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  1. Coach Watson didn’t coach last year. Derek Robinson was the girls coach.
  2. The bourbon that Mark Stoops has bought into is pretty gross. Think it’s calls W.M. Tarr.
  3. Technically Kessler is not a bourbon. It’s a blended whisky.
  4. Congratulations to Coach Levitch and the Mustangs!
  5. No travesty at all when it’s the 40th turn and they host it at a 40th school.
  6. Someone correct me if I’m wrong. Capacity numbers done by a fire marshal not only county seats, but standing room as well. I ask this because I know GRC’s gym actually has fewer seats than Montgomery County’s gym, but the capacity is much larger because of the standing room. Maybe I’ve been misinformed.
  7. So Holmes is giving up their gym/their electricity/custodial staff for nothing?
  8. Those numbers are paid attendees. It doesn’t take into consideration the pass list, bands, cheerleaders, support staff, concession workers, etc. I can promise you there were more than 2,500 people in the gym for the Finals at GRC in 2020.
  9. Agree with the bold statement 1000%. It’s always been that way. Seems as if folks in that area are embarrassed to be from Kentucky.
  10. I know he applied for a position that was just filled this past week.
  11. I’d love to see a picture from the semifinals and final from 2020 at GRC as well.
  12. Coach Caba comes to Montgomery County from Georgetown College.
  13. I went every night that year and I live in the 40th district. We shall see, friend. I think the fact that it’s being held out of region will really tick off some of the traditionalists and they’ll “protest.”
  14. And you’re probably right, it would be big enough because no one would go!
  15. The “public record” numbers are for the number of tickets sold, right?
  16. Quarter-finals, yes. Semi-finals, doubtful. Finals, no chance.
  17. And teams get a travel stipend during the regional tournament for 1 bus.
  18. I’ve awoken today with a new attitude on this. If the 37th district AD’s want to have the regional tournament at Holmes in March, I say do it. I would never wish ill will on anyone when it comes to high school athletics, but I’m afraid many of us will be able to say, “told you so” in late March. My concern will then turn to the small schools in the region that will struggle to fund their non-revenue teams during the 2022-23 school year. Good luck to those involved.
  19. I’m sure Mason County takes a cut from the ticket sales. @sumoroyalmight be able to help with the costs of game personnel. However, when you have more people walking through the door that cut becomes pocket change. The crowds are not going to be as big at Holmes as they are at Mason Co/Montgomery Co/GRC. That’s the concern I have for the schools in the Region.
  20. They’re the ones that have to operate it and pay for everything. I’m guessing Holmes isn’t giving their facility up for free/providing security for free/providing game workers (ticket takers, bookkeeper/PA, etc.) for free. Yes, all of that comes from ticket sales, but their profit is going to be minimal in my opinion if it’s held at Holmes.
  21. The only people that “vote” are the 4 Athletic Directors of the 37th district. There have been lots of behind the scene discussions prior to this past Wednesday’s meeting. This didn’t just come out of the blue. I’m guessing they have 3 Yes votes.
  22. That’s not the name I’m hearing. Name I’m hearing is currently in the college ranks.
  23. Person I’m hearing has no high school experience.
  24. My two cents: I’ve been in favor of doing the following rotation ever since GRC built their new facility: Mason Co, GRC, Mason Co, Montgomery Co. On the financial end of things, it makes no sense to host the 10th Region Tournament at Holmes. The only people that care about 10th Region sports in northern KY are the people from the 4 schools in that area. That’s not the case with the 3 schools in my rotation. Remember, schools count on their basketball regional tournament cuts to operate their non-revenue sports. I don’t see their cuts being quite the same if the tournament is held at Holmes. I’ve always wondered why Campbell County didn’t build a larger gym when they built their high school….
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