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  1. All six state championship games will have a little bit - or a lot - of Mr. Football Watchlist flavor. 1A: Isaac McNamee - Pikeville's Birchfield will get some watchlist love next year. 2A: Cam Hergott vs. Xavier Brown - this is the one to watch as far as Mr. Football is concerned. They're both showstoppers. 3A: Isaac Dixon - he ran for 200+ yards and three touchdowns the last time his cleats touched the turf at Kroger Field. 4A: Jagger Gillis and Cole Lanter vs. Grant Bingham - Lanter has garnered a lot of buzz over the back half of the season and Bingham was the player mo
  2. Same. Pikeville is too good on both sides of the ball. Best quarterback, running back, offensive line, and defense in 1A. Too much for Russellville to overcome, I'm afraid. If Russellville is going to make this a game, they can't let Birchfield and his o-line dictate every Pikeville possession. Forcing McNamee to put the ball in the air would at least give Russellville's ball hawking secondary opportunities to produce some turnovers. That might be their only path to victory or just simply preventing a rout.
  3. Hergott and Brown set a date for the biggest Mr. Football showdown of the season; Sivori shakes off a poor start to set up a marquee clash with #1 Male; And the mountains will be well represented again at Kroger Field as Dixon, Bingham, and McNamee each seek a second championship ring In alphabetical order: Grant Bingham (OL, Johnson Central) Semifinals: Franklin County had allowed 84 rushing yards per game heading into Paintsville. They also hadn't encountered the likes of Bingham and the rest of Johnson Central's offensive front. The Golden Eagles had their way with
  4. I'll take South Warren by two scores. I've surprised even myself at how easy that pick was. The perception of 5A has been reshaped over the last few weeks more so than maybe any other class. There's pre-Boyle Douglass and there's post-Boyle Douglass. Pre-Boyle Douglass was close to being a consensus pick to win 5A. The loss to the Rebels brought it all back to earth. It shouldn't be lost on anyone that SW's coach is one of the g.o.a.t. quarterbacks in Boyle County history and Boyle's g.o.a.t. coach is currently on the SW staff. That's a potentially ominous subplot hanging over this game f
  5. I'm conditioned to expect Michigan to wilt at some point, but it's encouraging to see them punch back like that.
  6. Ohio State and Michigan in the snow is the college football aesthetic I need today. I'm getting the feeling early that this is going to be a four quarter classic. I hope I'm right.
  7. There's a lot to feel good about in Grayson right now. Eleven wins, district and regional titles, wins over Ashland and Russell. Champlin is a very promising young coach. As for Belfry, even in a "down year" they're still a threat to win it all. They hammer away at you until you break. Like ATL said, body blows. They dig to the body until you wilt from the pressure and drop your hands. Then they go upstairs with the knockout punch.
  8. He laid out for another highlight reel grab at around the 1:50 mark of the video posted above.
  9. I guess it's a good thing Haywood is coaching and not playing. The Tornado would sprint past a 70 something year old man without much trouble. Fortunately for Belfry, Dixon is not old and will be much harder to sprint past. By the way, that old man has won a fistful of championship rings over the last eight years with teams that ran over, around, through, and past teams that play the "speed game".
  10. Thirty-six years later, 3A's 'best of the west' and 'beast from the east' meet again for all the marbles Date and time: Saturday, December 4th at 12:00pm Records: Belfry (8-6), PT (8-6) BGP Ranking: Belfry (#7 in 3A), PT (unranked in 3A) Series History: PT leads 1-0 all-time Table Setter: When two teams playing for a state tite both finished the regular season with a losing record and combined for twelve losses, there's not much hype to build on leading up to kickoff. But anyone sleeping on Belfry and Paducah Tilghman might be sleeping on the hidden gem of championshi
  11. Final. The Golden Eagles march on to the state finals for the sixth time in seven years.
  12. Matt Crum helps JC drive the nail in the coffin from 32 yards out. 42-24 JC 1:06 remaining
  13. JC gets the ball back near midfield on an interception. Still 35-24 JC 4:17 remaining
  14. Final. The Panthers played a complete game. They ran it, they threw it, and they shut Raceland down. Heavy favorites next week in Lexington.
  15. @TilghmanPride How has Tilghman fared trying to contain Stockton?
  16. Birchfield runs in the touchdown and the two pointer for the kill shot. The clock is now running. 36-0 Pikeville
  17. Moorman pops a long one to put FC on top. 24-21 Franklin County 3:26 in 3Q
  18. McNamee and Hensley connect for another score. 28-0 Pikeville This one's probably out of Raceland's reach. Hard to see anyone in 1A coming back from four scores down against Pikeville.
  19. Good. Lord. Great season from Middlesboro, but they ran into a buzzsaw.
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