Estill County 6-0 Louisville Ballard gets Pikeville 11-0 Louisville Butler is up on Ryle 6-1 in the top of the 6th Marshall County is leading Bourbon County 8-0 after 6
  7. I think anytime you have a pitcher like that you have a chance. I also think the top programs will be able to scratch out some runs against them. I haven't been able to see them this year, but I believe they should be stronger. They beat Warren East 2-1 this year. They also got Holy Cross and Boyd County, but beyond that it's not a great resume. But... as long as Fouts is in the circle they have a chance against anyone. I try not to pull for anyone except second region teams, but a state championship would look great with all her other accomplishments.
  8. Well I am hitting 500. McCracken County didn't help my average. Good luck to Christian County.
  9. That seems to happen a lot, teams with great records playing each other or getting a terrible draw against one of the powerhouse programs. But as they say... to be the best you have to beat the best.
  10. The issue that I saw were the star players this year weren't as good as previous years. McCracken was a good team this year but not elite like the last few years. In 2014 they had a second tier of players that could have won state. All schools go through a turn where they don't have a star at every position. This year they didn't have 3 star pitchers all with state tournament experience. By saying this I don't mean to say bad things because this is still one of the top programs in the state. I also think they will come out stronger from this. I mean you have to lose a game in your region eventually this one just came at the worst time. It will be different and a blessing for other teams not to see a team from the Paducah area not at the state tournament this year. Think about it among all the schools Reidland, Lone Oak, Heath, and McCracken County one of those schools has been at state every year. I do want to say congrats to Marshall County for winning the first region. As good as the Paducah schools have been in the first region I do believe the other schools are getting better, which is a good thing for the first region.
  11. Region 1 and 2 draw each other. Looks like a rematch could be happening. The two strongest teams from these regions so far this season region 1 McCracken County and region 2 Christian County. Christian County took McCracken County to the woodshed a couple of weeks ago. This should be fun to see.
  12. I agree... I don't know if it's a logistics problem or what. This team should be playing a stronger schedule. I know she's the type pitcher a coach only gets once. My post was meant as what I would do. I didn't mean to call her coach out on his scheduling.
  13. I wish I had a high school team with Fouts pitching. I'd take her and it would be a showcase of nothing but top 25 teams all year. That would get the rest of the team ready come tournament time.:thumb:
  14. Caldwell hasn't been overlooked, they just haven't played much. This team has played a lot of ball together (ptown fastpitch travel team). They are good there is no doubt. How good is hard to say. But I really like their chances in the All A. Crittenden County and Lyon County are really good teams but are so young right now. I think both teams once aged a little bit will be a force. Lyon County grew up a little by beating Davies County this weekend. Hopefully they can keep the momentum. But I like Caldwell County's chance in the All A they can slug the ball.
  15. Caldwell County looks to be on a roll going into tonight's 2nd region championship game. I don't see Dawson Springs having enough to overcome the difference in talent.
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