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  1. And Prince Kahnplaya from CCA announced on his instagram today that he was transferring there.
  2. And word is Grubbs from UHA is now with them.
  3. Coach Miller is the new coach for the club team at WKCTC.
  4. This has been voted on for the past several years on the NFHS questionnaire sent to coaches at the end of each season.
  5. We were told that originally but we had a meeting a couple of weeks ago and was told different by our All A rep.
  6. We have been told Corbin due to renovations to the gym.
  7. IT was great at the game. I'm old school and I love the pitch clock. My son didn't even have time to look at his phone except in between innings.
  8. The outgoing principal released Coach Jimmie Lee Holder on Friday. This used to be one of the best jobs in the state. It is still a good one.
  9. There hasn't been any talk at all on this job.
  10. Why? The flu vaccine in a good year is 50/50 effective. In some years it’s below 25%.
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