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  1. I’d assume the DC Gaige Courtney gets first crack at this job. Hometown guy who has done great in building that defense.
  2. His offense with what he’ll have at PT will be a hit. And in a couple of years, his son at QB...lookout.
  3. Crittenden’s starting D is giving up around 9 pts game. Trigg put up 3 scores after the running clock and JV D was in. They’ve got a nasty front 7 and a very good secondary, with 16 interceptions on the season and 33 total takeaways. I believe they’re also averaging over 9 TFL a game as well.
  4. I stay sore, running is hit or miss on pain. The 15-20 lbs post surgery probably isn’t helping either.
  5. Seriously? Whatever your job is, you think it’s reasonable for every minute of your day besides when you’re in the bathroom Should be recorded? Sitting at your desk, casual conversations with coworkers, eating lunch, checking email, taking a phone call from your spouse or your kids before they go to bed to tell you goodnight should be recorded? Get outta here with that crap. You want more, less than qualified cops on the street? Keep imposing more unrealistic expectations and creating more and more opportunities for you to 2nd guess their every move, while you pay them garbage wages in 95% dep
  6. A lot of facts are in the Tatum report. What is confirmed is that it was not a “no knock” warrant and that Kenneth Walker fired the first shot. The jail calls confirm that the police were knocking on the door. It’s unfortunate that this happened. The report also shows Ms. Taylor’s involvement in Mr. Glover’s activities. The biggest disservice is that the media and others formulated their own “facts” before the investigation was complete. This has lead to millions of dollars in property damage that could’ve been prevented had LMPD got out in front of this early on and released more in
  7. I had medial and lateral meniscus my first time doing my left ACL 20 years ago. Just had my ACL done again in December. I’m bone on bone in one spot where it’s wore a hole completely through the cartilage. I need to look into that gel injection.
  8. The Tatum report certainly paints a different light. If the investigation bores you, jump ahead to the transcripts of the jail phone calls regarding the night in question. Multiple references that Kenneth Walker (the male who shot at police) stating the cops were beating on the door which is definitely contradicting the “no-knock” warrant myth. Also several things pointing to Ms Taylor actually being involved in the moving of the proceeds from the drug trafficking. A lot more interesting things in there also. I say all that to say that she did not deserve to die. Just think it’s good that
  9. https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/63931193/breonna-taylor-summary-redacted The Tatum report.
  10. At this point what exactly are we trying to accomplish by postponing or canceling? Most everyone has said they will not rush out and get the vaccine, and some of those are saying they do not believe any usage of medicines that have been around forever will help. The disease isn’t going anywhere, so what good does it do to postpone or cancel? Everyone just has to expect an uptick when things open back up completely, whether it’s now or a year from now. I think the biggest hurdle is the forcing of testing on those who are symptom free, considering the “false positives”.
  11. College is a Petri dish 😂. I don’t know why everyone is acting surprised people are testing positive. It’s like acting surprised at college kids getting mono or STD’s. College kids are going to do what college kids do. Party/hookup, especially freshman who are on their own for the first time. On top of that, college kids are slobs so it’s unlikely they’re practicing the best hygiene. Just let them play already. COVID won’t be irradicated by next fall either, so cancel that too? It’s here to stay and the sooner everyone accepts that, the sooner we can all get on with our lives.
  12. If people keep getting tested when they show no symptoms, this will never go away.
  13. The Red Cross is testing for anti-bodies at no cost if you donate blood.
  14. Any of you all going to get the vaccine as soon as it’s available?
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