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  1. A lot of bad calls were made worst I’ve seen in awhile but overall good game.
  2. I didn’t know if you were one of those guys that like to pick on teenagers or not lol.
  3. Dunn and Benke are back this week @Bird Bath
  4. @theguru Why is this posted if you don’t mind me asking? Lol
  5. TACKLE yes they need to do way better you hit the nail on the head.
  6. On the head but let me say this Highlands has a pure lockdown sophomore DB so one of them wr’s will be lockdown I’m sure he’s a sophomore #2 and let’s just say if they man or have him shadow either wr then it’ll be a long night for at least one of them and the qb doesn’t often target his way I’ve been to every game if they do throw it his way it’s zone and short route but if they let the wr’s ran every where and the lb’s leave that middle open like they did Ryle and not pressure the qb it’ll be a long night for highlands.
  7. They aren’t that they have had trouble like highlands if the highlands we seen the first 3 games is there Friday night they could win by 14 but if it’s the same highlands these last 2 games and the same Dixie we’ve seen then the game is either way 50/50.
  8. They most definitely were they had sometimes but it’s over now both teams got 2 big games coming up so we will see what shake up happens.
  9. Exactly so you can’t say they got dominated only winning by 14 😂😂😂 if 14 is dominated then we’ll everybody is getting dominated.
  10. And not to mention they are missing some players and Welch is out for the season so they will have a lot of people stepping up to play varsity just like a freshman was playing rb Friday night and Dunn is out with a concussion now.
  11. Not to mention highlands did drop 2 touchdown passes and 1 pick 6 and another player dropped an int so I really don’t think they were dominated like that I agree with you @TheDeuce
  12. Well that’s funny because I have a family member on the highlands football team soooo….. I guess you know more then the players.
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