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  1. I have been following Bluegrass preps since my oldest was in high school. I comment here and there but to be honest I have never witnessed any adults talking about a kids faith. I'm Chasity Harney. When you start attacking my son's faith and my families faith this becomes personal. Why not go to scott? Because Cov. Cath. Is where he was going to go. He has been at St. Pius since 3rd grade. He is not shopping around schools, he understands, the grass isn't always greener, and he knows he is taking a big chance. He doesn't expect anything to be handed to him and he will continue to work his butt off like he always has. He did not make this decision over night. Yes, he has been reaching out to his priest from St. Pius(so that was all true). He wanted to know how to pray when deciding between two good things. To me, as a mom, this makes me more proud than any sport or accolade he has received. He loves Beechwood, We love Beechwood, it was an amazing experience for Cash. Did he face some adversity yes, but we learn from that and move on. I hope all of this can be put aside and focus on what both of these schools have to offer!
  2. Makes perfect sense, Neff is already part of the program, he is young and invested, would also allow all the current coaches to stay on, therefore the program doesn't miss a beat and continue on the same path. Ask every player. I would 100% think it would be unanimous that every player would want him for their coach!
  3. Could not agree more! Definitely there for ALL athletes. Such a great mentor as well...
  4. Shepard also gets recognition because of his name and he committed to UK . Shouldn't it be taken into consideration that Evan ipsarro has out played him everytime they have competed. Now, as far as Jacob Meyer... he is on a different level. Scores in high volumes. Both he and Evan can completely take over a game and change the outcome. Not saying Shepard can't... but has he??? Mr Basketball should be between two 9th Region players.. their stats speaks for themselves.
  5. Such a great team effort!!!! Everyone stepped up!!!! And yes Newport had all their players!!! The band and cheerleaders stepped up to!!
  6. Beechwood's defense and O line is just simply the best. I would put them up against any team in any class. So happy for Austin Waddell MVP. Just piggy backing on your statement. Will Harney get a shot at QB spot next year?
  7. Didn't a freshman start the year? Played first 5 games against some pretty tough opponents. How will he fit into the equation in the future?
  8. I believe Cash Harney can be dynamic too if given the opportunity. I have seen him play, he is capable of way more than he showed. The coaching staff being cautious with him being a 14 year old and stepping into this role. He more than proved himself against the toughest part of Beechwoods schedule. I would have loved to see what he could have done against Holy Cross, Lloyd and now Newport. I think fans will soon find out in playoffs that being a Qb is much more than just "slinging the ball" either way I wish both QB's success because they are both talented in their own ways.
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