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  1. Nick Cordero (Broadway Actor) Larry King (Talk Show Host) Chloris Leachman (Actress) Tommy "Tiny" Lister (Deebo from "Friday") Meat Loaf (Musician/Actor) David Prowse (Actor who played Darth Vader) Remy Julienne (Stuntman known for "James Bond" films) Tom Seaver (Baseball Hall Of Famer) Phil Spector (Music Producer/Murdere) Dawn Wells (Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island")
  2. Mitchell has the potential to break into the 1000 point club tonight against Madison Central. He's currently sitting at 983 career points. 17 points away, and he's been averaging 16.4 ppg this season. Beechwood 2018-19: 23 points (1.8 ppg) Beechwood 2019-20: 235 points (8.4 ppg) Covington Catholic 2020-21: 446 points (15.9 ppg) Covington Catholic 2021-22: 279 points (16.4 ppg)
  3. Ipsaro has added 100 points to his total in 5 games played since I posted this. He's averaging 23.2 ppg this season, and with 12 regular season games remaining, that puts him on pace to surpass 1000 points at Cov Cath in his two seasons played thus far - and he still has another season left to play.
  4. Male has posted a link to stream the JV game via the NFHS Network tomorrow: www.nfhsnetwork.com/events/louisville-male-high-school-louisville-ky/gam9c60549594 They have all their other varsity games shown on the upcoming schedule on the NFHS, but not the varsity game tomorrow against Cov Cath. No word on whether or not they will be streaming that one.
  5. Pay-per-view is available to watch all three games tonight on the Colonel Athletic Network page. $50 season passes are still available to watch all remaining home games this season, or tonight's triple header is available for $10 via the "Purchase Single Game Video Stream" header. The Colonel Athletic Network's free audio stream is also available for the varsity game here on Mixlr. Frosh: 5:00pm JV: 6:00pm Varsity: 7:30pm
  6. Both teams still have games to play tonight, but I wanted to get a thread going on this one since the time of tomorrow's tip at Male has been moved. JV teams will play at 1:00pm and varsity will begin afterwards at 2:30pm. Not including the results of their games tonight, #1 Covington Catholic is currently at 16-2 and is undefeated in Kentucky, and #3 Male is 14-3 with in-state losses to Butler, and a 12-point loss to Cov Cath in the semifinals of the King Of The Bluegrass. Who wins tomorrow's rematch in Louisville?
  7. Coach Feldhaus and the Indians knocked off the Colonels in Coach Ruthsatz's first two seasons at Cov Cath, and since then the Colonels have had an 8-game win streak over Madison Central. #12 Madison Central is currently sitting with a 10-6 record, but 5 of their losses have been against quality opponents. They lost in overtime to 8th ranked Pulaski County in their season opener, and had a 5-point loss to 2nd ranked George Rogers Clark a week later. They lost by 7 points to 4th ranked Ballard in Lex Cath's Holiday Classic, and lost the next day to 19th ranked Woodford County in their third g
  8. There are the occasional "SC," "Union," and "United" teams thrown in there too. But you're right, I'm betting it's a play on one of those. Simply because there are already two higher-level "FC" teams within an hour drive of Lexington, I'd personally prefer they didn't go with that one.
  9. I don't know what truth there is or isn't to the rumor about changing back to their previous district, but the district alignment changes would come along with all of the classification changes in 2023, yes. Usually part of the input received from schools after the initial alignment draft is released is feedback from schools/AD's saying, "Hey, do you think you could move us from the district in the draft to this other district so we don't have to travel so much?" I'm not sure what the OC crowd would prefer...6AD5 where they have to deal with Ballard and Trinity every year, but travel muc
  10. Today the club released renderings of a proposed stadium, locate across High Street in downtown Lexington immediately across from Rupp Arena where the current Rupp Arena surface parking lot sits. Renderings also show added multi-level parking garages on both Broadway and High Streets to replace the lost parking from the surface lot, a new 160-room hotel, and a new 250-unit apartment development.
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