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  1. Prayers for your whole family. I have always enjoyed your posts and respected your thoughts.
  2. Bombers have a total of 22 seniors on this years state champion.
  3. The Blue Bombers of St Xavier now have Andrew Coverdale, formally at Louisville Trinity, as their offensive coordinator. Moved to be with his friend Speick.
  4. Thoughts from a Colts fan perspective who was at the game. With our injuries we were playinng guys not in the program. It showed. For a quarter and a half , our receivers were being jammed at the line of scrimmage and couldn"t complete a route. The play was Taylor run, short pass to Taylor out of the backfield , Taylor run. No good involvement of tight ends or receivers. That changed. On defense, all the backs had concrete shoes on. Burrow sent out 3 or 4 receivers and we watched them go by. That changed. I liked Burrow at LSU and I like him now. Your receivers looked good.
  5. Headed to the game tomorrow, one of 12,500, fans. I"m a Colts season ticket holder, but this is my only game this year. I oped out of my regular tickets due to close family member with morbilities. I will isolate from her after going to the game. Sitting behind Colts bench fifteen rows up. Lots of distancing and precautions.. I want to see if River"s arm is as dead as it looks on tv and if he can be mobile. I think negative to both. I was not pleased with picking him up. We have injuries. It is what it is. Looking forward to a live game and not just what the camera wants to show you..
  6. My husband and I streamed the Cincinnati LaSalle VS Cincinnati St X game Friday night. Cost $10. It would help with costs if all schools could do this.
  7. ESPN and ESPN 2 are doing hs games last night and today. Cincinati St X plays Brownsburg IN at 6 pm Eastern time on ESPN 2 tonight.
  8. White Christmas, Holiday Inn, The Homecoming. White Christmas and Holiday Inn are the same movie with a different back story.
  9. I just got to watch after all the family left. We had a family discussion, but two college students were two episodes behind. I thought Lauren showed she can read people well. She then was so afraid of leaving with a pocketed idol that she played it . She was safe if she had thought it through.
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