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  1. Exactly. Everyone needs to take a step back and try and appreciate each other’s life and safety. The actions of a few are causing more people to justify their hate. It’s disgusting.
  2. What news outlets Main priority isn’t ratings? I’ll wait? Fueling rage on both sides of this is driving ratings. Period. And the country is taking it hook, line and sinker.
  3. It’s pretty apparent that the only lives that seem to “matter” to the media, are those of a minority killed by police. Not whites killed by police, not cops killed by any race. Not citizens trying to help. Not minorities killed by minorities, none of it. People who just hurt people to do it are the problem with the world. And there’s a lot more non-cops who take joy in it, than there are cops who do. And it ain’t even close. Period.
  4. People need to wake up. The biggest problem in this country is the media. The last thing they want to see is all races/cops, unite to accept each other. We’re all being played. Could you imagine if the media turned their hatred toward the medical field and started to publicize the estimated 225-250 thousand people killed by malpractice every year? It’s all about ratings, and hatred fuels ratings.
  5. I’ve yet to see ANY cop think what that disgrace who killed Mr. Floyd, was appropriate.
  6. I’ve been really impressed by George Floyd’s family. Condemning the violence, and reiterating George was a peaceful man.
  7. Not me. These next 10 years can not go fast enough for me.
  8. Pay cops crappy wages, so any would be good officers choose a safer and more lucrative career that they can actually support their families. Then expect perfection out of cops who may not be best suited for policing, mostly because they just lack courage, and some who just want the power. Meanwhile couch potatoes blame all issues on police, and do nothing in their community to actually improve relationships, and expect everyone else to do the dirty work so they can reap the benefits. Meanwhile they’ll sit on social media bashing good police, and pretend like they’re making a difference. Respect and disrespect are a two way street. And usually when police show up, they’ve been called. We can’t place all blame on police when their job by nature is reactive, meaning had someone not committed some sort of crime or suspected of it, the police would not be there to begin. There’s nothing cops want more than no crime, because that means there is less work/reports. My perfect day at work has always been getting out, socializing in the community. Having some good laughs and seeing everyone smiling and enjoying life. It dang sure isn’t dealing with someone who’s deprived another citizen of their property or assaulted them, and that person resisting. But if that happens, I deal with that too. I’d love for my community to be crime free and hate free. It’s completely ignorant to assume that all change starts and ends with police. There’s a lot of hate thrown at police everyday completely unprovoked. What’s the saying, Be the change you want to see in the world? If you’re not trying to make things better, and just sitting on your butt essentially spreading hate online and complaining, do everyone a favor and stay out of it, because some of us are actually trying to make the world better by actions. JA, none of this was directed at you. Just wanted to comment on the wages you spoke of.
  9. No, that’s why I’m taking your word for it. Cops 100% in the wrong. Always are.
  10. Sounds peaceful. Why were the cops shooting at each other? Why’d the cops shoot at the medical helicopter?
  11. Definitely 100% the cops fault.
  12. So what will it say if we don’t see a big spike?
  13. I wonder if we’ll see a spike in CV19 in the towns that are having riots.
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