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  1. I could’ve done without FSU getting matched with Clemson. Was REALLY hoping to get away from them.
  2. Thrilled that the Avs finally broke through and fulfilled their promise that has fallen short for the last few years. They were clearly the best team this postseason, completing two sweeps and losing only one game on the road in the entire playoffs. And they did it with frankly mediocre to average goaltending. Could you imagine if they had someone like Vassy behind the rest of the team? Yowza.
  3. Doubtful on either one. But almost certain no on Bowling Green. Never predict that one until you see it actually happen.
  4. First of all, gross. 😄 I can't stand the thought of either of those two in the Series, ESPECIALLY the Mets. Chances? Looking favorable right now, but the Mets have had a recent history of falling apart, and I don't think I'd favor them in the postseason against several of the teams in the NL, the Dodgers in particular. I don't think they make it. The Yankees, on the other hand, I think have a pretty strong chance of getting there. Good for the game? I never view a series between the two New York teams as good for the game. Since the advent of interleague play took the uniqueness of the series off the table (in that they never would play otherwise), there really isn't the same compelling storyline to pull viewers in. I think it'd be huge in the New York market, but I think it would cause people to tune out in droves elsewhere. And finally, gross.
  5. To me this is definitely best season since the first, and may ultimately be the best of the series bar none.
  6. I liked this comment I read on Twitter: “Nick Saban is the Lance Armstrong of college football.” In other words - in a sport where everyone cheats, he’s the best at it.
  7. There is an aspect of “Jimbo doth protest too much” but it’s hard to side with Saban here, who has gamed the system for years and has gotten almost every player he wants. His stance reeks of someone who finally isn’t getting 100% of his way, and is having difficulty accepting it.
  8. Two out of three stayed same for me - Amarillo and Lubbock. But the good people of Irving have cast me out, and my third makes its home in Little Rock now. Finally easing my way back towards Kentucky. Interestingly, it says my pronunciation of Lawyer in a way that rhymes with Flaw is what is most distinctly tying me to Little Rock. I can assure you that answer would have been the same as nine years ago.
  9. I hate it for basketball in this state, but as a Warren Central fan, I, uh, don't dislike that.
  10. This was one of the best years for the 14th District in recent memory, in terms of individual talent and the teams. Glad to see the state recognize it!
  11. They sure did go the opposite direction of allowing a one time free transfer, didn't they?
  12. Can’t argue with the results for the South program, but that type of scheduling isn’t in their DNA. They’re very rarely going to willingly schedule a game that might represent “punching up”. It’s been that way since day 1.
  13. I’ve literally never heard “double a” for it. Which is funny because I never hear N-C-A-A.
  14. I pray the Phillies don’t get anywhere near the postseason. Can’t stand that team.
  15. Relative to what/who? He did lead the team in scoring in a win.
  16. They exceed the ten point halftime comeback by Kentucky in 1998 as largest such deficit ever overcome in title game. Just one more thing they took from Kentucky this year.
  17. You have a timeout to figure out what you want to do on inbound and you do THAT?!?!
  18. Terrible choice by Kansas to wait when Bacot was hurt on other end.
  19. Also, it’s been said, but this game is the ultimate poster child for “never cooperate with the NCAA.”
  20. So will we have to endure years of people insisting this title belonged to Roy Williams?
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