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  1. Highlands is physically bigger and stronger than they have been in many years and not what I was alluding to. My physicality comment is referring to them being a bit tired or not in tip top game shape. Probably has something to do with the Defense not getting much rest. Of the two, definitely more not being mentally conditioned.
  2. Highlands should not have lost this game this past Friday imo. If you watched it in person, anyone that knows anything about football knows this. Unforced mistakes by the other team was the difference. Highlands self implosion was a direct result of not being fully prepared both physically and mentally. On the other hand, CovCath was prepared and did a great job capitalizing on Highlands mistakes, very good programs do this and I do give them the Win in this category. In my opinion, this lost will be the wake up call and I believe you will see a different team the rest of the season and Bob will do his best and give the program the best opportunity to win. Go Birds!!!
  3. Lorenzen looks and carries himself exactly the way I remember Jared. This young man may or may not know this yet but he is going to be the man for the next 2 year Highlands.
  4. Sad to not see Geisler get 20-30 touches and TE Schneider not get a single ball thrown his way. LBs and DBs won’t walk up on you if you use your TE. Use your RB to open up your passing game and vice versa but what do I know. I don’t have an issue with kids being emotional but the taunting isn’t the Highlands that I remember and when people say it’s everywhere and everyone does it I just think to myself that Highlands isn’t everyone. CovCath defense made plays and certainly showed resilience when needed and deserved this win.
  5. There’s some meat right there… thx CWB. Yes a big game for both teams imo.
  6. Probably because the winner of this matchup has won more state championships depending on the outcome than perhaps any other rivalry in the State. @Colonels_Wear_Bluecould shed some knowledge on this. I know being in different classes changes things but at Highlands this is how you get ready for the rest of the best.
  7. IMO, Highlands needs this win desperately and anyone that disagrees or says it doesn’t matter is out of touch and will not be on this site talking about the Birds in December. Go Birds, Beat Colonels
  8. But then it might be too humid … pick your poison. As one coach use to say “just play football “
  9. You maybe right but I have seen some big upsets that should have been sure wins for teams like this. This is why the games are played.
  10. I have a buddy of mine who coached my oldest son at Highlands and now coaches at NewCath who is telling me this is the year for the Breds. They will win a State Championship and if someone named Beechwood gets in their way along the line then sorry about their luck… Iam going with the Fisheaters in a close one 17-14…
  11. This is an awesome achievement for this young man and is well deserved through some very hard work and quite frankly I hope he reaches this milestone. However… imo this type of stat is not a good thing for an offense. Tells me, Highlands needs to work harder and get better in the Go Zone and stop relying on the 3 pts. When an opposing defense is really good then I get it, you take the 3 pts and move on, game may come down to a FG to win it and I really like Highlands chances in a close game with the kicking game Burleigh. To be perfectly honest, the young man probably should already have the record, way too many 1st down turnovers in Go Zone. Birds are getting better every week and the Koolaide is getting a shade darker Blue every week.
  12. The flea flicker was wide open last week for Highlands, maybe they will run it this week and pull away late.
  13. Well shoot you are right, it sounded good though. It appears that I am having a who’s on first kinda of moment…
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