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  1. This is not new. (2)(h) has been been part of KRS 156.070 for years. All student athletes are ineligible one year from the date of transfer. KHSAA Bylaw 6 allows student athletes to request a waiver.
  2. No excuse for this. Right call was made. Can't let emotions get the best of you. This is definitely a learning experience.
  3. Ashland will be a tough out for anyone they face in the Sweet 16.
  4. Was able to watch this game online. Typical Lincoln County game plan. Control the tempo and choose wise shots. Not sure why Pulaski County did not keep Stevens in the post. That was their advantage to exploit. Instead he spent a good chuck of the game shooting 3's. My main takeaway is that Travis from Pulaski County can ball. In the end, team chemistry and a well thought out game plan prevailed. Good luck to Lincoln County at the Sweet 16.
  5. It's a shame how many people post "things they have heard" as opposed to actual facts.
  6. The Board has no authority to hire any athletic position.
  7. Bath has played an inferior schedule. Predict they go home early.
  8. I thought Western would be a region contender.
  9. I wish all regions would broadcast their tournaments for free.
  10. Rockcastle has a really good team. Been impressed with them all season. Not sure they have enough firepower to outlast Lincoln.
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