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  1. Mayfield and Fulton County have already agreed to play during Week 1 due to Tennessee teams having to cancel.
  2. Yes I’ve looked ahead and it appears to be a hot weekend on the 11th. BTW, today is pretty sticky.
  3. Tap water, Gatorade and occasionally a cold one.
  4. Oh yes they are running with it.
  5. But they are vague. One would think basketball and volleyball would be able to do small group skills work with a ball. Superintendents were told last Tuesday no gymnasiums could be used. So basically they could only be outside and do conditioning. We were told Thursday that they would send something in the next couple of days going back over this information. Still waiting.
  6. Agree. I would watch more than just my team right now.
  7. Agree. A game already struggling with fans.
  8. Onion rings done right are great but not always done the right way.
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