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  1. Any of you all going to get the vaccine as soon as it’s available?
  2. Several tough games on that schedule. Should have them prepared for the playoffs. What kinda team they got coming back?
  3. Couple of big challenges to the schedule. A rematch from Crittenden’s only State Championship, when Paintsville will visit Crittenden County. And then they’ll host Paducah Tilghman for their regular season finale.
  4. Exactly. Delaying reopening is only delaying the inevitable. This thing has to run its course. I can’t wait to see the shade for those who decline getting the vaccine lol.
  5. I finally agree with you on something.
  6. Unfortunately some of the breweries will be the first to die off due to these closures.
  7. Furthermore, there’s only two possible reasons for the contaminated tests going out. Incompetence, or corruption. Neither of which is acceptable, and neither will cause me to trust anything they put out in regards to the numbers.
  8. You come on here trying to mislead people on the reg. “5 counties in Florida have no ICU bed vacancies!” Trying to hype up more fear. Get called out cause some those counties don’t even have ICU’s, and then can’t even own it. Facts are facts man. Whether you want to ignore them or not.
  9. 2 weeks till gyms are shutdown again. But people at a higher risk of heart disease/stroke/diabetes than COVID will still be able to stuff their face with as much DoorDash fast food as their hearts desire.
  10. That and the fact some tests were sent out to be used, already contaminated with COVID-19. Further showing you can’t trust any of the numbers. The CDC botched the tests and yet people are still blindly believing... https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/cdc-coronavirus-test-kits-were-likely-contaminated-federal-review-confirms/2020/06/20/1ceb4e16-b2ef-11ea-8f56-63f38c990077_story.html
  11. I’m certain it will be lol.
  12. Of course we can. And a week or two later, there will be more, and so forth and so on until we can not do anything and people are losing jobs again. I’ll be glad when it’s December.
  13. Perhaps allow people to have the freedom to make decisions on their own as to what precautions they want to take? I’m not even sure what the goal people want obtained anymore. It started as flattening the curve, and now it seems some want a cure or vaccine first. What about those who do not want the vaccine? What shall we do with them?
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