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  1. My question is, outside of 6A where do teams ranked 5-10 end up against other classes? The top 4 teams are always in a tier of their own, but what would these other teams hypothetically do if they were in 4A or 5A?
  2. As much as I'm rooting for MC, I think SW pulls this out in a tight one.
  3. Something in me tells me that Male will not have any positive cases when playoffs hit.
  4. I got to see these two play back during the eku 7on7 and FD won pretty handedly. That being said, everything changes when you put the pads on and add the big boys up front... Because of the Hogs in the trenches, I say Boyle wins a very hard fought game by a Touchdown and a Jackson Smith Field Goal. Good luck to both teams on Friday.
  5. Two things here, First, haven't we established that RPI isn't any good in a year where there is multiple Covid Cancellations and some people think RPI is trash anyway. I wouldn't use RPI to argue for the strength of a team or an opponent. Second, I agree with you that it stinks that FD really isn't in control of their schedule, but that means that truthfully they SHOULD win all of their games. That is because the teams they have to play are not very good, that is a large reason as to why they win every year during the regular season and then get beat in the playoffs. And when they ar
  6. SW wins in a closer one than most think. Rivalry games are crazy and the Maroons can put some points up. SW-42 PC-28
  7. It always comes down to who makes plays in the big game. That being said, Corbin may have the talent, but Boyle has the experience. I'd take Boyle in a tight one but it wouldn't surprise me to go the other way.
  8. I was very wrong about how good BS is. They are a solid football team. I think this will be a really good game. I'm going to take MC in a tight one thanks to Home advantage and their Defense.
  9. I think the 22 point margin is a little too steep. This will be a defensive battle and I think any fan of the game of football will be excited to watch these two go at it. It's going to be a low scoring game that truthfully Georgia will probably win thanks to the experience in big games and the fact that it is at home for them... That being said, the optimist in me says UK finds a way! CATS 17-14!!!
  10. Graves is out for revenge from last year and they've got the offense pumping on all cylinders to make it happen. Graves wins this one in a high scoring shootout.
  11. I think Oldham County wins this one. I think Bryan Station is certainly better than normal and that the coaching staff obviously has them on the right track, but I have a hard time putting faith in Lexington Public School football programs outside of FD. This will be a telling game IMO. No disrespect to BS just skeptical. They played FD close but it was at the beginning of the year when teams make lots of mistakes. I'm looking forward to see the score of this one to see where both teams stand.
  12. In a non-covid year I would think that the RPI would be pretty accurate except for teams that play a lot of out-of-state games. It still wouldn't be accurate for teams like Trinity and it would still rank them unrealistically low that they would need to find a way to account for, but aside from that I think the RPI isn't too bad. Covid Cancellations absolutely kill RPI's ability to be accurate.
  13. I think I'll take Boyle simply because they have the experience of playing in the biggest games more in the last few years than Corbin does. Those kids know what it is to fight tooth and nail on Kroger Field to win the big game. I know Corbin has made some deep runs in the last few years as well, but not to the level that Boyle has. That being said... whoever makes the fewest mistakes will win because that's how good these two are. I think Boyle has the experience to make that happen, but it will be tight nonetheless. Boyle in a dog fight.
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