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  1. I see a dark winter for all sports in the Bluegrass state!
  2. Several schools are already putting a hold on games. I think the KHSAA has a meeting this Thursday that will tell if we have a season this year.
  3. Murray will have them in the coaching game and it will come down to that. Caldwell’s coach is a rookie and this will be his first playoff game. It should be a good one!
  4. This was a good game. Hope it is not the last one of the year for either team.
  5. With the split from the WKC how did it go this year? I hear the numbers were low and they had to borrow officials from other associations. Officiating was very different this year with no pre season games.
  6. I don’t think this will be final till the day the playoffs start. Just have a full tank of gas in the bus and a good credit card to fill up for a return trip!
  7. Maybe the new layoff will let them reconsider and let these players finish out their season!
  8. They had a good run this year. I think they are a red county and the super made the call to cancel the season.
  9. Some schools will not go into a red county.
  10. Will they be played this week? Paducah and McCracken and Hopkinsville and Christian are on the schedule. Will they be allowed to play per the KHSAA rules on corona?
  11. He is the top choice if a job opens up in Western Kentucky. He is a good one!
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