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  1. I'd say....the answer is a big 'ol "it depends." You're at 12 years, so you're more or less living on borrowed time with your heater. Electric heaters usually top out at 15 years old before they need replacing. The manufacturers and plumbers will tell you to drain and flush your water heater twice a year to keep sediment from building up in the tank. Let's be real, nobody does that. I've been in my house for 3 years now, and I never have. Keeping the sediment cleared out keeps the heater running at full capacity. Also, sediment minerals can sometimes increase the rate of corrosion within your heater's tank and on the parts that are present inside of the tank - that's why the lower element is generally the one to go bad first in electric water heaters...sediment starts building up from the bottom of the tank, and that's the first thing it comes in contact with and causes to go bad. A replacement element runs $30-40 at a big box store like Lowe's, Home Depot, or Menards (I still chuckle like a 12 year old sometimes when I hear people say "Menards"). Replacement anode rods usually run roundabout $15-30 more than a replacement element. You can replace elements and anode rods without being a plumbing or home repair expert. And I'd assume there are YouTube videos out there that make it even simpler. It usually does require a special socket for your socket wrench to deal with the anode, and the element requires a special "wrench" (you can get an el-cheapo water heater element wrench for like $10 or $15.) I will say, sometimes, depending on the condition of your water heater, you can be in the middle of your repair with your new element/anode already purchased, and the parts within the water heater that your elemen/anode connect to can just crumble because of age and corrosion, and then you're stuck going ahead and replacing the whole water heater anyway. One of my friends had that happen not too long ago. He was tightening the new anode into place, and the whole threaded socket that it screwed into just broke away from the tank liner because of corrosion...and just like that, the whole water heater was shot.
  2. Disposable? Homemade? Store bought? Bandana? Neck gaiter?
  3. They haven't archived the game yet to be able to go back and watch, but I believe the final score I saw for JV was 67-49 Cov Cath.
  4. I just checked in on the NFHS broadcast of the JV game, and the teams are just shooting around on the court...so I'm going to assume that means it's halftime. Score is currently showing 39-21 Cov Cath.
  5. Coach Wolfe has been highly critical of the decision makers in Jefferson County Public Schools throughout the course of their dealings with COVID and its impact on sports in Kentucky and Jefferson County. It can easily be surmised that he has been unhappy with JCPS, his employer, this school year. What you have to ask from there is, is he unhappy about JCPS moving forward? I think it's pretty obvious that he likes Louisville. He's been working here since at least '99, when he started at Waggener. And unless I'm mistaken, he's been with JCPS for the entirety of his time here in Louisville, so that would at least seem to imply that he has been pretty happy with the school district. So, to me, the questions that would need to be answered in order to determine whether or not he want's out at Male are: 1) Has the way JCPS has handled sports during the COVID pandemic created enough of a rift between the school district and Coach Wolfe that he's actively interested in leaving? 2) Is there reason to question what JCPS will do to change the face of the sports being played in their schools in the "post-COVID" landscape? 3) Is he unhappy about his pay, and/or, is there enough money available in jobs elsewhere to make Coach Wolfe unhappy about what he is making at Male?
  6. Yep. At least for Randy Allen, it doesn't sound like they think that's nearly the full amount he makes.
  7. Battle of Elkhorn Creek Aug 20 at Scott County/Great Crossing Franklin County vs. Scott County 6:00pm Great Crossing vs. Western Hills 8:00pm
  8. Got another text back from him a few minutes ago: "Sent that to a HS buddy. He wants to know if we're sure those are *annual* salaries."
  9. @BigErn's profile picture definitely ranks near the top of my personal "best current profile pictures" list here on BGP, too. #ItsLameNotToHaveAProfilePicture #ItsTheHighlandsFolksWhoLoveHashtagsRight?
  10. 5. No comments, whatsoever, about any member's true identity in any public forum on BGP. This includes any question, hint (whether true or not), attempt to divulge, or attempt to determine a user's identity posted in any BGP forum.
  11. I texted this picture to one of the doctors who's in residency with my wife. He's a Highlands Park (Dallas) grad. Not a football player, although his wife is the granddaughter of George Andrie, of the Cowboys' "Doomsday Defense" fame. He sent me this text: "Coach Allen lives in a house that's worth 3/4 the appraised value of the school building where his players attend class. There's no way that number is accurate."
  12. Cobb spent 1984-2011 as a head coach at South Hopkins, Webster County, Knott Central, Somerset, and Campbellsville. Became an assistant coach at West Brook HS in Texas in 2013, and then came to Trinity when Coach Beatty was looking for a new DC in 2014.
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