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  1. Loved it! Seeing him put the entitled Bama fans in check was classic!!
  2. Having played in college ball in Idaho I've seen this first hand lol! Between the weather and my viewing of 8-man football nothing will ever be a shocker to me coming out of Idaho.
  3. Cooper had to be run oriented after losing their QB early in the year. Should be more balanced this year with the return of their starting QB. They will be young but should be interesting to see the development of the strong younger class.
  4. Congrats to Cooper who has been, like many others, severely impacted by Covid. While not a scoring fest by either team, only giving up 28 points is a positive and staple for the Jags who has traditionally had a stingy defense.
  5. Looking forward to seeing the Jags playing most, or maybe even all, of their games on turf. They were long overdue for having their home games on a great surface. Will be a huge benefit for practices as well.
  6. Congratulations to Cam and he is a heck of a player that’s for sure. Unfortunately for him, and for many great D1 athletes, NKY “can be” a liability in getting significant looks by bigger schools. Too many times stop in Cincinnati and pass right through NKY headed to Lexington and Louisville. I would tend to think if he were at a school in Lex or the Ville he most likely would have had at least 1 D1 offer, just my opinion. Of course the Covid situation did not help one bit either as all players got the option to return for another year. Everyone’s path is different and I wish him nothing bu
  7. I don't think the last part will be an issue. As the phrase goes, "It's not personal, it's strictly business". I think everyone will agree that NKY and KY football is better when HHS is competitive and whoever gets the job, if and when that happens, will know that expectation but the main thing is that there is more parity in the region than in years past.
  8. FINALLY! How/why his name got dropped in from this perspective was a head scratcher to begin with.
  9. As you continue to prove my point. The current HHS coach is still there so really not even sure why someone would bring Coach B. into the discussion and yep, Cooper has been outmanned for the last several years but they seem to be moving in the right direction, as evident Friday, and beating Ryle and/or Dixie are very possible and I'll venture to say they will finish .500 at worst especially if they end up the 2 seed in the district. Frankly, with what Cooper has in the pipeline the Jags should be in very good shape and getting the long overdue turf will be a plus for the Cooper coach especi
  10. This is too funny. HHS has a coach currently but yet the dialogue shifts to talking down about the coach that laid the beat down on HHS and was supposed to get “boat raced” by 3 or more TDs? It would appear to me that one would at least wait until there is a vacancy before putting candidates up for consideration but certainly Borchers might be a worthy candidate IMO vs what is taking place right now if that is what he has interest in. The Jags were obviously outmanned Friday night but certainly weren’t outcoached. My suggestion to the Bird faithful would be to let it play out but like I’ve
  11. Check and didn’t see it previously. Based on last night I believe Cooper would be at the top of that tie-breaker. The earlier post showing RPI I hope did not include last nights game.
  12. If memory serves me correctly, Cooper had this problem in their 2012 State Championship runner-up season. Unless the rules have changed, the tie-breaker then was you counted the total wins of your opponents excluding the results of one another. Cooper ended up 3rd and went on the road for every game in the playoffs to BG. Not sure if the rules have changed.
  13. What amazes me is Lee does this late in the 4th qtr after virtually playing the entire game. He, like most of the Jags, plays both ways and for Lee to make this run after handling every snap on offense and playing every snap on defense plus kickoff and kickoff return is truly special. Most don’t fully realize all he has been asked to do since his freshman year.
  14. Anyway, back to the game. Anyone happen to have the rushing stats for the game. Curious to see how many yards Lee and Wright ended up with? Great job popping those two loose as they don't need much room to break free.
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