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  1. I will re-phrase: What would it take to cause a Western Kentucky voter (and there plenty of them) to vote for a small-school kid with no major college offers nor a lot of hype for Mr. Football? This isn't about most deserving or best stats (Nick Bohn set the national record for a big school and a strength of schedule that dwarfs ones played this year and was a mere afterthought). It's about who the voters are and where they come from. Given that, how would you sway these voters who you desperately need on your side?
  2. As I have said before, Mr. Football voting is done by the statewide Associated Press members and not by coaches or a panel. Northern Kentucky has 2 total votes that I know of -- and there's zero guarantee NKY voters promote/nominate Hergott over Jacob. Mayer was a different beast last year. Two-way star. Bigger school. D1 offers galore. If I had to guess some of the votes: *Elizabethtown (Wright then Games) *Somerset (Sharon first, Sloan a second-place vote; maybe Tristan Cox) *Frankfort (Broyles) *KPG (Long) *Lexington (Burton or Crowdus) *Danville (Gillis) *Ashland (Pittman, Preston, Cline) *Louisville (McElroy, Jack Dingle, Eli Blakey, Charlie Ely) *Bowling Green (Jordan Dingle or Dunn) *Hopkinsville (Reece Jesse) *Owensboro (Parker Bates or Treyvon Tinsley; Wimsatt is 2022 class) I'm not sure who lists Hergott second or if he could carry undecided Western Kentucky. I think Burton or Sharon takes some of the WKY votes.
  3. They haven't announced the seedings. RPI could change. They are showing virtual outcomes based on latest RPI Most districts' playoff seedings aren't completely listed or finalized: https://khsaa.org/2020-football-district-standings/
  4. So this link just went up: https://khsaa.org/tie-breaking-game-results-non-played-2020-district-football-contests/ It uses up-to-date RPI for virtual games to be applied to district seedings/standings. For example, Scott County and Douglass did not play. Scott County currently has higher RPI. So for their scheduled meeting, Scott County will get a win in district standings and Douglass will get a loss. Notes: 1) Non-played virtual RPI outcomes do NOT count toward KHSAA scoreboard or overall final record 2) RPIs could change based on this week's games (and removal of games toward strength of schedule) 3) There were 61 non-played district games which would use this method to determine winners and losers for district standings Notable "virtual outcomes": *Shawnee would get a "virtual district seeding" win over Owen. *Manual would be credited with win over St. Xavier *Scott County would be credited with win over Frederick Douglass *DeSales would be credited with losses to both CAL and Mercer *Knox Central would be credited with a win over Wayne
  5. Outside of Kentucky Enquirer (who could nominate and vote for Jacob), who among this group votes for Hergott: The Daily Independent, Ashland Daily News, Bowling Green Kentucky Enquirer, Cincinnati Times-Tribune, Corbin The News-Enterprise, Elizabethtown KPG Football, Owensboro Daily Enterprise, Harlan The Gleaner, Henderson Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington Courier-Journal, Louisville The Mayfield Messenger, Mayfield The Ledger Independent, Maysville Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer, Owensboro The Paducah Sun, Paducah WKYX, Paducah Do people forget the same people who vote on the AP poll they rip on are also the Mr. Football selectors?
  6. Elizabethtown also has larger John Hardin next week. Winning record plus larger-class bonus.
  7. HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL 🏈 Elizabethtown leads at Bardstown midway thru 3Q, 33-0. EHS QB Clay Games has passed for 3 TDs, ran for 1 TD. E'town's Camden Williams has 2 INTs. E'town's Cam McNeil has 1 rushing TD and 1 receiving TD
  8. I've seen video. Good player. Should make a college very happy. You do realize most of the voters are NOT going to have seen him play, right? Because Beechwood has made so many trips to Louisville or the mountains or Lexington or the Purchase. 99 percent of high school players are NOT the elite of the elite. And no small feat being a very good high school player -- which he definitely is. I just have yet to see how he is pulling away when we have kids from bigger schools with better records with similar stats and better offers. How is he "pulling away" and would you convince a non NKY person of that?
  9. Would be a heck of a schedule switch in 2020 for North Hardin. Add Frederick Douglass, Belfry, South Warren and X? Yeesh.
  10. I'm trying to figure out why we're pushing him. He has the accuracy going for him. Not the most mobile QB (see Belfry or Henderson). Not the most TDs or best TD/Int (see Brady Clark of Bardstown, whose numbers are nuts for an unbeaten team from a bigger school). Not the most passing yards per game (Broyles of Franklin would dwarf him if played same amount of games). Not the best record or biggest school or toughest schedule (Another QB close by, Jacob, has him beat in all 3). As far as SOS? You all didn't seem to think that highly of Ryle or Dixie Heights when 1-3 and just blasted by 30 Fern Creek jumped them in 6A rankings. Not the best college offers, even if just limited to senior QBs. Yet, somehow his combination is a frontrunner and pulling away? You think anyone West of 75 believes that? I have no problem with him getting all-state votes. I have no problem with him being KFCA Class Mr. Football. But elite of the elite? Sorry, can't get there.
  11. So a kid from a multiple-loss small school who is not in top 10 in QB rating, has a SOS rating over 40 and doesn't have many major offers is the Mr. Football FRONTRUNNER? And he is pulling away? This is the only site that is championing this possibility. You all really need to look up Nick Bohn and see how Hergott stacks up. And Bohn had no shot at Mr. Football. You all think Hergott is accurate? Bohn set the freaking national record. And did it against a schedule that blows Beechwood to oblivion. And again, he had no shot.
  12. Seeding based on RPI is horrible. North Hardin had a better RPI than Trinity last season. Guess Trinity upset North Hardin? And KHSAA RPI for volleyball has Sacred Heart at ... 27th. Sure. Sounds realistic.
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