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  1. St. X CAL Highlands Hopkinsville Greenwood
  2. This makes me physically ill. What a brown noser.
  3. Birthday wishes to one of BGP's...well, something. In actuality, I can't get on the guy's case today. Three years ago to the day, he helped my family keep it together while I was having a tough time. On his birthday. One of the good guys. You heard me, Deuce.
  4. Finished all the Tana French mysteries. Overall, very entertaining. Working my way through a few Preston and Child Agent Pendergast books.
  5. The Rudy syndrome. Of course, he turned out to be a major tool.
  6. He makes everyone around him better.
  7. Same here. I thought it would be more along the lines of 28-16.
  8. And here's another, then you can chime in. "They're feeding off each other." Just. Ick.
  9. Let's start out with this one. "If he/she/they want to win, (fill in the blank)." Of course they want to win. That's why they keep score. If the announcer would just say "If he's going to win", or "To have a chance of winning"; that would be acceptable.
  10. MoCo snaps an 11-game losing streak in this one. Took advantage of several possessions starting on the Royals' side of the field.
  11. Did you say something?
  12. I’ve said it a thousand times. Slants and TEs over the middle are almost always there for the taking in high school football.
  13. We all knew this would devolve somewhat after the initial “people don’t like the forfeit rule” topic. That being said, I’ll echo bugatti’s sentiments.
  14. I believe this deserves its own thread. Sad but not unexpected news. Goldie fought a courageous battle with ALS. In some ways this reminds me of Birdsfan. I’ve never met two more dedicated fans of “their team”.
  15. I wonder how many remote hookups are with families of athletes who are expected to win gold medals, but don’t.
  16. My favorite Olympic moment. Bob Beamon shattering the long jump record by two feet in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.
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