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  1. Well @observerbynature I mean Highlands middle school gym is a nicer than probably 80% of high school gyms in KY. The wait takes a mental toll but the facilities do not factor into any disadvantage whatsoever imo... Nevertheless nice job by Cooper to preserve but cmon.
  2. Not the continued winning that’s for sure...
  3. What gets me is my passion for Highlands and unfortunately I am a huge minority anymore and it’s sad.
  4. Now that The Deuce and Samcro have calmed me down and talked me off the ledge I will say this. Cooper had a great game plan and they owned the sidelines. This is so not typical of a Highlands defense to lose the battle on the outside but they did and Cooper exposed it.
  5. Another quote from a Highlands legend ”the sun will rise tomorrow gentlemen” Hang in there Highlands faithful, change is coming, just don’t know when...😁 Lets blame it all on Covid
  6. I never suggested this behavior was acceptable. I just reported it.
  7. They happened at CovCath just a few short years ago. Should we rehash?
  8. Don’t throw stones CF. Wasn’t that long ago my friend
  9. This is where you and I differ. Yes I moved on a very long time ago and damn proud of my school. You are wrong that “it’s high school football“ It’s a very large money game my friend that is broke at Highlands and you know it. However, I had 2 sons play and I had a brother that had 2 sons play and the ultimate goal is for all of the student athletes at Highlands to have the experience and opportunities that our family had. Nothing wrong with working hard and being passionate about the program and keeping the Tradition alive and well. When it stumbles and fails there is also nothing wrong with being critical of the leadership because they simply aren’t getting it done. The administration at Highlands is failing these kids for allowing this to continue and they know it but can’t do their jobs without personal relationships getting into the way. Period end of sentence. Your unwillingness to agree with me that BW is a horrible head coach and leader is your choice as we have debated for many years about this. However, when you say “I’d say that will just about do it” this means to me that you have finally come to your senses.
  10. It wouldn’t be hard to be the hero right now.
  11. A couple of incidents at DCM tonight and no Deuce I was not there. A Highlands player going after a couple of Highlands fans for yelling a comment. A chain gang member being immediately termites and his pole and stripes taken away for telling BW he is #1 After the game. BW has to be thanking China right now for only allowing 100 fans in the stands. As Bill Hermann used to say “what in the Sam Hill is going on people “
  12. You don’t get a free pass on your comment. What do you mean by “I’d say that will just about do it” For a stance proponent who raised many a debate and disagreement with me about the leadership of this football program over the years I ask for you to man up and explain your quote.
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