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  1. Be interesting to hear the reasons for moving on. Is the school dedicated to rebuilding this program? Are they going to give the support, money and have the patience needed?
  2. No word on this job yet? Anyone hearing any names or anything? It’s been open for a while now.
  3. Heard Central only had 6 players? Is this true? Anyone know why if so?
  4. Why will it it be so interesting with the Ole Ball Coach?
  5. Is there a reason Peach would be wanting to leaving Trigg Co after just 1 year?
  6. Hard to have good football through the city, when all the best players leave and go to FD.
  7. Richmond Register is saying Frank’s Parks is the new coach.
  8. When trying to rebuild the program, with numbers down, and losing several games I’m sure the moral of the kids was down. Could explain the poor showings later in the year.
  9. You have a lot of good points! That could be a good district for them restarting the program. Seems to be several teams they played already, travel isn’t to bad...and most importantly I think no games that will be just an absolute mismatch every year down the road.
  10. When do they start district play again? What district are they in?
  11. Any early names for this job? Any assistants on staff that may want/be qualified for the job?
  12. I know it wasn’t a great year for Whitley last year. What does the future look like? Did Irwin leave because the talent was down for a couple years?
  13. I can not confirm or deny. I am not sure about him being the favorite. Rough season and from my understanding lord of kids left the team as the season went on last year.
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