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  1. What 8th graders are you talking about coming from across the river? There weren't any this year. They all live in ky.
  2. Any games being streamed live tonight?
  3. Why does Highlands always worry about what someone else does?? So Starks supporting his friend... what's the best deal?
  4. Cam Boyd is good. Carl Gabbard will be stepping up for Beechwood too. Beechwood is young. Excited to watch them this year. Young faces this year in Cash Harney and Mattox Kelly and several others will help the Beechies.
  5. I see lots of talented kids who are in Covington Catholics feeder programs choosing other schools for High School. Maybe people are finally getting tired of their kids not being able to play multiple sports at Covington Catholic. One of the best athletes in the school was discouraged from playing 2 sports. Other schools have and will continue to benefit from this. Athletes shouldn't have to pick and they most certainly shouldn't have it "hanging over their heads" if they decide to play multiple sports. From what I've heard and witnessed the Coaches at CC do not work together.
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