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  1. Find a walk in freezer and go in with you and one other person standing face to face. Try first with neither wearing a mask and breathing directly at one another. Then try with one wearing a mask and the other not. Finally, complete the experiment with both wearing a mask. Report back on the results.
  2. College athletic departments know they have to spend every penny every year, and many cook the books to get there on the P5 level. Why? If there was a surplus, the players would have a legit legal argument to get paid. Can't leave any cash in the couch cushions that might go to the people actually responsible for making the money.
  3. People are fighting because they took their "side" early and no one can possibly just own up and be wrong any more. It was a media created hoax on March 23rd and all three plus months has provided is time to dig in on any hope they might have had it "right". Public pressure insisted we open back up at the peak. That's winning the battle and losing the war.
  4. Seeing more and more evidence that the McMichael family are hardcore racists. KKK rallies. Photos with high ranking GA officials with racist clothing on. The more that gets exposed on that family, the more it is clear why the members of the community that knew them tried to cover their tail after the fact. "Some of those that run forces Are the same that burn crosses" Carry on.
  5. I’ve seen rosters potentially being expanded to 45-50 players. Sounds insanely large to me, but that’s what is being discussed.
  6. Any interest in the "older McMichael" being placed at recent KKK rallies in Georgia? The pics I've seen are pretty conclusive.
  7. When you get one that is done right, you'll understand. And I fully agree with Swampy. The pork is right up there in importance with the bread. Both are absolutely critical in a Cuban that is done right.
  8. The #1 sandwich is a well-executed Cuban. Really tough to find one done the right way though. Cuban Pete's is pretty darn close in downtown Cincy. I'd have a really good Italian right up there as well. Best in town for me is Fred and Geri's which is also a little spot downtown. If you haven't been there, I'd put it on the list next time you are in Cincy at lunchtime. At home my go-to is the goetta and fried egg grilled cheese. It's awesome if I do say so myself.
  9. It’s a two year home and home series.
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