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  1. We take a couple folding chairs, a little breakfast or lunch with us, find a beautiful spot up in the mountains with a view and just sit in our chairs for a while. Quite a few bears in the area while we were there so we were very careful with our food. You never want to leave half eaten food, food wrappers or even a gum wrapper in your car and go off on a trail.
  2. Came back from Smokies a couple of weeks ago. Seemed more crowded around the Gatlinburg - Pigeon Forge area than normal, we were there Mon-Fri (during the unofficial Spring Rod Run that had supposedly canceled yet the car exhibitors showed anyway). Excluding business staff and restaurant staff, I could count on one hand the number of folks walking around with masks. As far as "social distancing" was concerned, we didn't see much of it as it was darn near impossible to obtain it. My wife and I stayed away from the crowded areas, we mainly puttered around in the mountains and outskirts around G'Burg and PF. Of course washing hands and/or using a LOT of disinfecting wipes. The restaurants were all prepared for the extra disinfecting as we saw. Many times we had to wait a little longer for a dine-in table because they were being wiped down thoroughly. We just kind of used our common sense with regards to crowds. We still had a great relaxing time with no issues. I recently watched a Smokies vlogger who stated he had talked to G'Burg City officials and Sevier County officials which indicated to him this July 4th weekend is going to break area attendance records. Seems like folks are giving up on going to the beach and coming to G'Burg and PF.
  3. Fried Chicken Green beans Biscuits (However, mashed taters and gravy are my sub in case anyone in the starting lineup is unable to perform)
  4. This may have been covered in an earlier thread, if so my apologies, but will face shields be required for all players?
  5. Yup, growing we had milk and juice delivered to the house in glass bottles. We'd fill the empties up with water, put them in the fridge for that hot summer day. I can hear my mom yelling at me now, "Don't stand there drinking that ice water holding the refrigerator door open!" (Which we always did. We also were supposed to get a glass but we never did, just unscrewed the cap and drank out of the bottle)
  6. Big crinkle cut fries Frisch's used to sell. Guthrie's are close.
  7. I don't know. Guess I'll have to go out and get a mixed dozen for research.
  8. Eggs, bacon, oatmeal (to help keep the pipe from clogging up)
  9. I've been having to do this for a few months.
  10. Quite a few years ago went to a Redlegs game at Riverfront with a buddy, parked there as well. Got a little tanked at the game, well probably not a little, but anyway after game we couldn't find the car. We walked around for 2 hours, I'm not kidding. My buddy wanted to ask Cincy cops on duty to help us find it and I was aware enough to nix that idea for obvious reasons. When we finally found it, it was a few floors up all along, I have NO idea how we missed it.
  11. I assume that was pre-Covid 19? Had you went in to Mickie D's for a take-out order, you'd probably still be standing there waiting.
  12. I don't know if it's meaningless but I spent about 15+ minutes looking for my car at the grocery. Thinking my car was stolen I called my wife to get the insurance number when she told me, "You do realize you took MY car.....right?" I'm just glad I hadn't called the police first.
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