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  1. Refresh my memory, kid sits out first half of next Dixie game?
  2. We've always had a savory turkey gravy for our taters on Thanksgiving.
  3. Dixie to win, but NEVER underestimate an opponent. And I hope no injuries to either team.
  4. Didn't really have much interaction with Goldie but appreciated her entertaining and insightful posts. Most heartfelt sympathies to her family and friends, RIP Goldie.
  5. I know that most of my friends here on BGP will probably not agree with me here but that's OK because these are my opinions. I agree with you Mustang but we will be told we are dinosaurs and need to get out of the way. It bothers me to see things that I deem as disrespectful to the game or players that look like a bunch of slobs or concert goers out there playing. However, today's young players are very talented and flashy which is what sells now, individuality within the team. MLB really could care less about us dinosaurs, they want that younger crowd who spend the money. The days of team/
  6. Again, as I've posted in the past, I'm an equal opportunity consumer 'cause I like both. When it comes to these two items, I love New York style cheesecake (not that crazy "pudding style/jello" junk) which I don't get to have that often so it's always a treat when I do.
  7. Only time we watched cartoons was if the weather outside was prohibitive, which was hardly ever when we were kids.
  8. Ummm, I'm going to have to chew on this for a while. The new team logo is bad, hope they didn't pay much for it.
  9. This guy's already worn out his welcome with me. He's sooo over the top ("it's a long drive to deep center", when actually it's a routine fly well short of warning track) and constantly brown nosing Larkin. He explains mistakes or bonehead plays away as if it would have been superhuman to not come up with hit or make a defensive play. He's trying WAY too hard in my opinion. It just adds to the viewing frustration of this team's bullpen staff at times. You want to try and support your team mates but secretly I'd be pretty frustrated if I were a player watching that staff give up lead after
  10. Speaking of Hideous Exhibition of MLB Baseball, how 'bout those beer league softball unis worn at the All Star game? Yikes!!
  11. We used to get bread from what we called "day old bread place" (Pike St.-Cov). However it was a heck of a lot older than "day old". Oh, and the same bread doubled as hamburger buns also.
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