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  1. Shoot fire, you could almost call it on every receiver. Not making any excuses for the penalty at all, legit call.
  2. The Bengal Curse. The only thing that didn't happen there was Lucy pulling the football away at the end.
  3. I've tried to be optimistic but I've gotta believe with they way they've been playing and lucky enough to make playoffs, they're definitely one and done or 3 and done.
  4. Gotta be better than who's running the ship now.
  5. LeCure, "reliance on the homerun ball." No hit from 4th inning on.
  6. Keep waiting for Iglasias to get better...........it just ain't hap'nin'. Unbelievable they lost this game. How the hell do the Redlegs have a better record, at the moment, than the "Buckos" I'll never know. (Said to my wife at bottom of 9th when they brought in Iglasias Redlegs would lose this game. She got on me about it.....I just looked over at her like Nostradamus.)
  7. Also, how's your walking ability? I have a lot of pain and still use a cane. Some days are good, some days are bad
  8. Hope your insurance covers it. Unfortunately mine will not.
  9. I usually stay away from Speedway, unless it's my only choice which hasn't happened that much the last few years. Had a favorite Shell station but it changed over to a Circle K and no longer sells Shell gas. I was also using a Velero station in another NKY area but it changed hands a few years after it had become Velero.
  10. I find that Greedway stations are consistently among the higher priced per gallon no matter where located.
  11. Greedways in NKY leave A LOT to be desired regarding cleanliness, stock, and price of gas (hell, price of anything). If there are NO other choices for gas and I'm on fumes, I might stop there.
  12. I think the reason it was not an option is because I had a good portion of the meniscus removed. It was torn beyond any repair and It does not regenerate. But I'll ask about it when I go back. Thanks for all the info.
  13. Hope you never do 4 Quarters. Just pay attention getting in and out of your shower if it's not a "walk-in". Thanks for responding though.
  14. Unfortunately, I was informed by my Doc my insurance, through state of KY, does not cover the gel knee injections. Doc told me $440+ per shot. So I'm basically stuck this way for now. I'm rather disappointed in the outcome. Thanks for the info.
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