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  1. I read on twitter earlier this evening that he received an offer from Lipscomb. Must be out of the loop cause this confused me, I thought he went to Bellarmine. I am assuming he left and is now doing what, prep, juco? Assuming this offer is for 2019-2020 or is it 2018-2019?
  2. if I new what, why did I ask what? I just looked up his twitter after we was commenting to see if he had posted anything. Hasn't in the last week.
  3. Coach Kipness must have got out within the last week, this pic was posted on his twitter sept 9 with coaches from Evansville, WAZZU and Colorado
  4. Who are the money guys, I was always under the impression the money guys were the Coaches father and Pitino. The coaches father and Pitino own horses together etc. The coach of Aspire used to be a manager under Pitino.
  5. Jaileyah Cotton from Bardstown High School is one of the top 5-10 freshman in the state. She averaged 9.8 points per game as an 8th grader last year.
  6. For sure have the most talent in the region and it isn't going to change in the near future, their middle and school and incoming freshman classes are loaded as well. Clark County will win 2-4 of the next 7 regions.
  7. Bowling Green - sophomore Safety and Running Back Projected safety in college
  8. Huntington, WV product coming to Paintsville according to David and Darryl Show. Pictured below with Brady Dingess who transferred to Paintsville this season from Sheldon Clark
  9. Everyody states those rumors about everyone held back, same rumor will be started on Collin Porter at Elliott County when he becomes a senior as well. Not sure of Korbin Spencer age but he will turn 19 sometime after August 1st this year so he is eligible.
  10. Not correct, can't transfer back from a prep school and be automatically eligible because you coming from a non member school. See Trace Young from Huntington Prep and the kid who went back to Waggener from Findlay Prep after a year. However the difference between those two and Spencer is, Spencer is going to his home school. Young not sure what his home school was he played at Ohio County, Apollo, Huntington, Cordia and finished at North Hardin. The kid at Waggener, his home school wasn't Waggener even though that is where he went as a freshman before transferring his home school
  11. Newton will have Webster County competitve in every game.
  12. Correct, but if the sending school does contest in anyway stating recruitment or something else then 99 out of 100 they are ruled ineligible until an appeal is heard.
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