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  1. Second week of December last year I had partial meniscus removal surgery after a fall, in of all places, my shower. I still have pain, some stiffness at times, and cannot walk without the aid of a cane. The ortho surgeon also did some grinding on bone joints to remove some arthritis. I'm rather disappointed with my recovery especially not being able to walk any distance even with the cane. This has also aggravated my hip on same side as knee. Anyone have experience dealing with this type of surgery? Will this ever get any better? And yes, I did go to the amount of rehab visits permitted by my insurance.
  2. Heard on radio program this morning his test result was negative.
  3. I'd like to get South. Mountain South.
  4. About 4.5. Actively trying to get a lot farther away though.
  5. #4 mustard for me, just don't like the taste of it on stuff.
  6. Well, in my experience, it all comes down to whether or not you want to be "plugged up" or "free flowing". 😎
  7. I've noticed that WalMart's online pricing of items is now among the highest.
  8. I'm to the point now with this that no human or group of humans need to be chosen as a team mascot.
  9. Showed up first time in a borrowed 1969 Super Beetle and the state trooper failed the car before I could do anything because he said something was missing from the tailpipe (I just think he didn't want me to take it in such a small car). About a week later I showed up in a 1970 Mercury Montego and passed with flying colors.
  10. Creek for me. I love the mountains.
  11. I voted cheeseburger as well, but I'd never kick some cheese coneys to the curb....ever.
  12. OK, got it. That works (Activity to My Activity to Unread Content). Thanks Guru. Checked it again. Actually all I have to do is click on Activity and then Unread Content to get the NEW stuff.
  13. These may have been addressed but I just can't find it, do we no longer have the general "New" button. Also, didn't we have another button at the bottom of a page to take us to the "top"?
  14. I'k sure you are right.
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