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  1. Here are the games I think are worth keeping an eye on this week along with my prediction. Let me know how you all think these games are going to turn out. Tuesday November 30th Games Fleming at Nicholas: Fleming by 10 Robertson at Augusta: Robertson by 4, I could see this one go either way though. Conner at Scott: Scott by 4, should be a good game Mason at Rowan: Mason by 6, mason should be the better team when healthy. If their football players can flip the switch to basketball mode quickly, then they should be able to win. Thursday December 2nd Game
  2. I think your are right about their eligibility, but anyone can play in scrimmage games regardless if the KHSAA considers them eligible or not
  3. I pretty sure Maker Bar was the only one who didn’t play at all. Miles Franklin definitely played and I’m pretty sure Tim Fuller played some. It looked like Ballard played a lot of guys though, I don’t think they will play that many during the regular season.
  4. I don’t completely disagree, GRC is the best team on paper for sure. They’re going to have to prove it on the court first though. Maybe a couple weeks into the season I will agree with you. I just want to see them play a few games saying the region is theirs to lose.
  5. 10th Region Mingua Beef Jerkey Scrimmage Review Many 10th region teams played this weekend at in the Mingua Beef Jerkey Preseason Jamboree. I was able to get a look at quite a few of the 10th region teams. There was plenty of talent on display at bourbon county this weekend, below are how I would rank each team I saw this weekend from the 10th region along with their strengths and weaknesses. Top 10th Region Teams (played in Mingua Beef Jerkey Scrimmages only) 1. Campbell County The camels wound up losing by 12 to a highly talented Henry Clay team. This game was much c
  6. 10th Region Preseason Preview Basketball season in the bluegrass is approaching! Its time for the 10th Region preseason preview. I will be your one stop shop for 10th Region Basketball this season. The 10th is loaded with plenty of talented teams and players who will all certainly have their ups and downs this season. Let’s take a look at where I have the teams stacking out this season… And please remember one thing when looking at these rankings, as the great Charles Barkley once said “I may be wrong…. But I doubt it” ;). Team Rankings (Projected Record, base
  7. I think he said he will release a top 25 before the season starts.
  8. No.1 Ballard & No.3 GRC scrimmage on Nov.27th at Martin County... Should be a fun one.
  9. Agreed, there’s a good chance we get to see this matchup in the postseason though.
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