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  1. Why? The flu vaccine in a good year is 50/50 effective. In some years it’s below 25%.
  2. Lillard is ridiculous on shots over 30 foot. On another note, Luka is fun to watch.
  3. Several WKY schools are looking to start in person classes with virtual as an option.
  4. It is a “recommendation” to start September 28th but not really.
  5. I do disagree with the 25%. If restaurants can space you out you should be able to put some more in there.
  6. I take it and I do have a small cough at times.
  7. Same here. Good luck to you.
  8. People are generally contagious before they know they have it. Unless this virus is different.
  9. We will be taking temps at the door.
  10. Because someone with your thought process may have it and not know it and don’t wear a mask either. You come in contact with them and then you have it.
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