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  1. Impressive showing by the Tomcats. The subs missed a lot of shots in the 4th to bring the shooting percentage down, but the starters were red hot for three periods. Unofficially, Sellars had 23, Porter had 22 and 10 assists, Villers had 15, Carter had 12 on four 3s, and they got some great contributions from Marcum.
  2. Carter makes his 4th from behind the arc. 71-45 Ashland 2:40 in the 3rd
  3. Zander Carter cans his third 3 of the night. 63-43 Ashland
  4. Ethan Sellars and Colin Porter shot a combined 16 of 21 from the field in the first half to lead Ashland with 21 and 16 points, respectively. Robertson County has played well, but Ashland was on another level shooting the ball. On top of that, Ashland only has one turnover so far.
  5. Ashland is stroking it tonight. Sellars with back to back 3s. 47-30 Tomcats
  6. Transition bucket for Porter after picking Becker's pocket. 39-26 Ashland 2:34 till the half
  7. Ashland is executing and shooting the ball at a high level, but Robertson is hanging tough. Becker is a load on the boards and has skill around the basket.
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