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  1. Iam so glad you and others are defending. Exactly what are you defending? What you are doing is defending the issues and problems of the current state of the Football program at Highlands. We clearly disagree on where this program has been and where it should be. Obviously mediocrity is something that many folks involved in the program are just ok with and many have come to accept it and move on. I reserve my right and opinion to speak out against what I believe is the death of this program. Whether it be disagreeing with philosophies or simply speaking the the truth with passion without being fearful of being reprimanded or penalized. I will question those in charge until changes with results have been made. The “we” that are on the defense of this debate is comical compared to the mass numbers that agree with me despite what you or others may think. No way will anyone convince me or change my mind at this point in time. If I upset folks because of how direct and candid I am then that’s too bad. Everyone from the bottom to the top need to put their big boy pants on and fix the problem and quit making excuses and blaming everyone else but themselves or just step aside and let someone else fix it. At the end of the day the kids are losing out on opportunities that they will never know of or experience. That is on the administration and anyone that defends that is part of the problem. Go Birds!!!
  2. I will give you one guess. However, according to BB99 who seems to be in the know stated the following.. “2020 season games are the same as 2019 season games just flipping home/away with the exception of the Bowl game at Corbin. It will be at Corbin with different opponent decided by the host.“ This tells me that Highlands will honor their commitment to play in Bowl Game and Newport is still looking for someone to play not named Highlands.
  3. Well, here’s the answer I was looking for and already knew but wanted someone to confirm the Corbin bowl game was still on and that any talk of dropping out of Bowl game to play Newport has been squashed. I just don’t know why anytime I ask a simple question the haters come out of the woodwork to make excuses. Thx for clearing this up BB99 and easing my fears.
  4. This should be a question for Eddie not me. However, I have an opinion on why a coach should schedule early and release as early as possible. 1) To allow him to focus on the task at hand and instill confidence in your players during workouts and practices until the day comes. Kids don’t like change or surprises and are more comfortable knowing who their opponents are going to be. 2) Sends a clear message to players, parents and quite possibly other kids walking the hallways that are aren’t currently playing football to consider or even maybe reconsider playing football. 3) Allows an administration to prepare for the season and put the football budget into play long before the season begins to avoid any financial surprises. Idk, those are some ideas as to why CovCath might have their schedule out. So why wouldn’t a program like Highlands? Seems to me if you can’t post your schedule then perhaps you are toying with the notion of dropping the bowl game and picking up Newport. I don’t know the agreement with the bowl game but I have to believe there is a stiff penalty for pulling out. The question then has to be, does the Newport game generate more money than the bowl game or does it only mean a Win is more important under the current leadership.
  5. Congrats to the Michael Mayer, Very deserving individual. Good luck young man, Nky will be rooting for you.
  6. So do you have the schedule JOAT? Surely it is set already and opponents are lined up. Please post if available. That team from Park Hills has their schedule announced and posted already.
  7. Iam glad you posted this schedule. I have a very good source telling me that Highlands has requested to drop the Knoxville Catholic game to pick up Newport. If this is true then this program just took a turn for the worse and is now on a head on path of self destruction.
  8. I can’t answer this question, because I don’t believe the kids actually have a full understanding or know of the opportunities they are missing out on. I do know the kids that do understand have other options and are fulfilling those opportunities with other sports.
  9. Wow!!! This sums up a lot, sad if true but knowing BW I don’t believe this to be true. Remember we now live in a society that allows the kids a voice and the opportunity to voice their opinions without penalty or consequences. So you are saying that a kid that tries to lead and make suggestions or change is subject to penalties? Unless you have substantial incidents confirming this I call nonsense.
  10. Disclosure of details is very unlikely but thanks for asking. The outlined plan is irrelevant since the majority of the contents is not being followed or enforced. No accountability.
  11. Well I guess there’s a silver lining in all of this with the whole who’s on first thingy. It’s not like teams are blueprinting Highlands offense or defense because it’s a revolving door and teams see something new every year. The problem with this scenario is the kids are certainly confused because of all the changes and it shows on Friday nights. Consistency breeds Confidence which breeds Discipline which breeds Winners.
  12. I believe you are right and I think he got a deal just like Umberg. And as SpecialK stated who seems to be very very close to the situation makes mention of a “Comprehensive Plan of Action” BW maybe has finally realized that this is it and he is not going to let anyone on his coaching staff take him down. If he is going down it’s going to be all his fault and all on his own. Maybe he read my earlier post about “make no excuses” tantrum and realizes Iam right. Let’s put it this way, I know for a fact that every coach under his command has been either demoted and replaced by someone else and everybody knew it but the coach he was replacing. He is a master of text and email firings. That’s not how you build leadership skills and command respect from your coaches and players. This is a train wreck that is barreling down the tracks out of control and I just can’t look away...so sorry I’m back at it.
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