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  1. On the 24th of July Highlands Varsity will be at EKU’s 7 on 7 and the Freshman will be attending Ryle’s Freshman 7 on 7
  2. Highlands travels to Hoover Alabama on the 15th to participate in their Annual National tournament. Lou Male will be there too.
  3. I love that the District is finally creating this position. It will be a Huge asset to the School to have someone in the Building to work with the Kids/Players on a daily basis. We have the Facilities......Why not utilizes it! Go Birds! https://fortthomas.tedk12.com/hire/index.aspx
  4. Don’t care if you’re a Bama fan or not. This is some good stuff. So blessed Coach Sphire is in Ft Thomas. Is it Football Friday yet? Go Birds! #1march
  5. Highlands..... Vinson goes to another level if that's even possible! This kid has been waiting for this for a very long time. And he has the Shooters to make a run...
  6. So now the KHSAA is going to start enforcing the Rules?🤣 I’m joking! Or am I?😁 So basically you’re saying that Financial Hardship/Divorce Cases will again be at a all time high? There’s more than One way to skin a Kitty!
  7. They're absolutely going to say yes.....Especially NCC! They need the Cash.
  8. I just don't see Schools like the FTIS and Beechwood even considering this. I really don't! Highlands wouldn't even approve a Senior who met all Academic qualifications per se to leave after Christmas to enroll in College early just last year. Yes it was Sports related but it would of helped that Student get a leg up on his College classes. I get it, the more Kids in school the more the money but Highlands suffers from Overcrowded classrooms as it is. We shall see......I just don't see it happening. But whose to say that Student Athlete doesn't move schools if the FTIS doesn't approve it.
  9. Watch the Video....I agree that a Foul is a Foul. But Vieth left 2 CCH players to go to Defend the CCH player. Vieth came a long way to block that shot. A simple Vinson like read would of been to dump the Ball to the open CCH player under the Basket for the easy Basket. Game Over!
  10. NCC is not playing Highlands anytime soon. They were scheduled to play the 2019 season but rescheduled leaving Highlands scrambling for that season. Good luck to Steve and NCC....
  11. Something that we haven’t had in a very long time....A leader! It’s always been the Head Football Coach’s program and now it just happens to belong to Bob Sphire. Go Birds!
  12. Here’s another from Zach Barth to Vinson! FullSizeRender.mov
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