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Open Job: Green County

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I’ll start off with I feel terrible for Coach Whitlow. Year one with a new system to install and you have to replace something like 19 of 22 starters with some really young kids. Year two you have covid and just unreal the amount of injuries they sustained. Tough to succeed anywhere with the injuries they had.

With that said, Whoever gets this job is walking into a very good situation.
Dragons return both Running backs, QB, TE, 4 of 5 Linemen, and all but two receivers. 
Defensively they return 9 of the 11 starters. The loss of Gray and Hessig will hurt but they return enough to be very very good on defense. 

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4 minutes ago, ACHS15 said:

Anyone in particular in line to get this job? Very winnable district.

I haven’t heard anything. I’ve been gone for a few weeks for work so haven’t been in the know crew. 

If they hire from within I would think Coach Judd who was the defensive coordinator and did a great job for them with them gets a shot or Coach Davis who coached offensive line and had some big rushers gets a look. 

I could also see Mike Griffiths making a come back, I wouldn’t be against it due to his ability to get wins. 

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On 1/15/2021 at 4:14 PM, GoodOleBoy said:

Is there a reason Peach would be wanting to  leaving Trigg Co after just 1 year? 

Most of his career has been in the central Kentucky area. Coached high school at Anderson and Dunbar, college at Campbellsville, I believe. Trigg was where he landed after Anderson got rid of him last year (a whole different issue), but Green is close to where he's been for a long time. Probably helps explain the interest.

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