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  1. Final from Brooksville. (65) TIGERS — Downton 22, Draud 19, Boyd 12, Decker 4, Hergott 3, Moore 2 (47) POLAR BEARS — B. Reed 20, C. Reed 11, Norton 4, Commodore 4, N. Jefferson 4, Reynolds 4
  2. Carson Schirmer with 45 points. Most in a game in school history.
  3. The KHSAA website says the 38th is decided by head to head matchups and then a coin flip for a 3 way tie. I think RPI was only used if they couldn’t get in district seed games due to COVID.
  4. For reference, here is what it looked like before. Very faded. Looks like someone beat me to it with the drone picture though lol.
  5. Glad to see Bracken at #6. They play Bourbon and Beechwood this week.
  6. Any reason Brian Kirk ran up the score? Buddy Biggs is a great guy to do that to.
  7. You can choose seed/draw each sport individually.
  8. I still don't understand why Augusta won't vote to seed basketball. They have had a better basketball program than Bracken County for the last 20 years. They have consistently been the number 2 and even number 1 team in the new 39th District since 2006. However Bracken County has been fortunate as they should be the 2 or 3 seed every year and drawn probable 4 seed St. Patrick 6 out of the last 9 times and won every time. Why leave your post-season up to chances like that? Oh well.
  9. Sounds like Brossart can’t catch a break with injuries/Covid. Wishing a quick recovery to Stephen. @Mustang have they had everyone back at the same time yet?
  10. Final from Brooksville. Joel Iles is really good. (77) THOROUGHBREDS — Iles 38 (6 3’s), Giesler 8, Baggette 8, Runyon 5, Dawn 5, Wiles 4, Butts 4, Sector 3, Faust 2 (52) POLAR BEARS — B. Reed 27, Reynolds 7, Commodore 4, Norton 4, N. Jefferson 3, C. Reed 3, D. Jefferson 2, Burlew 2
  11. I was wrong on my earlier post, here is the new bracket. I don’t know how they decided which teams played.
  12. The All 'A' will be played in sectionals, with the semi-finals and finals being at EKU March 5th and March 6th. Sectionals will be 1 vs. 2, 3 vs. 4, 9 vs. 10, etc.
  13. Final from Mason County. (82) ROYALS - Mitchell 32, Bierley 17, Henry 14, Butler 7, Perry 6, Marshall 3, Rice 3 (76) POLAR BEARS - B. Reed 39, C. Reed 14, Reynolds 9, Commodore 8, N. Jefferson 6
  14. Any school system could have done that. It just makes it easier when the coach has a Rank 1 in education.
  15. Polar Bears battle back after being down by 19 points. Bracken County out-scored Lewis County 23-10 in the 4th. (52) POLAR BEARS — C. Reed 18, B. Reed 12, Commodore 6, Schultz 4, Teegarden 3, Norton 3, Burlew 2, D. Jefferson 2, Reynolds 2, (51) LIONS — Liles 15, Gerike 14, McCann 11, Spence 7, Thomas 4 B: 5-10-14-23—52 L: 9-19-13-10—51 - Charlie Schultz with the tip-in to win the game. - Lewis County did not score a field goal in the 4th quarter.
  16. Ft. Thomas has two PE teaching positions open. The middle school job is PE/Health for 2021-22. The high school job is PE/Health & Counseling and will begin on March 1st. Bob Sphire has both a PE/Health certificate and School Counseling certificate.
  17. I disagree it being a fair theory to just add points onto Robertson's total. Other players are still taking those shots.
  18. How many points per game is North Laurel giving up a game? Sounds like their plan is to outscore you every night. Obviously working for them though.
  19. Augusta was up on Ryle 67-59 with 30 seconds left.
  20. Bracken County has put together a tough schedule for how young they are. These games are coming up But that won’t show up on the SOS until after they play. 2/5) @ Campbell County 2/6) George Rogers Clark 2/8) Madison Central 2/10) Campbell County 2/13) @ Mason County
  21. Final from Campbell County Middle School. Offensive struggle for Bracken County but credit to the Camels defense. Campbell travels to Bracken on Wednesday. (63) CAMELS — Beiting 16, Hamilton 13, Davie 10, Jackson 6, Gross 6, Hegyi 4, Siry 2, Coleman 2, Williams 2, Sorgenfroi 1, Jones 1 (30) POLAR BEARS — C. Reed 10, B. Reed 8, Reynolds 5, N. Jefferson 4, D. Jefferson 2, Commodore 1
  22. St. Patrick twice and Buckhorn twice. I will be interested to see them play at Campbell County on Saturday. Robertson is still a good team, I think Harrison County is just much improved this year and getting better. It’s exciting to see what can happen in a district seed game.
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