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NKY Girls Basketball Top 10 (1/30)

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That was a GREAT week of basketball, especially with the All A going on in Richmond (congrats Holy Cross, that was a very impressive last two wins over very good opponents) and the LIT in Louisville (nice run Cooper!).  This week we have some spot deciding games on the horizon, namely, tomorrow night, with Holy Cross and Ryle.  I feel like teams that make a run in the All A always have a bit of a let-down, which is REALLY bad timing for Holy Cross as they get a Ryle team that is coming off a game that I'm sure they'd like to forget...especially the margin of the defeat to a good, not great, Russell team.  Without further ado, here is this week's Top 10 (and others):

1.  Cooper (17-3) -- 2-1 last week with a loss vs Manual on a neutral court.

2.  Holy Cross (21-5) -- 4-0 last week and won the All A Classic at EKU.

3.  Ryle (17-7) -- 1-1 last week with a loss at Russell.

4.  Dixie (18-6) -- 3-0 last week.

5.  Notre Dame (12-6) -- 1-0 last week.

6.  Conner (14-6) -- 2-0 last week.

7.  Highlands (16-7) -- 1-1 last week with a loss at home vs Conner.

8.  Bishop Brossart (18-6) -- 2-1 last week with a loss at the All A Classic at EKU vs eventual runner-up Bethlehem.

9.  Pendleton County (14-6) -- 2-0 last week.

10.  NewCath (13-8) -- 3-0 last week.


*  St. Henry (11-9) -- 1-1 last week with a loss at Conner.

*  Grant County (14-9) -- 1-1 last week with a loss at Dixie.

*  Scott (11-9) -- 2-1 last week with a loss at St. Henry.

*  Simon Kenton (11-10) -- 1-1 last week with a loss at Anderson County.

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14 minutes ago, Baseball Nut 24 said:

Holy Cross at Ryle has been cancelled. With the deep run in the All "A" they will need to cancel a few games. They are 21-5 so can only play 4 more.

Thanks Nut, didn't know that, and when I talked to a Ryle dad this morning he certainly didn't know it either!  

May I assume their home game with NewCath, whom they already beat, will be the other casualty?

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I probably should have said the Ryle game is most likely to be cancelled after playing the 4 games in the All A. That was my fault. We have all been in Richmond for the last 5 days so obviously had other things on our minds.

I don't want to guess which other ones as I have not heard yet but the NCC game could be as well I'm not sure.

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From the scoreboard, Ryle and NCC were cancelled.  I know the girls were looking forward to playing Ryle, but it makes sense to cancel that one given the timing.  The four games left are Walton which is being played at the gym Hoosiers was shot it on Sat, Brossart (senior night), Louisville Mercy and end the season at SK. 

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