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  1. 9/17 Estill County travels down I75 to take on the Rockets of Rockcastle County. Estill County comes in 4-0. Averages 37 points a game while allowing 8 points a game. Rockcastle County comes in 3-1 averages 31 points a game while allowing 20 points a game. East Jessamine and South Laurel are common opponents. Estill defeated East Jessamine 20-13 in a Scrimmage. Estill defeated South Laurel 40-6 both were on the road. Rockcastle County defeated both East Jessamine 22-21 and South Laurel 52-7. Both were road games.
  2. Estill blocks Harrison County punt attempt and takes over at Harrison County 7. 1st and goal Estill Jon Short with the pitch runs it in from 7. TD Estill. XP good 3Q. Little over 4 minutes remain. Estill 21-7
  3. Ashley Gates is listed as the head coach on KHSAA. When did Frederick Douglass make the hire?
  4. Robbie Wiseman Memorial Classic at Estill County. 7:30 PM Harrison County makes the trip from Cynthiana to Irvine to take on the Engineers next Friday night. Harrison County comes in 1-3 and currently on a 2 game skid. They fell hard to West Jessamine 49-14 on Friday. They come in averaging 14 points a game while giving up 36.25 a game. Estill County comes in 3-0, crushed Dayton 50-8 on Friday. They come in averaging 40 points a game while giving up 7 points a game. I'm not sure if these two teams have ever played.
  5. Final from Dayton. Estill improves to 3-0. Dayton falls to 2-2. Estill D with another stellar performance. Dayton lone TD was a pick 6. Estill will be home next week in the Robbie Wiseman Memorial Classic hosting Harrison County. Dayton will be at Sayre next week.
  6. Arvin on the carry, 16 yards to the house. TD Estill. Estill kneels it down on the 2pt conversion. Estill 50-8
  7. Estill's D has been stellar tonight. I think Dayton has gotten across midfield about hand full of times.
  8. McIntyre on QB keeper, gain of 2 2&8 Catacora now in at QB. Takes a big sack loss. 3&15 Catacora on QB keeper, gain of 3 4&12 snap goes over punters head, Estill recovers at Dayton 1 1&goal Estill. Niece on QB keeper, sneaker, TD Estill. 2pt good. 34.8 seconds 3Q Estill 44-8
  9. Dayton ball at their own 33. 4&6 Dayton will punt, it's a fake, pass falls incomplete. Estill takes over at Dayton 33. 1&10 Short on the carry, gain of 7 2&3 Short on the carry, gain of 2, 3&1 Niece on the QB keeper, no gain 4&1 Tank on the carry, Estill turns it over on downs. Dayton ball at their own 24
  10. Dayton returns kick to their own 35 where they will take over from there 1&10.
  11. Estill ball at Dayton 40 1&10 Dayton jumps. 1&5 at Dayton 34 Short with a big run down to the 10. 1&goal Estill Short on the carry. 10 yard run TD Estill. Flag. personal foul on Estill. Personal foul on Dayton. TD is nagated. Ball at 12 yard line. Short on the carry again, 12 yards out (same play as last time that was nagated) this time to the right side into the endzone. TD Estill. 2pt is good. 3Q. 9:19 Estill 36-8
  12. Niece pass is intercepted in backfield by Catacora and returns it 65 yard pick 6. 2pt pass is good. 3Q 10:04 Estill 28-8
  13. Estill gets ball to start to the second half. Estill ball at their own 35. 1&10 Lutes on the sweep, gain of 10. 1&10 Estill at Estill 45 handoff goes no where. 2&10 pass incomplete 3&10 Niece on QB keeper. Enough for 1st down to 47 Dayton. Flag on play. Penalty on Estill. 3&11. Niece screen pass to Somerville enough for a first down Estill. 22 yard pass. Ball at Dayton 35
  14. Maggott on the carry, no gain. 2&10 McIntyre sacked. Flag. Face mask on Estill. 1st Down Dayton at Estill 35. Deep pass falls incomplete. 2&10 Halfback pass is knocked down. 3&10 McIntyre sacked again. 4&18 Dayton goes for it and gets the first down. Ball on Estill 22 12 seconds 1&10 Dayton Pass into endzone is broken up. 2&10 QB keeper gain of 4 gets out of bounds to Estill 18. 1.4 seconds remain 3&6 pass falls incomplete. Halftime., Estill 28-0
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