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  1. Congrats to the Blueboys, they were extremely well prepared and they sure did execute well. Eddie had a very nice game plan and executed it very well, furthermore Ed is a seasoned OC and stuck to his game plan, he was patient and owned the time of possession in this game. His young men rose to the occasion. CovCath will be a tough out moving forward IMO. I did get the “CovCath laid in the weeds first game” kind of feeling because they only played well enough to win the first match in Ft Thomas. To me that’s what really good programs do to other teams. They give you a false sense of accomplishment and then wham!!!, attack the heck out of you. Highlands has a lot of off-season work to get done to be better from top to bottom . I would like to see an immediate search or appointment of a Special Teams coach, perhaps @JOAT would accept this position. It’s the little things that seemed to be missing throughout the season, jmo. Back to work Birds, lets hope it begins on Monday.
  2. Probably shouldn’t question strategies, on to the Blueboys. Beat them!!!
  3. Where was Highlands starter Noon tonight? Didn’t see him in game. Thought he would have at least been playing slot or WR.
  4. Last time I was at Boone was in 2010. It’s sad to see 1 really good program lose its way and another respectable program just give up. I know I know, there weren’t 22 HS in Boone Cty in 2010 either and the talent was plentiful but from what I witnessed tonight Boone still has some excellent athletes and big kids. Boone can’t be this bad…
  5. Sounds like it’s going to be a barn burner in Ft Thomas in a few weeks…
  6. Here is the type of things happening under the new LEADERSHIP at Highlands. Not going to mention who wrote it but it speaks volumes… “Let me tell you about Coach Bob Sphire. Last night I emceed the Highlands Middle School Kick-Off Party before the first Highlands home football game for my 8th year. Every year we are blessed with incredible performances from the HMS cheer squad, HMS dance team, JV dance team, and the HHS marching band. Never before has a representative from the varsity football team spoke at the party…until last night. Coach Sphire wanted to talk, and opened the show. I gave him the mic and said, “All you.” He took the mic and immediately yelled, “Let me hear you Highlands Middle School!!!” The kids went crazy. He then told the students that he wanted to hear them loud at the game, and to cheer on the team to beat purple and gold. Kids went even more crazy. He then asked, “Where are my middle school football players?” Omg. Omg! The HMS football players lost their minds!! In true middle school fashion, the middle school football players started screaming, fist pumping, and jumping on each other’s backs. Coach Sphire proceeded to tell them how great they looked at summer football camps and how much he looked forward to coaching them at varsity. The boys’ reaction was so insane and loud, I could barely hear myself think. He then ended his speech with the chant “1March…Go Birds!!” All the kids chanted back with him. Let me repeat that. He chanted with the middle schoolers! Louder and louder and louder. Wow. It was awesome. Coach Sphire handed me the mic, waved to the kids, and walked back up to the field. 5 minutes. He only spoke for 5 minutes. What an impact. What a coach. 💙🏈 #GoBirds #1March “
  7. So the 23 State Championship trophies isn’t the ultimate motivation for kids at Highlands to be the best and say to themselves I want to be part of this? But yet get distracted by social media. The reason this team is 3-0 right now and BTW has basically the same roster as last year is because of the LEADERSHIP and ACCOUNTABILITY.
  8. Lol, don’t spin this on the fans and alumni and furthermore tell this to the 1989 State Champion team who lead the Birds onto the field last night. Tom Duffy was not liked by many in Ft Thomas but he was hired to win Championships and didn’t care who liked him or got in his way of winning including his style of his coaching etc etc. He had a roster of 28 or so kids that would run through a wall for him and didn’t care about the outside distractions. He controlled those kids and ALL successful coaches do as well but weak leaders historically blame others. For me that is on the leadership, it’s easy to blame others and not be accountable as the Head Coach. Besides Highlands moved on. If you want to know how fans feel about your theory go to the Newport thread, that might support your blame game…
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