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  1. That is a surprise. But I'd think it would be his if he wants it.
  2. Anyone in particular in line to get this job? Very winnable district.
  3. Wouldn't Owensboro be in the conversation, as well?
  4. Rusty Goble should be the hire here. I think he would do a fantastic job.
  5. Tyler Dixon of the Kentucky New Era reporting that Josh Robins has been named the new head coach.
  6. Tyler Dixon of the Kentucky New Era reporting that Josh Robins has been named the new head coach.
  7. Gillis threw 2 TDs and ran in two at the goal line. Russell played well, had a pick six. Anderson ran one varsity offensive series in the second half.
  8. Couldn't ask for much more. Very competitive weekend of football.
  9. What about rushing, passing, turnovers, etc. Have not seen any yet.
  10. The officials were bad but that was the reason they were in the game. This hard fought playoff game. Whoever came out the winner was going to be deserving. I know Anderson County is not the name or well-known program like Highlands is but those dudes played hard. Obviously penalties were a factor but I would rather hear about the play on the field. It was a battle in adverse field conditions. Honestly I don't believe it benefited anyone. Congrats to Highlands on the win. Also Brennan Maxberry had some success running the ball. He is not as good as Collins, but saying Collins was the only offense is misleading. Anderson ran the ball successfully, which they needed to in order to have a shot. Highlands came up big with their back against the wall, forcing some turnovers. Anyone have the stats?
  11. That's right. Anderson missed the 2pt conversion to make it 36. Scored again to make it 40 as the article says.
  12. Early 3rd quarter. Score was 40-0 and MadSouth scored on the JV. Game was very similar to the game between Highlands and MadSouth. It was 28-0 at half.
  13. I predict that Bowling Green will lose and the others remain unbeaten.
  14. Lightning delay. Game time currently pushed back to 7:53 p.m.
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