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  1. Just an update, Tristan Cox committed to Purdue this week. Huge win for Purdue! Coach Brohm pulled another out of KY
  2. I fully expected a response like the one provided by Futurecoach. I asked a simple question, “so what is the answer for Cooper?” The answer provided is basically turnovers happen (detailed account) and time will fix the program just like other schools and fans shouldn’t have an opinion. Fair enough, but I disagree. My post was asking a question. It wasn’t calling out or challenging anyone or any coach. It was asking what is the answer to get Cooper back to its successful times as precisely detailed out weeks ago by Futurecoach. My post was making a point that Cooper has talent. No question about it. The young QB, young receivers, a talented lineman and many more possible contributors. Websites like this are designed for discussions. Asking questions, sharing ideas with other members is the whole concept. Let’s be clear, I made no mention of making changes. Futurecoach, you assumed that. I asked simply what is next to get this program - that we agree has talent - to the next level. I hope there arent active coaches trolling this website. There would be no benefit for it.
  3. Great win for Conner. Keep it rolling. Time to prepare for next week. This is why the game is played... Get a win in Park Hills.
  4. Congratulations to Cov Cath. As expected they came prepared and it appears they weren't looking past Cooper. They took care of their business. It's win or go home time. I saw a few positive things for Cooper during the game. I believe there is talent on this team. As the past few weeks, Cooper turnovers cause the problem. The outcome of too many games this year have been impacted by turnovers and even worse allowing them to continue. However, I believe the problems run deeper. Turnovers are due to issues with execution. Execution issues are due to bigger problems. Today's player might be different than the players in the past. It is a different time. However, todays players are no different than any other program playing today! I struggle believing the players in Union are different than the players in Hebron, Park Hills, Fort Thomas, Cincinnati, Lexington, etc. So what is the answer? I am sure there are many programs asking the same question this morning. So again, what is the answer for Cooper?
  5. I agree there was sarcasm. I also believe there is some truth in sarcasm. Add that to actually hearing similar things coming out of people within the program. Just find it to be revealing. The playoff game is all that matters right now. The players and coaches need to get this bye week in, heal and re-focus on the task at hand.
  6. Oldercoach, I agree. Coaches do deserve a "heartfelt thankyou." Coaches dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to the craft for little to no compensation. However, I never met a coach worth his/her salt concerned with the compansation. Teaching, mentoring and building a program is usually enough compensation to keep moving forward. The players are the output. How they prepare for the game, play the game and work on the next week or season. Again I will say it, the work ethic and personality of the team is a direct reflection of the coach or coaches. Its the culture. You reap what you sow. In a previous post in this thread the following statement was made... "People in the stands teach you the game", or "Youth football coaches lead the way". You know something where high school coaches can go to and learn the right way to coach from these people. This is concerning because this has been overheard being said by people in the program. I certainly hope there is no coach trolling this website looking to see what people are saying but I cant help but think it is happening. What is the benefit? How does it help the program or the culture? The idea that this is a Cooper, Ryle etc thing only might be true because the Cov Caths and other "PROGRAMS" might actually deal with it differently. They might engage the entire community and not just the people that they control - the players. Friday is over. Its in the rear view mirror. Need to be looking ahead to the playoff game. Its win or go home time. Gut check time. Go Jags.
  7. wow... I certainly hope no high school football coach spends a minute of their time trolling forums to see what people are saying, especially minutes after the game. Comments from fans (parents, etc at this level) are part of the territory. Don't waste your time. I am certain there is plenty to do.
  8. I fully expected a comment like this one. Not even remotely surprised. It appears someone is trying to take a "dig" at Cooper. Intimidated? No chance. The Highlands team is good but certainly not the Highlands team from the past. If Cooper played Cov Cath last night I would almost entertain "intimidation," but not the case. You could almost make the same argument about Highlands possibly being intimidated by Cooper. Huge game last week and then go to Union and sneak by with a 1 score game? If you look back to last weeks Highlands/Cov Cath thread (and weeks before in other threads) it appears there is trouble in paradise. Clean your own house before you comment on someone else's house. Cooper did not protect the ball - again. Period. They put themselves in a position to play from behind. That is never a good place to be especially if you took care of things all night. Good time for a bye week. Regroup, learn from it. Its playoff season now. I hope you won your pumpkin contest.
  9. Cooper players battled. They played hard and should have walked away with the win. Take care of the ball. One of the only games that they put together consistent offensive drives. Moved the chains more tonight then they have all year. Defense was good. A couple plays that they wish they had back, but overall was good. The bottom line is Cooper needs to win games like this. District games and local rivalries are games we need to know how to win. Period. 3 loses to Conner in two seasons. Highlands and Ryle, are games that need to be won. Conner, Highlands, and Ryle do not have any more talent than Cooper. It could be argued there is more talent on Cooper in more positions than most teams in the area. This needs addressed. Too much talent and hard work to continually walk away from rival games with another loss.
  10. No idea what they are doing with Lee. Run, pass, catch...who knows. From what I have seen, there is plenty of depth on Cooper. Cooper D isn't too bad either... that point may have been missed. Play the game...
  11. Just reading through this thread...wow. There are some very confident Highlands fans. That's good, look past the Jags.
  12. Congrats to Cooper Football. They took care of their business Friday night. Good to see some guys getting opportunities and making the most of it. Cooper was too much to handle. Highlands up next. This has the makings to be a real war. I’m sure Highlands is feeling confident after holding Cov Cath to 13 points. Four practices to prepare.
  13. Not sure I agree with "should be an easy one for Cooper. Cooper with a running clock." This is a big game for both teams. Don't sleep on Boone. Cooper has to play hard and forget who the opponent is. Play Cooper football.
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