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  1. Maryanne has come so far. I would have voted her out early because she got on my nerves with chatter. Then she got “cute and likable”. Then she is no longer an airhead. Then she showed depth in her character. Then strategic. I’m now Maryanne all the way. Worried about fire!!
  2. Looking at all the participants names make me nostalgic (sp) for the old days.
  3. This time my answers cut a red swath from California to Indiana. Last time more southern. This time is more accurate. Wonder if I cheated!
  4. Heartfelt prayers going out to all involved. I cannot imagine going through that.
  5. I assume you are staying in the beach area or the Conch Republic end. You do not want to drive in that end of the island a lot. Parking is expensive. Buy all day tram tickets ( hop on and off) or rent a golf cart for the day to get around. Walk as much as you can. Hemingway, Truman Whitehouse if you like history. Pub crawl at night, people watch in the day. Mallory Square ( This is where sunset happens)and Duval Street and the marina area all walkable. Stay on the beach when the cruise ships are in. Pick up a good tourist brochure and find what you are interested in. Some of the museums are really good with stories of old Key West. Have Fun.
  6. Not taking Ricard out when they can is stupid. I’m on the Zander bandwagon. He knows the game, reads people well and stays as low a target as possible.
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