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  1. Estill County 1st annual Railroad Classic. Dec. 27-29 Teams Thus Far: Bethlehem East Carter Estill County Jackson City Menifee County Paintsville
  2. Final from London. Estill improves to 2-0 and will travel to Grayson next Friday to take on East Carter. South Laurel falls to 0-2 and will host Knox Central next Friday. South Laurel scored on a big pass play and scored a 2pt conversion with 1 minute left
  3. Big run for Estill, down to their own 36 1&10 Engineers Waddle on carry, gain of 5 2&5 Pass complete to Layden Rawlins. Big gain. 1&10 Engineers Stephens on carry, gain of 7 2&3 Stephens on the carry, down to the SL 14. 1&10 Engineers down to the 2. 1&goal McTeer goes in from 2. TD Estill. pass incomplete. 2pt no good 8:45 4Q Estill 38-7
  4. Kick returned 11 yards to their own 31 1&10 Cardinals Run. Loss of 2 Pass incomplete 3&12 Sacked back to their own 25. 4&long Punt is downed at the Estill 32 1&10 Engineers back to back plays with nothing going./ 3&loing pass incomplete 4&long Punt goes over Estill's head. SL takes over at the Estill 3. 1&goal QB Keeper, loss of 2 2&goal Pass, tipped, almost picked off, falls incomplete 3&goal pass incomplete 4&goal pass falls incomplete. Estill takes over on downs at their own 3 1&10 Engineers Big hole, big gain for Stephens. 1&10 Engineers Waddle on the carry, gain of 4 2&6 Run down to the Estill 27. 1&10 Engineers End 3Q Estill 32-7
  5. SL returns the kick to their own 33 1&10 Run. No gain. 2&10 Missed tackle by Estill adn big gain by SL down to the Estill 35 1&10 back to back missed tackles by Estill adn SL has ball at Estill 15 1&10 Pass incomplete 2&10 Jax Niece with the INT back to the SL 35 1&10 Estill at their own 35 Witt on keeper, gain of 4 2&6 Bad snap but handoff to Stephens, big gain, down to SL 44 1&10 Witt on QB keeper, down to the SL 13 1&10 Run, no gain 2&10 pass incomplete 3&10 Stephens on the carry, 10 yard into the endzone. TD Estill. XP no good 3Q 6:27 Estill 32-7
  6. SL returns the kick down to the Estill 30 yard line. 1&10 Cardinals Pass complete. 1&10 Cardinals Pass complete, gain of 2 2&8 Fumble, Estill recovers. 1&10 Engineers Halftime' Estill 26-7
  7. Prayers for SL QB Mitchell. Leg injury. Was carted off but was able to get in the cart under his own power. Punt is down at the Estill 39 1&10 Engineers Stephens on the carry, gain of 1 2&9 Pass complete to Layden Rawlins. Enough for 1st down Engineers Pass incomplete 2&10 Pass complete to Rawlins, down to the SL 24. Gain of 28 1&10 Pass incomplete 2&10 Pass complete. 1&10 at SL 12 Stephens on the carry, goes in from 12 but flags. Holding. 1&25 Stephens on the carry, back to the original line of scrimmage. 2&10 Estill Stephens on carry, gain of 7 3&3 Pass complete to Layden Rawlins. TD Estill. 2pt good Stephens. 1:32 2Q Estill 26-7
  8. Pass incomplete. 2&10 Jet sweep, gain of 3 3&7 No gain. 4&7
  9. Beckler returns the kick to the South Laurel 47 1&10 Engineers deep pass incomplete. 2&10 False start 2&15 Pass incomplete 3&15 False Start 3&20 Holding on Estill 3&30 Pass complete, gain of 6 4&24 Punt is downed at the SL 28. 1&10 Cardinals
  10. SL returns the kick to their own 30 1&10 Pass incomplete 2&10 bad snap, QB falls on it at their own 18. 3&22 QB sacked. 4&25 Ball goes over Punters head. Safety. 2 poitns for Estill. Estill 18-7
  11. Estill 4&2 at SL 13 QB keeper on the wedge play. Enough for 1st down. 1&goal Waddle on the carry, gain of 1 2&goal Witt to Layden Rawlins for a 9 yard TD pass. Stephens on 2pt conversion good. 9:40 2Q Estill 16-7
  12. South Laurel recovers the squib kick on their own 40 1&10 Cardinals Option. Down to the 50. 1&10 Cardinals Flags. False start. 1&15 QB keeper. Gain of 4 2&11 Elza on the carry, no gain 3&11 Pass incomplete 4&11 Punt goes over punters head, Estill recovers deep in SL territory End 1Q Estill 8-7
  13. Arvin on the return returns it to the SL 45. 1&10 Estill Flags. Offsides Estill. 1&15 Pass complete down to the South Laurel 22 1&10 Estill Witt on QB keeper, down to the SL 13 Pass incomplete at the goal line 2&1 Stephens on carry, gain of 3 1&10 Waddle on the carry, gain of 9 2&1 Waddle goes in from 3 out. TD Estill. Stephens on the carry. 2pt good 1Q 2:19 Estill 8-7
  14. Pass complete down to the Estill 37. Could have gone for 6 but stepped out of bounds. 1&10 Estill Stephens on the carry, SL strips the ball and returns it 40 yards for a SL TD. XP Good 1Q 5:15 South Laurel 7-0
  15. Ball goes over QB's head, RB covers it. Back to the Estill 43 2&21 Pass incomplete 3&21 Pass incomplete 4&21 Punt goes into the endzone. Estill 1&10 at their own 20
  16. Elza on the carry, loss of 1 2&11 Pass complete but flags. Holding on South Laurel takes away the gain. 2&17 Sacked. 3&22 Pass incomplete. South Laurel to punt. Ball bounces up and hits an Estill player, South Laurel recovers at the Estill 32
  17. South Laurel stops Estill. Estill to punt. South Laurel returns the short kick to the Estill 36
  18. South Laurel won toss and defered. Estill returned their kick to their own 1 Estill ran two plays adn got a 1st down on their own 13. 2&10 Stephens on carry. gain of 5 3&2
  19. Final from Irvine on the Brand New Engineer Stadium. Battle for 82.
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