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  1. Jaileyah Cotton from Bardstown High School definitely! One of the best if not the best out there in the class. She put up big numbers all season long, and Bardstown played the best of best last season ,one game specifically, Cotton went for 38 points and her team got the win against Sacred Heart! I would also go with .... Amaya Jenkins-Anderson Co. JAYA McClure- LCA Amaya Asher - Central (Louisville) Kennedy Lee- Dupont Manual Emma Eagan- Bullit East Gracie Merkle - Bullit East and Josie Gilvin - Sacred heart.... that would be my 7.... they're quite of f
  2. Who are your top 7 front runner for Miss Kentucky basketball this upcoming season! This 2022' class is pretty solid. Great Ball players in this class.
  3. This is one of the most anticipated match up this season in the 5th Region!! The gym will be packed wall to wall.
  4. Haven Ford -Rowan & Timberlynn Yeast -Mercer Co. And Zavi from Elizabethtown hands down!! Haven Ford had 35 pts 19 Reb and 11 steals against East Carter the other night...
  5. Mercy visiting them Bardstown Lady Tigers... Any predictions on this game? #Highly rank Mercy will be heading to Bardstown,KY tomorrow for a matchup against them Bardstown Lady Tigers. Mercy a very good ball club! Even though Bardstown not rank in the top 25.. They are known for upsetting great quality teams. They played Mercy in the summer league and came out with the win! Even though Bardstown the underdog.Don't sleep on them,especially at home!
  6. Yes, Ellie Taylor.... I believe she just recently signed to play for NKU! Congrats to the young lady! Wish her nothing but the best!
  7. I heard that too... I think they got a "big" from Taylorsville. I heard She's a pretty solid player.. And they got another transfer who is around 6ft1. Real nice addition for them. They should be pretty tough this year!
  8. Jaileyah Cotton-Bardstown Ameila Hodges -Bethlehem Whitney Hay-Elizabethtown Kadence Walls-Bardstown Macy Runner-Nelson Co. (Not in order)
  9. Macy Runner out of Nelson Co. will be a freshmen this year.... She's already one heck of a ball player... She's only going to get better!
  10. Macy Runner out of Nelson Co.. A straight up sharp shooter. The thing is she doesn't even know how good she is right now... Even though she's a freshmen ..love to see her take that leadership role t Nelson Co. Nelson Co. Is a very ,very young ball club... But Runner will do big things. For the Lady Cards.
  11. Tinberlynn Yeast is a beast! Quick... Can get to the basket...can play both sides of the floor... Super Athletic ! Very fun to watch...You'll be hearing that name a lot in the next few years!
  12. Jaileyah Cotton-Bardstown Amaya Asher-Central (Louisville,KY) Jaya McClure-Cal Tyra Flowers-GRC Cassidy Rowe-Shelby Valley
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