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  1. Find a walk in freezer and go in with you and one other person standing face to face. Try first with neither wearing a mask and breathing directly at one another. Then try with one wearing a mask and the other not. Finally, complete the experiment with both wearing a mask. Report back on the results.
  2. College athletic departments know they have to spend every penny every year, and many cook the books to get there on the P5 level. Why? If there was a surplus, the players would have a legit legal argument to get paid. Can't leave any cash in the couch cushions that might go to the people actually responsible for making the money.
  3. People are fighting because they took their "side" early and no one can possibly just own up and be wrong any more. It was a media created hoax on March 23rd and all three plus months has provided is time to dig in on any hope they might have had it "right". Public pressure insisted we open back up at the peak. That's winning the battle and losing the war.
  4. Seeing more and more evidence that the McMichael family are hardcore racists. KKK rallies. Photos with high ranking GA officials with racist clothing on. The more that gets exposed on that family, the more it is clear why the members of the community that knew them tried to cover their tail after the fact. "Some of those that run forces Are the same that burn crosses" Carry on.
  5. I’ve seen rosters potentially being expanded to 45-50 players. Sounds insanely large to me, but that’s what is being discussed.
  6. Any interest in the "older McMichael" being placed at recent KKK rallies in Georgia? The pics I've seen are pretty conclusive.
  7. When you get one that is done right, you'll understand. And I fully agree with Swampy. The pork is right up there in importance with the bread. Both are absolutely critical in a Cuban that is done right.
  8. The #1 sandwich is a well-executed Cuban. Really tough to find one done the right way though. Cuban Pete's is pretty darn close in downtown Cincy. I'd have a really good Italian right up there as well. Best in town for me is Fred and Geri's which is also a little spot downtown. If you haven't been there, I'd put it on the list next time you are in Cincy at lunchtime. At home my go-to is the goetta and fried egg grilled cheese. It's awesome if I do say so myself.
  9. It’s a two year home and home series.
  10. 50 West opened a burger spot at their complex out in Maderia so we gave it a try tonight. Really good burgers and what was by far the easiest online ordering system I've used to date. They also text you when your food is placed on the pickup table, and you can order their beer in the online process. It was about a 35 minute drive from Independence, so not something we will do a lot, but was really happy with the experience overall.
  11. April 5 2007 for me. My youngest brother was in the Navy and hanging out with his girlfriend. They were having some drinks and at some point got in an argument and she left. His depression hit rock bottom and he ended his life. I was recording a podcast that next morning and had my phone off. When I was done I had 7 missed calls and 10 texts from my middle brother. Life changed in that instant. I was less than 5 minutes from home and couldn't even start the car to drive the mile and a half. I sat there for an hour plus and just cried trying to make sense of it. Thinking of you afi. It's never easy, though there's really no choice but to honor their memory as you push forward.
  12. Cooking roughly 5 nights a week with one night for leftovers and one night of takeout. Hit Knuck-N-Futz on Friday. Rafferty's last week. Mio's 2 weeks ago as we were in the first wave of the fundraiser. I love eating out, but I'm having a lot of fun messing with some new recipes over the past month. Mrs GT made some banana walnut bread yesterday and I turned it into french toast for brunch. It was fantastic.
  13. Couple others lined up first. Stay tuned.
  14. Curious for those ready to jump back into life as we used to know it. Have you known anyone that has had it and had to fight for their life? Especially someone that was otherwise healthy and spent 2 weeks in a medically induced coma with zero ability to have any contact with their family? How about anyone that if they did get it would very likely die, even though they are only in their 30-40s? I think we are still at a point where this doesn't have a face for most. Not me or my family? Not my problem. That will be true until it isn't and it is someone you love fighting for their life while you wait by the phone to hear if they are still alive or not. That's the most frightening and unfortunate reality of getting back to normal too quickly. One tournament basketball game in Indy has claimed 5 lives and infected many more. Two site publishers for 247Sports have had it and both went through hell and back before they started to recover. Opening things back up before there are more safeguards in place than currently exists is going to cost a of people their lives. I guess as long as the wheel doesn't land on your family, "getting back to normal" is worth it.
  15. Dead people can't reenter the workforce, so there is that.
  16. I've just tried to keep my mind busy with work and the fundraising efforts. I hate being selfish, but this is true life or death stuff if it ever finds the way to our front door. To see what it did to my friend Jody Demling is terrifying. Thankfully he made it through to the other side.
  17. I'm not proposing anything, just speaking to the reality we are likely facing. If we go back to "normal" too soon, there are going to be a lot of uncomfortable decisions to be made about how to handle people that have come in contact with the virus. I am also speaking from the reality of someone that has a wife that is compromised and is currently living with the reality that carelessness at any given moment could cost my wife her life. That's not a great mental state to live with through all of this.
  18. The problem is always going to be what one positive test does to the system. Until we have a way to avoid everyone facing a minimum 14 day quarantine with one exposure, we are at the mercy of this thing. Open the pools? Fine until there is one positive test. Open fall camp for football? One positive test and we are back to ground zero. Imagine spending 5 minutes at a place that has been opened and now you can't leave the house for two weeks at best. Opening things back up is going to be at the mercy of even one positive test at every turn.
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