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  1. Cosori Premium 3.7-Qt. Air Fryer Yup, removed all plastic that we were supposed to remove.
  2. We got one a while back, everything cooked in it had a plastic aftertaste. Haven't used it since.
  3. Well, they were doing their job to a point but then absolutely failed to protect all involved. You hear the train, you know you're on/near train tracks and you don't remove the person from the vehicle ASAP? Lord knows there are tons of frivolous lawsuits these days but the woman, even though she allegedly did wrong, should bring a lawsuit because of the LEO's negligence. I really don't see how she loses , monetarily speaking, unless she never recovers physically.
  4. They heard it coming. Why was the suspect not pulled out of the LEO's vehicle?
  5. Unless things improve, #9 will not make it past 8 games in my opinion.
  6. It's a long article Guru, and again if I read it correctly, I think it kind of states what I posted. Again, no expert here and it could be that my interpretation is different that what yours would be.
  7. I read a piece, albeit it's from January this year that kind of thinks differently if I read it correctly. https://www.si.com/college/2022/01/20/ncaa-future-power-5-football-basketball-money
  8. Heck, if I got wined and dined like that, my young self would probably go to every one I could get.
  9. I'm certainly NO informed expert on any of this. Just form opinions from what I hear and read but I think all the power conferences will splinter from the NCAA to form their own organization. The NCAA will then be "everything else". There could be more divisions created, god help us. This of course would kill March Madness and goof up playoffs for college football, etc.
  10. " Cov Cath's stats crew had Dixie down for 163 total yards offense, with 68 yards passing and 95 yards rushing." If above is correct, there's a lot of work to do.
  11. Didn't have computer games when I was a kid, however does pinball count? Didn't it have some type of computerization because of electronics? 😁
  12. I agree nkpete. You just don't compromise your competitiveness. However, you know the scenarios I posted have happened during MLB history. (I'll forever remember Gene Garber of Braves acting like he had won the National League pennant after striking out Pete Rose to end his hit streak at 44 games.)
  13. You're the opposing pitcher, Pujols comes up and needs just one for #700. 1. You're team's down big or you're team's up big. Do you give Pujols a pitch to hit? 2. It's his last at bat for season, your team's not going anywhere, do you give him a pitch to hit? 3. Tight game, you're already playoff bound and it's Pujols' last at bat before he retires, do you give him a pitch to hit? (Barring injury, I think he'll get it done, St. Louis has about 25 games left)
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