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BluegrassPreps Cookbook

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For all the BGP cooks out there...amateur or otherwise...we've compiled a cook book made up of all the recipes shared on BGP over the years.


We've sifted through our thousands and thousands of threads - including the many chili recipe threads, crock pot recipe threads, soup recipe threads, and all the various others - and we've put all the recipes, to date, into one single downloadable/printable Google Doc available for your use, complete with the names of each BGP member who submitted each recipe. We were able to come up with over ONE HUNDRED recipes posted by BGP users over the years!



BluegrassPreps Cook Book


Swamprat’s Hot Toddy (Page 1)
RockPride’s Hot Toddy (Page 1)
jahearme's Hot Bourbon Cider (Page 1)
Bengal Maniac’s Jameson Old Fashioned (Page 1)

coldweatherfan’s Bourbon Balls (Page 1)
gold sunrise’s Grandmother’s Brown Sugar Pie (Page 21)

coldweatherfan’s Hunan Chicken (Page 2)
Just Jim’s Asian Jalepeno Chicken (Page 3)
NEERFAN’s Wife’s Frisch’s Big Boy Pizza (Page 4)
coldweatherfan’s Homemade Thin-Crust Pizza (Page 4)
coldweatherfan's Authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza (Page 5)
coldweatherfan’s Chicago Sweet Pizza Sauce (Page 7)
gametime’s Baked Pizza Spaghetti (Page 20)
big royal daddy’s Bacon-Cheeseburger Meatloaf (Page 21)
leatherneck’s Bambi Burger (Page 23)
coldweatherfan’s Gourmet Burgers (Page 23)
jmoore33’s Sausage Rigatoni (Page 24)
gcbballdad’s Chicken Noodle Casserole (Page 25)
gcbballdad’s Easy Salsa Meatloaf (Page 25)
beechnut’s Vidalia Onion and Potato Casserole (Page 26)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Homemade Goetta (Page 28)
woodsrider’s Venison Backstrap Rolls (Page 29)
coldweatherfan’s Crock Pot Pulled Pork (Page 30)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Pulled Chicken Barbecue (Page 31)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Cumin & Coriander Venison Tenderloin (Page 38)
True blue (and gold’s) Crock Pot Beef Roast (Page 38)
True blue (and gold’s) Crock Pot Chicken With Salsa (Page 39)
True blue (and gold’s) Crock Pot Roasted Pork Carnitas (Page 39)
themayor's Pepperoncini Crock Pot Chuck Roast Hoagies (Page 40)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Crock Pot Swiss Steak (Page 40)
nees1212’s Crock Pot Pork Barbacoã (Page 41)
hoops5’s Crock Pot Pork Chops (Page 42)
coldweatherfan's Crock Pot Italian Beef Sandwiches (Page 43)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Crock Pot Venison Roast (Page 44)
UKMustangFan’s Spicy Cajun Crock Pot Pork Tenderloins (Page 44)
hoops5’s Crock Pot Sausage Breakfast Casserole (Page 46)
TTS_JF’s Crock Pot Chicken Taco Meat (Page 46)
Jumper_Dad’s Crock Pot Shredded Chicken Barbecue (Page 47)
MBWC41’s Jumbo Crock Pot Enchiladas (Page 47)
CatsCatsCats’ Chicken Wings (Page 48)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Creamy Crock Pot Chicken (Page 49)
coldweatherfan’s Crock Pot Mushroom & Onion Beef Roast (Page 50)
Swamprat’s Sausage & Angel Hair Pasta (Page 50)
coldweatherfan's Pancetta-Wrapped Stuffed Pork Tenderloin (Page 51)
coldweatherfan’s Sloppy Joes (Page 52)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Shepherd’s Pie (Page 53)
LCDAWGS19’s Crock Pot Buffalo Ranch Chicken Tortillas (Page 54)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Chicken Tikka Masala (Page 56)
2 Humped Camel’s Crock Pot Chicken & Dumplings (Page 57)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Crock Pot Asian Sesame Chicken (Page 58)
hoops5’s Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches (Page 58)
All Blue’s Crock Pot Pork Ribs (Page 61)
MayfieldFan’s Salisbury Steak (Page 62)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Crock Pot Pepper Steak (Page 63)
hoops5’s Crock Pot Pineapple Chicken (Page 63)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff (Page 64)
MBWC41's Carne Asada Tacos (Page 65)
coldweatherfan's Pork Carnitas (Page 66)
Colonels_Wear_Blue's 1-Pot Pasta Shells with Mushrooms, Sausage & Peas (Page 67)
coldweatherfan's Meatballs & Gravy (Page 68)
MBWC41's New Orleans Shrimp & Chicken Pasta (Page 70)
coldweatherfan's Bolognese Sauce (Page 71)

