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  1. Well, yeah. We are trending towards an NFL light with two conferences. Winners of the respective conferences play in the College Bowl.
  2. They were stacked. However, Colorado had the great equalizer in Patrick Roy, which he oddly wasn't mentioned the first half hour of the program. That's like watching a documentary of the Big Red Machine and neglecting to talk about Johnny Bench.
  3. Watched the first 30 minutes last night and I'm all in. I watched a decent amount of hockey in the '90s, obviously rooting for the Red Wings because of my connection. You forget how much of a goon Claude Lemiuex was.
  4. I have this recorded but have yet to watch it. My first cousin's husband was the team photographer for the Red Wings when this rivalry was at its peak. Not sure to what extent, but he was apparently featured in the E:60 program. Fun fact. Most know when a team wins the Stanley Cup (coolest trophy in sports), it rotates amongst the winning team the year thereafter. Apparently this extends to not just players, but other support staff of the organization. In short, my cousin's family got to keep the Stanley Cup for however long you get it for. Talk about a cool Christmas photo!
  5. I'm terrible at committing to read, so I made it a goal in June to read a book. Wrapped up Sapiens this past weekend. Challenging read (for me, at least) but glad I plowed through it.
  6. And I would agree. Going into the playoffs I would have put the Warriors as the fifth best team, at best. I think many forget they started 18-2 and looked like "the Warriors." It took a bit to get Klay back into the fold. Love that dude, seems like a genuine guy. Kerr was tremendous all series and pressed the right buttons at the right time.
  7. He was downright bad. I give most credit to Wiggins for that, but whoof. His decision making was bad and he got into his own head. Boston desperately needed a floor general. Marcus Smart is the defensive player of the year... and rightfully so. I think he is maximizing his offensive game, but it is hard to see him being the lead PG on a title team.
  8. "Team" is the operative word here. Going into the series I think most people would have ranked the players like this: 1. Steph 2. Tatum 3. Brown 4. Smart 5. Horford That is why people thought Boston had a good shot to win. The Warriors were the veteran YMCA team that worked a bunch of young guns coming to a gym. Being a TWolves fan, I can't get over Wiggins. Dude is in the perfect situation and downright humbled Tatum. It was the type of elite level defense everyone knew he had in him, but it had never come together for him mentally. He was easily the second best player for Golden State.
  9. Great question. I think he is firmly in the top 5. In no particular order we got Phil Jackson, Red Aurebach, Gregg Popovich, Pat Riley, and Steve Kerr.
  10. Brees also had the benefit of playing with a pass happy coach in a controlled environment for at least nine games each season. And yeah, having the Pats defense as a driving force played a HUGE role in Brady's success... especially early on in his career. But by that rationale it doesn't benefit Brady's statistical case if he was protecting a lead as opposed to being in a shoot out or playing from behind. It is why I hate basing too much of the case on stats because they are skewed. But yeah, he should definitely be in on the conversation as an all time great.
  11. It is hard to evaluate because the game has evolved so much with QBs and WRs being protected like they are, which subsequently allows for passing the ball twice as much as they used to. It is a different sport. Brees has also had a lot of clunkers and not near the W/L success as many people believe. Not sure many realize he only played in 10 post-seasons, despite having a 20 year career (really 19 when you remove his rookie year when he didn't play).
  12. Fair or not, I have a hard time elevating Rodgers into the upper echelon due to his lack of post-season success. He has as many Super Bowl appearances as Rex Grossman. I mean, I get it isn't easy, but you at least need to make multiple Super Bowl appearances. Looking at numbers doesn't fully paint the picture since numbers are skewed. I simply evaluate against the era these QBs played in. Rodgers played the bulk of his career in the Brady/Manning era and to me is a distant third to those guys.
  13. Brady, Montana, Manning, Graham, and Unitas. Without me putting much thought into it, Rodgers would probably be around #10 for me.
  14. I would say this is accurate. On the other hand, Watson use of judgement hasn't shown to be the best, so there is that...
  15. When I'm hiring a NFL QB to run my franchise, I want someone that is somewhat of a sound decision maker in their personal lives. Going to IG to hire 70 massage therapists (that we know of) is about as dumb as it gets, given his stature.
  16. Correct. Part 2 is released July 1st, but only 2 episodes.
  17. The only one that applies in this case is Joey Chestnut. Someone that isn't necessarily the best ever at their sport, but rather is vastly superior at a specific niche of the sport. Think of a golfer winning 14 Masters titles.
  18. Since he started competing at the French Open in 2005, Nadal has lost a total of three matches (one year retired due to injury). Think about that. His career record is 108-3-1.
  19. Amazing. In pro sports history, is there any individual better at what they do than Nadal on clay? Seriously asking because I can’t think of anything. Kareem’s skyhook is all that came to mind.
  20. This is obviously key. But one thing I believe is important to highlight is the amount of minority assistants. That, too, at one time was non existent. It’s easy to say “there should be more minority head coaches,” but the selection pool has historically been very small. The number of minorities and other organizational leadership roles is rapidly increasing, and now up to 40%. If we are judging progress solely on “head coaches,” then yeah the NFL has more work to do. But I think steps they’ve taken the last several years to boost minority assistants, etc. will pay dividends down the road.
  21. If Time Lord were healthy I would go with the Celtics and not think twice. They match up well with the Warriors.
  22. I'm five episodes through Season 4. Season 4's episodes are longer (about 1 hr 15 min each) and seemingly more graphic than previous seasons. But it is really well done and fun to watch despite some of the story-lines dragging along at times.
  23. Zach Kram tweeted that 18% of games have been decided by 25+. The record is 23% in 2016. But we remember Golden State / OKC and Golden State / Cleveland. The bad part now is so many of these games are lopsided in the premier rounds.
  24. That (super teams) almost seem to be going by the wayside since the talent pool is so deep.
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