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  1. Most folks will agree with you. Trinity currently is the team who’s level is above everyone else. Nether-less I believe it can be done. Skill wise they could compete right now besides Trinity this year. They really had a special team even for their standards. Upfront is where there’s a big gap for both county and Hoptown. Both schools don’t get the big country kids they use to. Their either into hunting/working or have join FFA. It’s pretty big here. If the new school (if it happens) can get 8-12 hard nose kids with grit who don’t mind putting their hands on the ground I think they could compete with the Louisville big boys. Just for conversation I like the name of Edward Casey high school. Think that’s a cool name.
  2. Pretty sure none of the above have applied.
  3. Disagree. Football: Hoptown has been to the state championship three times winning two. Late 90’s early 2000’s were an elite team. Gave Boyle county all they wanted and could have easily won couple of those games. Still playing good football here recently. Christian County has been to the state championship 4 times wining two. They are the only school outside Louisville to win the title in the biggest classification more than once (4A at that time). Not long ago they were one of the elites n WKY. Basketball: Both Hoptown and County have won state championships and have made multiple appearances in the state title games. Baseball: County has won a state championship and had a run where they were one of the better teams n the state. Wrestling: Great history here. Both programs have won state championships and many individual championships. Christian is still one of the elites in the state and should keep getting better. Softball: Christian is one of the better programs in state history with multiple state championships.
  4. I worry about when a player gets the virus will there be a panic effect? It's going to happen just hope the district or the school don't overreact. Will the entire team be in quarantine? In Kentucky there has been 0 deaths from ages 9-25.
  5. Don’t know about mayfield at 7? They have a very talented upcoming junior class. Guess they do need to find a QB lost a good one for sure. Is McCrancken that loaded? They seem to have limp at the end of the season.
  6. I don’t think it’s looking good for the home team here. School’s won’t have enough funds to test players weekly like the pro’s will do when they get the go ahead. I think the best scenario will be half season maybe district games only. Each state we have to make the decision. It will be interesting to see what happens if one state says no but a border state gets to go ahead and play. I hoping Global warming kicks in and we have a very humid summer lol.
  7. Frustrating to watch Louisville lose again to Kentucky. We must have a curse or something put on us against them. Louisville’s weakness at PG actually played well enough to win. Louisville’s All-American Jordan was a no show today. Didn’t want the ball, didn’t block out, didn’t move with a purpose, just didn’t want it bad enough. Played hisself out of the lottery. Thought Williams played to many minutes in overtime over Enoch. Four fouls or not he didn’t play half the time in overtime. Oh well guess I have to live with this for another year maybe next year at the birdcage we can get them.
  8. Louisville has trouble at the PG position. It's been our problem all early season and it cost us this game. Can't beat the man guarding them. Maybe start Kimble but he's struggling to beat his man too. Got a really good team but to go far in the dance you have to have great play at the point. Like to see Jordan play at spots at the point.
  9. Mayfield had trouble covering the old wheel route that last series. Man that has to be hard pill to shallow.
  10. I agree football has been down in wky for sometime now. I think the skill athletes are good as ever but upfront is where I see the drop off. Just don't see as many D1 linemen or don't see a team where there are 3 to 4 really good linemen on it like I use to see. As far as BG I have to say their part of western ky because that's where WKY university is. That's like saying Richmond is not part of Eastern Kentucky.
  11. I agree on Boyle on a different level than the rest of the field not sure I would be put Johnson with them. I think Madisonville has a good shot to win this game. Their QB #10 makes them a different team from the past couple of years. More balance and more grit. Should be a great game.
  12. 7- Simon Kenton 4- NCC 3- Male 3- Desales 1- FS 1- Paintsville 1- Johnson C 1- Belfry 1- BG 1- Central TB 55
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