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  1. I say full practice start Sept 1. Play 7 reg season games starting 3rd week of Sept. Only top 2 from each district make playoffs.
  2. I know KHSAA has allowed golf to proceed. Why not other outdoor sports? Tennis, cross country, fishing, move archery outdoors, etc. Move sports to fall if necessary. I understand FB is a tough one. What about 7 on 7? Can they find a way to play baseball and softball? Summer leagues are playing....Time to really think outside the box IMO.
  3. Pretty sure Stone girl from West Carter has offers. That’s just me recalling from last year. I don’t remember which schools.
  4. I believe the kid contracted the virus outside of Football activities and then reported it to the team when his test came back. The team chose to suspend activities to deep clean and be on the side of caution.
  5. Hope for all kids sake that the virus is on the decline and all the HS sports get to happen. I really think the kids need these activities.
  6. IMO most kids want to and will play whenever there is a season.
  7. No I don’t think UK even made their final 4s or whatever for either Scherr or Boley. But what I’m saying is why not? Is UK not going after homegrown talent hard enough? They should know about these girls as early as anyone and making strong pitches to them. I know they won’t get them all, but they strike out way too much IMO.
  8. I don’t see many people paying to watch HS sports on TV. Maybe parents and relatives will. i think most others will either just listen to a game on the Radio or look for a write up in their local paper.
  9. I think they are counting on a vaccine or better medical treatment being available by then.
  10. Don’t understand why UK hasn’t been able to keep some of these top players in State.
  11. Do all boy/girl double headers and he could coach both!
  12. I think members would find a way to keep the KHSAA or they’d have to start up a new organization. Is there any State without a HS federation to oversee sports?
  13. Couldn’t they name an interim until his 90 day wait period is over? May be just a game or two or maybe none if the season is delayed.
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