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  1. I remember a Parent of a past player that shopped their kid around NKY until they found the best fit, say to the coaches at Highlands......What do you guys see in that Skinny kid anyway??? Well, he's now one of the best players in the State of Ky. And his name is Sam Vinson! That's what they saw.....
  2. Here’s another One moments later. FullSizeRender.mov
  3. And in 2021. Male returns 17 starters from last years team. Male will have their way with most if not all teams in Ky next year. They will be pretty good!
  4. The F&N Steakhouse......And then we bought it from the Bank. Let me tell you that they use to put Plates of Leftovers up in the Drop Ceilings just to keep the "Big Boys" calm. My goodness some of the Rats we use to see in Broad daylight were unheard of. I heard a guy one time say the Rats were so big there that they use to "Arm Wrestle at the Bar" And they were Monsters! I use to Love the F&N growing up. I always wondered why the Lights were always so Dim. Well now I know why!
  5. I received the 1st dose of the Moderna Vaccine on Jan 10th. I was fine until the next morning. I was miserable with No Energy for exactly 24hrs. Come Tuesday morning everything was back to normal. My arm was hurting for about 3 days. I had Covid-19 back in early Nov. The only symptom I didn't get was "shortness of breath" Had everything else. Loss of taste and smell lasted almost an entire month. That was the most Bizarre part of it. I would put a Halls Cough Drop in my mouth and nothing. Couldn't taste or smell it. Just helped control the miserable Cough I had. The cold sweats I had while I would sleep was also not fun. I went through 2 pair of Underwear each Night. I tested for the Anti-bodies about 3 weeks ago since I didn't test for the Rona when I was sick. Don't judge me.... I just stayed away and limited my Contact from everyone! It came back positive. They were actually able to tell me just about the day/week when I was sick. Unfortunately I think my entire Family got it, but I was the only one that got sick. Everyone tested positive for Anti-bodies except my Wife. Hers cam back inconclusive. What? Not possible....Oh well! Not looking forward to my 2nd dose. I'm hearing people really struggle with the 2nd round. But if it means that this is a step in the direction of some normalcy then I'm all about it. Stay safe everyone.
  6. Beechwood is one or the only school in NKY with a Turf Softball Field. When they built their Baseball/Softball facility a few years back they went the Turf route. Beechwood is a odd setup for sure. Nice but Odd! You can't play a Baseball and Softball game at the same time. Both outfields intertwine with one another. But with Beechwood having Turf the 9th was able to move the Regional Tourney there a few years back to get it in.
  7. What schools are off and running this early 2021 season? At Highlands we have been going pretty strong for a couple of weeks now. The girls can't wait to get the season started.
  8. Remember SK had a stellar Poster a few years back...??? It happens with every fan Base!
  9. I wonder why he’s Salty? He has nothing to be ashamed of. I’m hearing he knocked it out of the Park....
  10. Where was Dale the last 5 years when he was asked to assist and help out? I will hang up and listen!
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