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  1. I haven't made up my mind on this one yet. At the moment I slightly lean to not a fan.
  2. Too bad their playing doesn't match what you think of the helmet. 😄
  3. Ho hum, nothing special. (Never really been a fan of the stripes, helmet or otherwise, Nor the name when it was chosen way back when.)
  4. Already seeing the telltale holes in my yard. Don't know if these are early escapees or an animal has extricated a cicada snack.
  5. It was also crazy back in the 70s when CovCath and Holmes got together. I know I always enjoyed the crazy Covcath cheering section back then. It just made a great competitive atmosphere at Evans Fieldhouse and CovCath gym. Great days, great athletes, fun times.
  6. HEY! 😄 At least I can get a snow suit on and maneuver.
  7. Not during the middle ages when I was there for games. I know Holy Cross gym used to have similar issues as you describe, not sure if CovCath used to have the same but I know back in the day it could get rather warm there as well.
  8. Does Cookies in Cream ice cream count as both? Although, as I've stated in the past, I'm an equal opportunity consumer.
  9. When I caught a game there back in those days, you had to get there early to get a seat and I always sat in last row below the "prison" windows shown in the background just to stand up and get some air. Place got hot at times.
  10. At the moment, for me Joe New Guy is just too damn "chatty". Hopefully some of that "gee, golly, wow" stuff starts to tone down the more comfortable he gets calling Redlegs games. Just my opinion.
  11. Which is the reason something like "Bengals Ring of Honor" should have been done years ago. If history isn't taught or mentioned.........
  12. I'm not a season ticket holder, but if I were I'd vote for the first Bengal drafted to be included in the inaugural ring of honor class, Center Bob Johnson. And incredibly, the only Bengal to have his jersey number (54) retired.
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