Jim Schue’s Classic Bardstown Chili (Page 😎
rjs4470’s Beef & Chorizo Chili (Page 😎
MBWC41’s Italian Sausage Chili (Page 9)

True blue (and gold’s) Turkey Chili (Page 9)
coldweatherfan’s Chicken Chili (Page 10)
coldweatherfan’s Beef & Sausage Chili (Page 11)
coldweatherfan’s Chicken Taco Soup (Page 13)
MJAlltheWay’s Dad & Grandma’s Chili Recipe (Page 13)
CincySportsFan’s Ham & Potato Soup (Page 14)
Kygirl’s Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup (Page 14)
bugatti’s Taco Soup (Page 15)
formerkywrestler's Crock Pot Sausage & Cannellini Bean Soup (Page 15)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Quick & Easy Chicken Corn Chowder (Page 16)
I4C’s Buffalo Chicken Chili (Page 17)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Chicken Tortilla Soup (Page 17)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Kentucky Burgoo (Page 18)
coldweatherfan’s Bacon Potato Soup (Page 19)
newarkcatholicfan’s 3-Meat Chili (Page 22)
Coldweatherfan’s Crock Pot Burgundy Mushroom & Venison Stew (Page 27)
Coldweatherfan’s Crock Pot White Wine Mushroom & Venison Stew (Page 27)
oldrambler’s Chili (Page 32)
nees1212’s Easy Crock Pot Chicken Chili (Page 32)
00Rocket28’s Venison Chili (Page 33)
Beechwoodfan’s White Chicken Chili (Page 33)
nees1212’s Crock Pot White Chicken Chili (Page 41)
rockmom’s Crock Pot Potato Soup (Page 42)
UKMustangFan’s Crock Pot Beef Stew (Page 43)
UKMustangFan’s Crock Pot Chicken & Apple Stew (Page 45)
UKMustangFan’s Spicy Jalapeño Crock Pot Chili (Page 49)
swamprat’s Crock Pot Pork Chili (Page 50)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Catalan Beef Stew With Mushrooms (Page 55)
Jim Schue’s Bean Soup (Page 59)
True blue (and gold’s) Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili (Page 59)
littleluck55’s Crock Pot Potato Soup (Page 60)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Crock Pot Hungarian Goulash (Page 61)
Colonels_Wear_Blue's Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup (Page 72)

Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Italian Tomato Sauce (Page 26)
BigVMan23’s Carolina-Style Vinegar Barbecue Sauce (Page 35)
coldweatherfan’s Pineapple Steak Marinade (Page 35)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Sweet Thai Chili Jerky Marinade (Page 36)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Grippo’s Barbecue Jerky Marinade (Page 36)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Peppered Jerky Marinade (Page 37)
yoda1’s Beef Jerky Marinade (Page 37)
Colonels_Wear_Blue’s Cajun Seasoning (Page 44)
Trouble shooter’s Makers Mark Pork Chop Marinade (Page 48)
coldweatherfan’s Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce (Page 53)
Colonels_Wear_Blue's Brown Sugar & Garlic Steak Marinats (Page 65)

Jim Schue’s Super Duper Queso Dip (Page 27)
formerkywrester’s Refrigerator Garlic-Dill Pickles (Page 34)
MBWC41’s Salt-Dill Refrigerator Pickles (Page 35)
Oldtimebaseball84’s Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Taco Filling or Dip (Page 41)
coldweatherfan’s Calico Beans (Page 57)
hoops5’s Crock Pot Baked Potatoes (Page 60)
Mr. Know It All’s Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Dip (Page 62)
MBWC41's BLT Pasta Salad (Page 66)
Colonels_Wear_Blue's Bacon Ranch Potato Salad (Page 70)

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Dang CWB...not even going to guess at how much time it took you to pull all of that together. But, well done sir!

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Thanks for doing this. I have often referenced back to a recipe and spent an hour or two reading them, but then I have always read recipe books. Again, thanks for putting it together.

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