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  1. Sounds like it was a great day to be a Bluebird! Congrats….
  2. All Highlands Freshmen home games are now set to start @ 6:30. We made the change yesterday. Also Highlands has added a game @ Elder September 7th. Game is scheduled for 6:00
  3. Very excited for the Cru community! It will be slow start but great things will come from starting their own Football program. Good Luck to them...
  4. Cam is doing great. He has had probably the best Two weeks of practice going into his Senior season. It's a challenge telling kids during their Summer break to be at practice every morning at 7 am so when Kids show discipline on getting there, that's half the battle. Cam has leaned up and gained incredible strength during the off season. We look for Cam to have a very good season....
  5. Today at 3 Highlands puts the pads on for Spring practice. Today and Thursday will be Light Contact Instructional where Friday Period 1 will be Oklahoma Drill. Gates are always open if you want to catch a sneak peek of what 2023 will look like in Ft Thomas. Go Birds!
  6. Tuesday April 11th at 3:00 pm. Spring game is tentatively scheduled for Friday April 28th at 5:30 pm.
  7. It is truly a special place. I will see what Highlands Bye week is this year and see if Dayton has a Home game that Night. I want to catch One more game there before the Crap starts flowing.....LOL!
  8. Hells Half Acre!.....Loved playing there. It's days are numbered correct? I'm hearing a New complex is set to be built right next to the School in the near future. The current location is rumored to have been purchased by SD1. The site of a future pumping station. Can someone clarify?
  9. Game is on Friday. I believe Highlands will playing the next morning against Cincinnati Moeller's JV. Highlands is starting to Beef up their Schedules below the Varsity level the best they can. The Freshman Birds will travel to the Pit on Sept 7th to play Cincinnati Elder.
  10. Highlands will indeed be playing Raceland on a 2 year Home and Home starting in 2023. The game this year will be Sept 15th at Raceland. Your wish is granted! LOL....J/K We are excited that Highlands and Raceland got this worked out. See you guys soon!👍
  11. No...I just know that Highlands and Simon Kenton are a no go in 2023.
  12. No Simon Kenton this year. SK found another opponent...
  13. I got to take this one in last Night. Wow! The Birds can shoot the Rock.....If you don't like fast paced, up and down the Court Basketball then you might want to stay at Home. HHS absolutely runs fast and are Incredibly deadly from Deep. Very entertaining! As someone mentioned before, this is a mini-version of the 2020 State Champ team and if HHS can get Hot at the right time, then anything can happen. If you haven't seen them play, you're missing out.
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