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  1. I have not been to a ton of track meets but a few and watched a few on TV. Why are they running that direction? Always seems to me that they go the other way. Wind?
  2. Named 1st team All-American (Div2 NJCAA). 2
  3. Stopped by the Humble Monk brewery in Northside this afternoon. Humble Monk Brewing Co. - Home Owned and ran by a Cov Cath family. Nice place that hopefully will take off.
  4. This list is from the KHSAA site for most blocks in a game. Looking at the dates, none seem to be from the state tournament. So Miles possibly has the record for a state tournament game. BLOCKS - (MIN. 12) # Player (School) vs. Opponent, Date 17 Trey James (Sheldon Clark) vs. Fleming County, 12-30-17 Chris Vogt (Graves County) vs. Webster County, 1-16-16 Isaac McClure (Paducah Tilghman) vs. Graves County, 1-22-08 16 Chris Vogt (Graves County) vs. Caldwell County, 2-13-16 Brian Embrey (Ky. School f/t Deaf) vs. AL School f/t Deaf, 12-6-97 15 Trey James (Sheldon Clark) vs. Betsy Layne, 2-12-18 Trey James (Sheldon Clark) vs. West Carter, 12-19-17 Albert Jackson (Hopkins County Central) vs. Hopkinsville, 2004 Michael Taylor (Garrard County) vs. Lexington Christian, 2-22-00 Josh Lewis (Lafayette) vs. East Jessamine, 12-19-98 J.R. VanHoose (Paintsville) vs. Sheldon Clark, 2-18-97 Reggie Hanson (Pulaski County) vs. Edmonson County, 12-08-84 14 Trey James (Sheldon Clark) vs. North Hardin, 12-28-17 Michael Taylor (Garrard County) vs. Model, 1-11-00 13 Isaiah Cozart (Madison Central) vs. Bracken County, 12-23-16 Isaiah Cozart (Madison Central) vs. Mason County, 12-22-16 Isaiah Cozart (Madison Central) vs. Montgomery County, 12-9-16 Colton Elkins (Boyle County) vs. Lafayette, 2-19-16 Richard Robinson (Harlan) vs. Evarts, 1-14-99 12 Keller Mackey (Portland Christian) vs. Christian Fellowship, 2-17-18 Trey James (Sheldon Clark) vs. Magoffin County, 12-8-17 Trey James (Sheldon Clark) vs. Powell County, 11-30-17 Jordan Shelton (Owen County) vs Eminence, 1-26-10 Michael Taylor (Garrard County) vs. Harrodsburg, 2-6-01 Elliot Ross Tucker (Monticello) vs. All Saints, 1-19-01 Justin Welch (Evangel Christian) vs. Louisville Collegiate, 2-15-00 Josh Lewis (Lafayette) vs. Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1-5-99
  5. If they paid to get in, then cheer away. If they used a "press pass" to get in, then no cheering.
  6. Beechwood vs Dixie Cooper vs Highlands Newport vs Conner St.Henry vs Cov Cath
  7. Link to the game if anyone interested in watching. https://shdhsathletics.org/shdhs-live-stream/
  8. Here is where I got updates: LMHS Athletics (@LMHSAthletics) on Twitter DHHS Athletics (@DHHSAthletics) on Twitter
  9. Hope you have a great day. (And a little something from Donny.)
  10. My odds are getting better. McNeil has offers from Western Kentucky, Toledo, Dayton, James Madison, UNC Asheville, Evansville and the latest from West Virginia. Missouri and Virginia have both been in lately to see him play.
  11. Harding didn't play for Newport. Becker didn't play for St.Henry. McGuire probably had 30 or better and what seemed like 10 threes. Miller probably had just as many points or more, driving to the basket a lot. Vieth had to be close to 30 and Westerbeck and Bessler in the 20's. Lot of scoring.
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