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  1. It is simply a numbers game. Back 6-7 years ago the FTJFL had over 350 kids playing football. Today the number is around 175 3rd-8th. Just numbers! We can't pick and choose when we can and can't play Internal or play in a Outside league. Listen I have been coaching 7th/8th football now in Ft Thomas for 18 years. Yes, we would love to make sure we developed more kids at more positions by doing it completely ourselves like years past. However we can't pick and choose when we can do that. We either have to be all in or all out. Choosing to play Internally in 2019 and then playing in the Middle School League in 2020 and then back to Internally in 2021 doesn't sit well with other Leagues counting on our Commitment year in and year out. We could of had 4-7th/8th teams in 2020 and played Internally with a 9 games schedule like years past. 38-8th graders and 54-7th. Also in 2021 with a projected number of 80 we could of also did 4 Teams. But in 2022 we would of fell back to about 40-50 kids between the 2 grades Max. We do consider forecast and Class size. The current 7th class is the largest in District history with almost 300 kids. So it's a Chess game each year when we try to figure out what direction is best for the kids. Unfortunately we don't have a current Head Coach that visits the Kids in the Elementary schools like Dale did and get the Kids excited about playing football. Have you ever heard Dale Mueller's sales pitch? It's not your ordinary talk. The current Coach doesn't feel like it's his job to do so. I know that 1st hand. He only gets involved when asked or told to. And those are Facts! Anyone is welcome to come sit at a FTJFL board meeting to discuss their frustrations on how we run our League. We are all open ears!
  2. Figure out how to Raise Money! Period....Every Athletic program is being Impacted right now.
  3. Lol...How do know? J/K Yeah you’re right. He’s not from Ft Thomas....
  4. I would say this is more serious and damaging then we are being led to believe. I have to suspect UK is burying Info to protect young Students that were and are involved. My guess we will never know. If not One coach comes forward to cry Foul then it probably was in their own best interests to just walk away quietly. For UK to turn this over to the Athletic Dept tells me that order needed to be restored and restored fast. Meet Sandy Bell!
  5. He may claim he has no clue what's going on but I bet you he makes sure the University's maintenance Dept greases the revolving door at the Wildcat Lodge at least once a week. It's still hard to comprehend that the Coaches were present when this Garbage was taking place.
  6. Just read the Article.....Wow! "Basket Tosses" Good Lord....
  7. We have been told to plan to start practice July 20th. The FTJFL that is....Hope that date sticks.....
  8. Maybe not 2020 but yeah in 2021.....15-0!
  9. Just got off the phone with a good friend of mine that spent 13 days on the Ventilator. He sounds pretty good considering what he has been through. 3 more days of self Quarantine at home. He told me that during the time he was sedated he had some interesting Dreams/Nightmares that he's still sorting through. I can't even imagine what these patients are going through. He lost 47lbs.....He spent almost 3 weeks in the Hospital. His line of work entails him dealing with Clients that would be in Alexandria one day talking to him and then in the middle of the nowhere across the World the next. He isn't quite sure where he picked it up. He did say that he has a New perspective on Life and what's really important.
  10. Furthermore the Small schools that are living on Life support already. Many schools wouldn't be able to overcome such a move.
  11. There are several spots in Northern Kentucky. The one that you will see them is down near Riverside Marina in Dayton Kentucky. We actually have a couple nest on our farm property in Southern Campbell County. They are around you just have to be looking for them.
  12. I wouldn’t be surprised if the KHSAA doesn’t move all Fall and Winter sports to Spring of 2021 along with Spring sports and tell the Schools to hash it out. Talk about making a student athlete choose between sports. And a logistic nightmare!
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