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  1. Rusty Goble is a fantastic football coach and I don't quite understand the mom reference. Lame attempt at being funny. This job is going to go to someone that Clark wants to re-join him at the consolidated school. End of story.
  2. Paducah has solid athletes but Union has been the tougher team the last 2 years. They have just enough at the skill position to keep Paducah in check. I lean Union but wouldn't be surprised to see Paducah pull it off this go around. Like @Hearsaysaid, Union is much improved in the pass game. #23 and #6 can go up and get the ball and #9 is load in the back field. The quarterback is tough and also starts at linebacker.
  3. Nothing wrong with that. Good description of Union. Well coached and usually do not beat themselves.
  4. Union has beaten them the last three times they have played and they have to go to Union. Paducah is really struggling offensively and not having the Rider kid right now does not help. If he does come back this week, how healthy will he be? I have a hard time right now finding reasons to like Paducah.
  5. And the Danville defense is what was the determining factor....fitting.
  6. By the way guys, McCombs isn't even the DC.
  7. Yes, McCombs was completely stand-up in his approach to not receiving the Christian County job.
  8. IMO, the mistake Mark made was hiring him. As an assistant, yes express what you think is best but ultimately the Head Coach makes the final decision and you roll with it after you leave the office.
  9. That is a surprise. But I'd think it would be his if he wants it.
  10. Anyone in particular in line to get this job? Very winnable district.
  11. Wouldn't Owensboro be in the conversation, as well?
  12. Rusty Goble should be the hire here. I think he would do a fantastic job.
  13. Tyler Dixon of the Kentucky New Era reporting that Josh Robins has been named the new head coach.
  14. Tyler Dixon of the Kentucky New Era reporting that Josh Robins has been named the new head coach.
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