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  1. Terrific coach and an even better person. Congratulations to Coach Brooks.
  2. Josh Curtis has been hired. Josh has been an assistant coach at Montgomery County, as well as the head coach of the McNabb Middle School 8th grade team. He will do a fabulous job at MadSouth.
  3. I don't think the hire that corners in is referring to will happen.
  4. A lot will depend on what jobs are available in the district. With the state of school districts all around the state, they aren't going to create a position just for a basketball coach.
  5. A really good Chicken Parmesan is tough to beat.
  6. I appreciate the kind words. I appreciate the relationship we formed even more.
  7. I officiated for thirteen years. It was a great way to give back to the communities across the area, stay involved in a sport I loved, and meet some really awesome people. I'm still friends with some of the coaches, table workers, and fellow officials to this day. If you've got the time and the capability to do it, at least give it a look.
  8. Mt. Sterling had quite a bit of wind damage last night. Here are our boys sitting on a rather large pine tree that was uprooted in our backyard last night.
  9. I guess you're talking about State Championships?
  10. I can see them taking a portion of postseason events for a few years to help out. Currently, Kentucky is the ONLY state where the state association does not dip into the postseason proceeds. In Kentucky that money is currently divided up in accordance to each districts/regions agreed terms. The only postseason events where the KHSAA pockets any money are state championships. Other states take a portion from all postseason events. Each state varies on this.
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