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  1. Coach Bundy from Bishop Brossart is the new head coach at Mason County.
  2. So are you saying there was just cause that we just don’t know about? Or another one of the parent involvement situations that we all just shake our heads about?
  3. Those pics are from last year. We need pics prior to Covid with the gym completely packed for a Regional Tournament game!
  4. Surprised by this move. He nearly pulled the upset in the region this past year.
  5. AA is not being held this year. Is that correct or was it rescheduled also?
  6. Just to confirm the AA tourney is not being held this year. Is that correct?
  7. My daughter completely lost her Senior year softball and tennis. So I do feel for the Spring athletes, but I can remember many freezing days outside in March watching her play. So IMO, they easily could have played BB a few more weeks with finals in early April and had a April to Mid-June spring season.
  8. Probably banking on there will be cancellations. So you set out for a full season but some teams might get 1/2.
  9. You already have precedents taking place in other states. If they can do it why can’t Kentucky? I don’t understand! 😩
  10. Fleming Co had a positive case and they isolated the person, did some testing and continued on. No mass quarantine. So it can be done if you have proper protocols in place before hand.
  11. So they can start practicing but the board will meet before any games are to be played. Is that the decision tonight?
  12. I say full practice start Sept 1. Play 7 reg season games starting 3rd week of Sept. Only top 2 from each district make playoffs.
  13. I know KHSAA has allowed golf to proceed. Why not other outdoor sports? Tennis, cross country, fishing, move archery outdoors, etc. Move sports to fall if necessary. I understand FB is a tough one. What about 7 on 7? Can they find a way to play baseball and softball? Summer leagues are playing....Time to really think outside the box IMO.
  14. Pretty sure Stone girl from West Carter has offers. That’s just me recalling from last year. I don’t remember which schools.
  15. I believe the kid contracted the virus outside of Football activities and then reported it to the team when his test came back. The team chose to suspend activities to deep clean and be on the side of caution.
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