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  1. I stand corrected on that, thx. What coach joined him at Newport?
  2. Can anyone shed any light on where if anywhere all of the other former Highlands coaches have landed? Beyhemer to Scott as DC BW to BW as DC, 😁 Downing only coach retained as Frosh HC all others fired. What about others? There are many I believe and some very good gets for schools.
  3. @Jack of all Trades ,You got anything with regards to 2021 schedule?
  4. Sorry for the confusion on nicknames. Agreed 100%, no way Highlands at this point, but certainly the Blueboys.
  5. So... as this drags on can someone refresh and list this years football schedule? I assumed this was a schedule agreed to by the former HC. Is Highlands looking for any games still?
  6. How bout the Blueboys, do they need a game? I say this because when Highlands was on top of their game they were always scheduling way over their heads to get better.
  7. Legitimate question for @ChiefSmoke since he has by far the most experience as a head coach that I know of on here. Outside of the ole cliche “we start next season the next day after our last season ending loss” speech that I hear on tv etc. For your teams and how you coach, by what date did you really want to start getting down to business by when preparing for the upcoming season?
  8. I thought this whole thing was over at page 50 so who knows how long it goes on for. No complaints here, I am just happy that Highlands is taking their time to get this right. With a bit of editing and a couple more twists this could be a good seller, not a great seller but a good seller in a Ft Thomas bookstore near you. I just want Highlands to be know as “that team from Ft Thomas” again...
  9. Well there you have it. If only they were looking for their 21st Championship...
  10. Wow!!! #70 pages, who would have thunk. Today is the 21st day of year 21 in the 21st Century... This stuff doesn’t happen often folks.
  11. That every steak was exactly the same size and shape. I later realized that their steaks were poured meat process that they used templates for size and shape. Paint some grill marks on it, add a baked potato and the unlimited tapioca pudding and it was heaven...
  12. Actually this probably is a great concern for the Seniors to be as they want to have the best opportunity as possible and get started. However, it is my opinion that Highlands should take as long as necessary to assure we are set for many years to come not just this year coming. And if this is at the expense of even another month then so be it. Obviously easy for me to say because I have nobody playing but I can assure you that we will be better off as a program. Remember, some experts say that this will take several years to fix and heck it may never be fixed. I am going on record to say that in 2 yrs on a Monday or Tuesday this will be fixed.
  13. You didn’t have to go all the way to Cincinnati to see this. You could have just come to Ft Thomas and seen the same thing. The JV use to take a lot of pride in beating the 1s.
  14. Some coaches want the high pressure opportunities and have something to prove and some coaches just want to be the head coach. As mentioned previously, this is what Highlands hire such a difficult get. Got to have all the attributes that the majority of coaches might have but just don’t have the energy to bring to the table on a daily basis.
  15. Look, NewCath is NewCath. It’s a family atmosphere up there with a proud tradition of their own and Lickert was a fantastic hire for them. He is a great leader for those kids and that program. No doubt I believe Lickert will win and win big someday at NewCath. This imo will put him in the driver’s seat to someday make his choices. Who knows, it might be sooner than later. And who knows he might wind up being a career guy at NewCath with lots of championships.
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