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  1. The dead period is good for everyone, players, coaches and families. Most programs begin in January with strength and conditioning then spring ball so that’s nearly 5 months straight. That 3-4 weeks off is like gold for everyone to re-charge not only physically but more important mentally because burnout is real. Everyone needs to get away from everyone, players can work out on their own and the families of not only the players but the coaches can realize that much needed connection time. July will be here before you know it and the energy levels for all will be up because the grind is real and it’s long season.
  2. Cooper DE/TE Austin Alexander (2025) will be a significant factor for the Jaguars. Austin just picked up his first P5 offer from Maryland this week.
  3. Congratulations to Austin who picked up his first P5 offer yesterday from the University of Maryland. I’m sure there will be more to come for this 2025 Jaguar.
  4. Would not be surprised on bit if he lands at UC. I believe dad is a UC grad who played baseball there if I am not mistaken.
  5. Excellent hire! Eric, Jr. is an alum of Scott and has done an exceptional job as director/coach of the NKY Tarheels/KY Select AAU program for several years so this is great to see him get an opportunity at his former high school! Best of luck Coach Pouncy!!
  6. That is one heck of an idea IMO! Why not?!!
  7. Being born and raised in Columbus I can say this is HUGE for Buckeye Nation! Sean will be a big addition to help make up for the scoring lost by Liddell and Branham. Been a long time since the Bucks have had a pure shooter like Sean and I’m hoping he helps get them another BIG championship and deeper run in the tourney!! Good luck Sean! O-H-I-O Go Bucks!!
  8. Per his Twitter, Sean has committed to THE Ohio State Buckeyes!! Congrats to Sean and continued success for his final year of college basketball!
  9. Too funny. Never said a word about Hugs not being able to coach. You obviously have some other bone to pick, so have that debate with yourself. I know what I know in detail and as I said, Sean will be just fine at whatever school he decides to choose.
  10. Shooting the 3 is his game but when it is an afterthought in the offense he was playing at WV it wasn't beneficial. If you watched enough of WV basketball this season, especially during the 13 game losing streak, you saw the ball be placed in Taz Sherman's hands and everyone else get out of the way or go get his rebounds. Doesn't matter at this point, IMO he'll be in a much better situation with some structured offense regardless of where he lands.
  11. Yes it is an impressive list and IMO will utilize his skillsets much better than WV did.
  12. No dog in the fight whatsoever but at the end of the day, does it really matter why he left? The young man is gone, he will be fine, CCH will be fine, leave it at that. The 9th is going to be competitive next season regardless if the young man was there or not. There are several good teams that will be vying to take this region next year.
  13. Just my opinion but I don’t think Oscar returns next year. No reason to not head to the NBA.
  14. Sean is not a bench player and his opportunities will be much greater at other, and some will argue, better programs given the current state in Lexington. He’s proven himself and played against some of the best players in the country and more than held his own. He’ll land solidly no doubt.
  15. In addition to WVU, Sean had offers from Texas Tech, Ole Miss, WKU and Dayton coming out of Sinclair. I simply brought UK from the standpoint of him loving the school growing up, it's irrelevant at this point. The young man is creating his own path and writing his own story which is truly remarkable. And yes, he will have excellent opportunities for him to capitalize in both areas.
  16. Good luck to Ellis. Those young men at Fern Creek better pack their lunch for some serious brutally honest coaching!
  17. Just my opinion after watching over 20 WV games this year, there was no set offense being ran and certainly nothing specific for Sean's talents. There was a lot of give the ball to Taz Sherman and everyone else get out of the way. Just thought they could have been more successful if there had been more of a team concept being ran for multiple players especially when they had a 15 game losing streak late season.
  18. I would agree but I will also add that UK passed on Sean out of HS and again out of Sinclair when they clearly had the chance to nab him so while there was a time when he probably would have walked to Lexington I believe there are much better places for his talents.
  19. No disrespect to Bellarmine but there's not a chance he lands there. Already has several high major offers and will land someplace extremely beneficial to his talents as a marksman!
  20. Nice write up. The 9th will be loaded again next year. With the to. With the amount of youth thar was shown at Newport and Lloyd the the depth that returns at CCH and Cooper, who only had 2 Srs on the team, and others the region will be extremely competitive.
  21. My thoughts exactly…. Great accomplishment no doubt but with the talent they have year in and year out this is no surprise.
  22. Absolutely amazing how not playing a team 1 year equates to “ducking” at team! Cooper has played CCH nearly every year of there short 13 year existence but they don’t match up this year and suddenly their scared, hilarious because if you know coach Sully you would understand he’s not scare of ANY team. There are reasons it just didn’t work out this year, so be it, but the Jags clearly showed that despite being outmanned and expected to lose by 20+, they came out and fought and for 3 qtrs they were primed to possibly pull off the upset. CCH played stiff defense in the 4th qtr, made their free throws and the Jags offense couldn’t score and while there are no moral victories they were able to hold one of the best, high powered teams in the state to their lowest point total of the year. CCH won the game and kudos to them, move on.
  23. Congrats to Coach Holthaus and the Lady Jags! History continues to be made! Good luck and keep playing together and bring it home!
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