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  1. Don’t understand why UK hasn’t been able to keep some of these top players in State.
  2. Do all boy/girl double headers and he could coach both!
  3. I think members would find a way to keep the KHSAA or they’d have to start up a new organization. Is there any State without a HS federation to oversee sports?
  4. Couldn’t they name an interim until his 90 day wait period is over? May be just a game or two or maybe none if the season is delayed.
  5. I don’t think there’s any evidence that the virus is spread thru sweat. So I don’t see the virus being passed to tennis players from touching the same ball. I don’t see players sneezing or coughing on the balls. Same for volleyball. And esports could easily be segregated.
  6. We need this UofL solution to be fast tracked and proven effective. I’m not sure how it works but supposedly provides some sort of immunity from contracting Covid.
  7. So sorry for all the seniors. I truly don’t understand why we couldn’t wait a couple weeks longer to see how the virus was trending. And sports like bass fishing, archery, tennis, and esports couldn’t be held? And even baseball and softball has limited physical contact.
  8. If it can’t be played by June 1 then it’s not going to happen. Kids will be moving on.
  9. UK doesn’t have any of those players vs UL who has 5. Definitely makes a statement regarding UKs struggles the last few years.
  10. I see ticket prices increasing for future post season tournaments.
  11. Surprised UK didn’t make the cut. They’ve been putting some DBs in the NFL.
  12. Governor calling for schools out until April 20th now. So all sports in serious danger.
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