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  1. I'm going to guess here and say he won't have this gig long before his mouth gets him in trouble. Unless the station that hired him has a longer broadcast delay than 700WLW does.
  2. My wife did make some KILLER chili that day...........guess it could have been me........sorry.
  3. I used to use this Butkus quote in my avatar years ago: "I wouldn't ever set out to hurt anyone deliberately unless it was, you know, important - like a league game or something." RIP Dick Butkus
  4. Yeah, but the pitching......the relief pitching......ugh!
  5. WHEW, U-G-L-Y way to end 2023 (yeah, I know one more to go).
  6. Sure it would be nice to see them make the playoffs, but you just never know when the hiccups will happen with this pitching staff. In my opinion, wild card games are "play-in games" to get to the playoffs and the last 2 wild card appearances the Reds haven't fared well.
  7. I'd take Brenneman any day over Sadak. Larkin, loved him as a player, will not criticize any player no matter how bad his play. I like Welsh, but my favorite Reds broadcaster is Brantley, be it TV or radio.
  8. Well that stunk........like tiger scratch in the woods.....WHEW!
  9. Been with CincyBell Fiberoptics/Altafiber for years. Their prices go up as well and internet slows down over time. They're all designed to suck more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
  10. If they use their heads and play disciplined ball, they could have a chance. Speak with your play, not your mouth.
  11. Always thought Trauth was the best. Haven't been able to find any that good since Trauth was no more.
  12. 84 degrees when I left for work this morning at 2am in Fort Mitchell area.
  13. Whew!! The wheels need some re-alignment on that wagon!
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