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  1. While there may be some truth to your comments, I do not agree that there is a substantial gap in talent level between NKY, Lexington, and Louisville. If some of the higher level NKY talent played for a school in a larger metro area I would venture to say that those players would be receiving looks from larger schools. Contrary to some belief, exposure plays a significant part in recruiting and while there NKY doesn't have year in and year out high level D1 players, there are several that get passed over simply because of location and it's not always not tall enough, fast enough or whatever. To bring it back to the thread, this is true in Rulli's case. The young man, who's only 16, would have been one of the best linemen in the state for his senior season but going to Taft will provide him not only an additional year of development, it will give him some major D1 exposure as there is an abundance of big schools that come through on a regular basis. He will land somewhere some where big in '22 I am sure of that.
  2. Excellent decision for the young man and the '21 class at OSU is gearing up to be the best class in the history of Buckeye football. Defensively, if a player is a DB or D-lineman OSU should be on most, if not all, highly rated players list as Coach Coombs and Coach Johnson are clearly two of the top developmental coaches in the country, but hey I'm strongly biased. Happy to see another Ky player land in the Power 5! Congrats to Jantzen and welcome to Buckeye Nation!
  3. Just my opinion. For whatever reason, NKY is simply not recruited heavily as Cincy, Lexington and Louisville even though there is talent in the area. It may not be in abundance year in and year out as the bigger areas but there are some diamonds in the rough that sometimes get overlooked. Getting that extra exposure somewhere else sometimes proves beneficial.
  4. While a big blow for the Jags, this is a great opportunity for Dominic. This move will certainly help with his overall development especially since he would have been a young senior this coming season plus get him some additionally exposure from a recruiting standpoint. Best of luck to Dominic and Cooper in filling a big hole in their O/D-lines but I'm sure Coach Borchers will find the "next man up".
  5. Yes I was informed of that yesterday. Excellent opportunity for him and by re-classifying for 2022 he will have 2 years of competition there giving an extra year of development and broader exposure to some Power 5 schools. Worked out well for his former Cooper teammate Michael Spencer who attended the same school and landed at Vanderbilt.
  6. Congratulations to Cooper’s Dominic Rulli on picking up his first D1 offer from Morehead State yesterday. There will be more to come I am sure of that as he is one of the hardest working linemen I’ve ever seen.
  7. I'll take that first team in a heartbeat! Can only imagine how many titles Holmes would have had Hatton stayed and became a Bulldog....just saying.
  8. Looks like a good addition and glad the search and selection included candidates not from KY . Welcome to KY and good luck!
  9. WOW! I am shocked! Having some epic battles with AC during our Cooper road playoff runs in '12, '13' and '14 I always respected and appreciated the AC program. Their players always played hard in those games and their staff was always supportive of our team when we arrived and went above and beyond when our QB was seriously hurt in the '13 game. Don't know Coach Peach personally or what took place but I feel this may be a big loss for the AC program.
  10. Rulli is possibly the most “Under the Radar” O-lineman in the entire state. Excellent footwork and works his tail off snapping the ball precisely while putting his body in the right position effectively on nearly every play. 15 more lbs. and an excellent senior season he should see several offers come in if not before the season starts. Oh yeah, he’s only 16.
  11. With TMU and most NAIA schools there is a pot of money and that money is divided up (not equally) by the head coach and probably most likely by how much the player will be able to contribute on the field. If the player is being recruited by the school, you can best believe they are going to allocate some of that pot to that player, even if it's only a couple thousand dollars. @rjs4470 is primarily correct in that most of these schools recruit for enrollment which you can see from several football rosters with some reaching well over 100 players and just like every college football team, you better come ready to compete for playing time because regardless of the level; D1, D2, NAIA, or D3 everyone is good and these guys are not in high school anymore and TMU is in a very tough conference as the Mid-South is like the SEC of NAIA football, or at least it used to be. Good luck to all players at all levels in pursuing a dream to play at the next level because it's a sacrifice in so many ways but most importantly good luck to all of them in getting that degree!
  12. Congrats to Conner and a big congrats to Coach Sully on his coaching job. Jags just have a culture of pulling together even when they don’t have any big time stars as in the past. Good luck to both teams at regionals.
  13. @CooperFootball is reporting that the turf for all will go in after the 2020 season is complete in time for the 2021 season for all 4 school from the BC BOE.
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